Zeff’s “What shield?” MOD 13 GF dps guide

by Zeff on February 7, 2018
Guardian Fighter
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Zeff’s “What shield?” MOD 13 GF dps guide

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Zeff's GF DPS buildguide

Hello everyone, and thanks if you stopped by to read my thoughts and understanding on Guardian Fighter as a DPS class.

First of all, this is my first time attempting to write a guide on anything in general, second, english is not my native language so sorry for any mistakes and typos since I had no one to proofread this guide before I published it… Now… back to the real things, my goal is to be invited as a main DPS to top tier dungeons ( mSP, FBI, T9G ) AND fullfill secondary DPS spot if needed. That I can promise you and that is what this guide is about. With our Into The Fray buff we already are desired at least as buffers, so there’s no need to be depressed if you aren’t main damage dealer in a certain dungeon. You are doing your part and you are being versatile at that point and making the run faster already by not just buffing but helping as a DPS. Also I would like to mention that this guide is for people who are aware what DPSing as a GF is and that I am not going to start explaining the basics like how to use your shield neither what your marking does and things like that, for that you may want to read now Dairyzeus’ guide to GF. I am basically going to explain you tricks, my understanding and view about the dps GF and show that we aren’t just dps wannabes.

What is a DPS Guardian Fighter?

Basically, it is a class with highest burst damage in the game that does insane amount of it on single target if done right. Well, and an okay damage on trash with your AoE abilities aswell ( note that AoE won’t be our main goal ). It has huge potential if you manage to get tons buff/debuff with your party, I would like to mention that we are buff dependant deeps slaves and we simply won’t work neither as tank neither as DPS without tons of buffs/debuffs. If you don’t get enough heals or a player that goes with tank role in your party can’t/won’t take the aggro, you will die. A lot. Until you learn to dodge stuff and be a hot feet. On a single target boss fights no one will be able to take aggro of you due to the amount of damage you make and aggro it generates anyways, not to mention the Knight’s Challenge encounter which will be your essential damage booster.

… So let’s get started

Race, Stat rolls, Feats and Paragorn, Boons

Either Half-Orc (5% crit severity) or Dragonborn (3% Power and HP increase), Swordmaster paragorn, go for as much STR and CHA as possible for Combat Advantage. Feats, boons below:


*honestly for boons you go whatever that makes you balance off your crit, armor penetration and power. Your priorities should be armor penetration to 85 % ~, crit strike to 90% before hard capping and then the rest goes to power since it has no cap. Im pretty sure you guys are able to figure these yourself, they’re pretty much individual choice. 


Sellsword / Rebel Mercenary / Chultan Tiger [Summon] (10% debuff)

*Chultan Tiger to be used on MOD 13, easier to gear it and it’s active bonus is 5 % increased dmg + 5 % increased running speed, you can’t miss on that, can you ?

Siege master [Active] (4% increased dmg)

War Boar [Active] (5% increased dmg against marked enemies)

Air Archon [Active] (5% increased dmg against targets that aren’t at full HP, means 99% uptime)

Fire Archon [Active]
(Trash cleaning 7% increased dmg against targets with less than 50% HP) / Batiri Runt [Active]
(Boss fights 5% increased dmg)


Companion gear


Crit and armor penetration based stats to balance
100%~ crit. ( 98% constant and up ) and 85%+ resistance ignored.

Bold belt +4 2x Brutal r13

Bold swordknot +4 2x Brutal r13

Fierce necklace +4 2x Brutal r13

Bondings x3 r13

*gear is going to be changed to Ring Of Gravestriker +5 and Ring of Shadowstalker +5 instead of Bold belt + Bold swordknot when I get my hands on the new Chultan Tiger ( ring, ring, neck )

Mounts and its powers, insignias

Could go for either Legendary Dino for debuff or Tenser’s for its self buff combat power, not to mention it scales with your stats.

Equip power: either 4k power, 4k recovery or 2k power 2k armor penetration or 4k crit. Everything depending on your current stat balance. 2k equip powers work just fine, 4k is just to min max your damage, so go for mount that has better combat power rather than 4k mount since 2k stat is great aswell.

Mount combat and equip powers

Insignia bonuses

*go for Combantant Manouver instead of PF for boss fights, youll maintain the bonus for whole fight with your control powers (knight’s challenge, griffons wrath, knee breaker etc)


You could go with assasin’s covenant, but I don’t see it that useful since I use HP boon and radiants for defense slots to stack up HP. In my honest opinion Gladiator’s bonus is way better. Everything else is kind of standart DPS bonus insignias, I could maximize the power gain with tweaked insignias, but I have what I have at the moment since I am f2p player.



Rex Corona w/ crit strike armor kit

Primal Raid Sesifuba w/ crit strike armor kit

Survivor Wraps w/ crit strike armor kit

Bonespurs w/ crit strike armor kit

*I personally switch to Primal gloves on Orcus cause I can stack SSW and Reckless attacker with DPS buff, also I get more benefit from AA since it doesn’t get canceled.

**on MOD 13 I am going to switch for Jawripper’s gloves for Orcus fights


There’s new gear that will be amazing and increase your flat dmg % by significant amount, but I am not sure how will it work with stats balance, I’ll need to look into it and will update it later if there will be people interested.


Here are the pieces to look forward into:



Bamphomet’s Infernal Talisman w/ AP kit

Legendary Ring of Krig +5 w/ AP kit

Legendary Ring of Dod w/ Stamina kit

Demogorgon’s Girdle of Might w/ Stamina kit


*on MOD 13 I’ll definitely go for 2x Ring of The Shadowstalker +5


Titansteel set 2/2 Weapon Master Strike and Steel Grace artifact powers.

*going to be replaced with Primal 2/2 on MOD 13 w/ same artifact powers.


Soul Sight Crystal [single target]

Wheel Of Elements [trash clean]

Shard of Orcus’ Wand

Kessell’s Spheres of Annihilation

Lantern of Revelations

*Could change Lantern or Kessell’s for Fragmented Key of Stars


Weapon: Vorpal [Single Target], Trans. or Unpa. Feytouched [AoE] / [Single Target], Unpa. Dread [Singe Target] (when you have group that can buff/debuff tons, imagine that Dread is BiS with groups that can buff enough for you to 1 rotation / 1phase the boss. (example: 3 shot orcus) )

Armor: Honestly, anything works, but for MOD 13 new trial I’d go T. Elven +

*Overall Fey is best round up for everything. I, personally enjoy it the most.

Defense slots: Radiants 13s for Aura of Courage powershare.

Offense slots: Brutals r13s for power and crit balance.

Utility slots: Darks r13 for mobility.




with 100%~ crit and 85%+ resistance ignored.

*for consumables drink wild storm elixir, squash soup and effervescent potion of accuracy to min max these stats and get the right balance ( you will get critical strike and critical severity )


Encounters, Dailies, Class feats, At-Wills

Encounters for AoE: 

Enforced Threat, Into The Fray, Lunging Strike, Line Breaker Assault

Encounters for Single Target:

Knee Breaker, Griffon’s Wrath, Anvil Of Doom, Into The Fray, Knight’s Challenge and Commander’s Strike if you have a GF in your party already AND you are secondary DPS. ( instead of ITF )


Fighter’s Recovery for rough situations, practically makes you immortal when played right

Villain’s Menance for DPS increase

Class feats:

Combat superiority ( keep that 24/7 )

Shield Warrior’s Wrath ( ahhhh, sweet sweet dmg % increase, use that 24/7 end game )

Steel Blitz works nicely with Lightning enchant.

Steel Grace wooot speed + crit ( use it till you reach around 90 % crit before hard cap without Relentess Attacker feat )



Weapon Master’s Strike for AoE and debuff

Tide of Iron can be used as a debuff aswell, I prefer WMS more.

Crushing Surge for single target + HP lifesteal


Rotations and Encounters:

Single target rotation: ( Knee breaker/Griffon’s Wrath/Anvil Of Doom, Into The Fray, Knight’s Challenge )

Stack up SSW > mark > daily > debuff with WMS > artifact power > mount combat power > KC > GW x3 ( Anvil of Doom when boss goes below 50 % HP )

AoE rotation: ( Lunging Strike, Into The Fray, Enforced Threat )

Stack up SSW  > ITF > daily > rush with LS > WMS debuff > ITF > ET

*Watch for the exaltation, longstrider shot if theres HR, OP bane x3 on you, boss, DCs BTS, Track it, find the perfect moment… strike it. The party must time it and adapt. Not you. Since its easier for 4 people to adjust timing for one person instead of you trying to catch everyone’s. So work with your groups. Communicate. Overcome. Dominate.




Ending credits

Special thanks to..

LILITH for bashing me and making me learn from my mistakes

Orko Dorogas for helping me at the very beggining and helping me understand the GF itself

Bethel, Ryu for inspiring me to start DPS orientated GF

Martian/Sam for all the support in both material and moral aspects in game, love ya bro
Love yall

Shen for being there for me all the time since the beginning

..and everyone else who helped me ! Peace.


For any questions: Zeff_GF@martynasskairys

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  • LoneWolf GWF
    February 7, 2018 at 9:24 pm

    with my GWF i do more dps hahaha

  • February 7, 2018 at 10:48 pm

    You need to use your shield to stack Shield Warrior’s Wrath.
    Guide misnamed, 0/10.


    The biggest critique for this guide is that this is not fully Mod13 ready, or at least is inconsistent with how Mod13 ready it is. For example, you forgot to mention that the Ring of the Shadowstalker +4/5 is BiS for your character, or how you can substitute in a Ring of Offensive Action. Or how Fured Kino of the Bear is BiS chest armor for next module. What’s even more confusing is that you zig-zag between mentioning Mod13 items (ex: Chultan Tiger) and not mentioning any Mod13 items, which may confuse the reader into thinking some of the old items are BiS.

    I know you said you would update your stat balance in accordance with Mod13, but that technically lies to the reader that this is a Mod13 ready build and may induce some confusion.

    There are some things that you happened to overlook for optimizing your build.

    I am surprised you ran Azures in your Pet’s offensive slots, and even more surprised you didn’t mention consumables for your build. Some consumables (ex: Squash Soup or Wild Storm Elixir) are basically free and offer Crit chance. Why not use those consumables to help you free up your pet’s offensive slots for Brutals instead of Azures?

    The Yuan Ti Slayer/Undead Slayer +5 should be considered for Tomb runs versus their respective enemies, since the +bonus damage from the rings more than outweighs any stat you’d get from a double offense slot ring.

    Commander’s Strike does not actually buff the potency of your encounters. It doesn’t actually even buff damage, it just applies 40% of the encounter damage a teammate deals as an additional hit. Assuming you get another GF to spam ITF for you, it is much more efficient to use Knee Breaker or Anvil.

    Apart from that, there are numerous typos within this guide. Examples include “Dyno” for Dino or “Gryffon” for “Griffon”. They aren’t dealbreakers and don’t affect the comprehension of the guide. However, it makes me question if this is actually a guide, or a “look at my bling and how good I am” showcase like Minimi.

    • Zeff
      February 8, 2018 at 9:07 am

      You have valid points, RJ. First time writting a guide, I missed many things. For sure. Even the silly boons. Ill update myself in future. Yeah I wish I could have asked you some questions or ask you to proofread the guide at some point. Thanks for opinion. Also I really despise Mini, so this was counter instead of bragging, I dont brag, I don’t charge. The shield part on the other hand was metaphore for not being a tank and going balls deep dps. Again, thanks for your opinion.

      • February 12, 2018 at 2:05 am

        The build is looking nice.

        One thing I was wondering was about how this build is called “What Shield?”, but you don’t recommend the Enduring Boots.

        (The joke is that the Enduring Boots grants extra damage when you have full stamina. Since your build intends to practically never shield, you should be at full stamina and thus have the Enduring Boots bonus up 24/7, especially considering you UP/Trans Elven to keep your stamina topped off.

        Yes, I know the Boots of the Willed are the more consistent choice, but you’d think your gear choices would be in line with the theme of the build. :p)

  • February 9, 2018 at 6:50 pm

    hi zeff, can you give me the boons you use please ? thanks

    • February 12, 2018 at 6:13 pm

      I just go for POWER / CRIT boons, then I go for whatever looks cool. Honestly go for boons with HP, POWER/CRIT. Try to balance. Im pretty sure you can figure that yourself guys… for SH boons on the other hand go POWER and HP ( for OP aura power share buff higher benefit )

  • y tho
    February 9, 2018 at 9:10 pm

    not enough clap 0/10

  • February 16, 2018 at 4:21 pm

    Great guide from a great dude. Nice work! 🙂

  • Contractions of Fate
    February 17, 2018 at 6:47 am

    I like the look of this. Are you on PC or console?

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