HCs Guide To D.O. Flexin’ 《MOD 12B》

by HEALTH CARE on February 7, 2018
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HCs Guide To D.O. Flexin’ 《MOD 12B》

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So it’s been awhile at this point since my last build guide. I hadn’t realized it had been nearly a year since my last guide (Which was my DO Right. PvP build). I’m always getting questions + asked advice from new DCs trying to learn how to DO. So I thought hell why not do a updated write up that I can direct them to.

Pretty much I’ve mained the DC since around mod 8. I instantly loved it and pretty much dropped the HR that I had been maining up until that point. I’ve gained a lot of tricks + tips over the last few years and thought I’d come share them with you guys. My DCs name is HEALTH CARE and I’m in the guild DREAD LEGION (DL OP). Obviously buff/debuff is my number 1 priority but with a build/gear like this you’ll also do great splash Dps + Heals. I tend to out heal the AC and out dps the OP. Leaving me close to the top of almost any scoreboard. So of course with this build we’re going to be going DO Righteous with some points to help our healing. With the gear we pretty much gear as if we were a straight dps maybe with a little extra recovery. I’m currently not completely BiS as xbox has only had rank 14s for a week or 2 at this point so I’m pretty sure no one is. But I’m currently sitting around 17.4k IL and I feel super happy with that. I’m not putting this out there for people to directly copy/paste it over to their own toons. Please use this build as a outline and edit or change some things on it that will fit you. Also keep in mind that the DO at end game defiantly needs to be geared well as crit capping can be kind of tricky if you don’t have the gear for it. So here we go hope you all enjoy what I’m currently rocking on my DO. I wont be going into great depth about the choices I made for my DO but if you’re interested as to why I took what I did feel free to message me on Xbox my gamertag is @HC The Duelist



Really not much for me to say here. I don’t worry too much now about AP gain now on DO as hallowed group has a cooldown you only really need to be able to get you AP full in time right before you hallowed group goes down. You really should be aiming for 100% uptime of hallowed ground on DO.

Also you should always be running at least one point in cleanse. It’ll save your life sometime.

Edit: 2/7/18 – I’ve dropped my

5 points out of Lasting Wishings to go 10 points in the Faithful tree to pick up Divine Intervention. This is to try and help the Dps GF keep temp HP up for the damage buff.

Below I will add a screenshot of the feats I use while running with a DPS GF

Edit: I no longer take cleanse in my dps gf loadout. Will update screenshot soon



For DO we still share power but its not nearly as much as a AC DC can share. We can only really share 10% of our base power through the feat Weapons of Light. Its not super important to stack your base power as high as you possibly can as it is with AC DC. But I still like to run a good amount of base power just to help out a little. I sit around 42k power with no procs. So my power share is around the same as a legendary power mount every little helps. If you’re able to reach 100% crit cap I would suggest slotting some Radiant 12s in the offense slots on your character sheet. It’ll help your damage + heals but also give you a little more power share.

With this build you’re going to need 100% crit chance. This can be a little harder now with the bonding nerf but is definitely do-able. Try and stack crit on your companion and power on your character. Running 100% crit chance on the DO DC is amazing it actaully gives a little bit of damage and buffs our heals like crazy.

I roll high Wisdom and Charisma for my main stats. If you’re struggling to crit cap try running Strength instead of Charisma until you enchants are high enough to crit cap without the extra STR.

You’re also going to want to make sure your Armour Pen is high enough to hit 85% resistance ignored. For me this comes around 9k-10k Arm Pen. Depending on your feats/boons though you could need more or less.

If you’re still too undergeared to run Tomb Of The Nine Gods you will only need a max of 60% Resistance Ignored.

Below I will include 2 screenshots of my stats. One will be of my base stats with 0 buffs and the second will be on my stats with my companions gift procced.

With these stats I reach 100.1% Crit Chance and 84.8% Resistance Ignored.


  • 100% Crit Chance
  • 85% RI
  • AP Gain 900-1200
  • Combat Advantage 900-1200
  • Recovery – Enough so that you can always keep Hallowed Ground up

Then stack base power or recovery if you’re struggling to keep you Hallowed Ground at 100% uptime.


Boons is not something I suggest just copy/pasting from this guide. The boons you pick will change based on the gear you are rocking. I change my boons a lot as my stats change, as of 2/8/17 this is what I’m running.



I run a Con Artist summoned as I made him legendary before the skirmish IG came out. Back then it was a lot harder to gear the Sell Sword. If I was to re do it now I would suggest either a Rebel Merc or a Sell Sword

Below I will include a list + screenshot of the active companions I run.

I do run the Velociraptor since most the guys I play with run it so the damage buff is worth it for the party. If you have a group of people you always run with try and get them all to pick it as its definitely worth it if everyone has it. If the rest of the group isnt running it I have a Wild Hunt Rider that I slot in that slot.

  • Con Artist (Summoned)
  • Celeste
  • Air Archon
  • Tamed Velociraptor or Wild Hunt Rider
  • Siege Master



For this section I’ll just add a screenshot of all the Insg bonuses that I run. You dont have to use those exact mounts just google whatever Insignia Bonus it is that you want and there is a few websites now that will tell you what mounts have what.

For the Insgs them self I try and take power/crit/recovery as much as possible. The power insgs can be really expensive but if you’ve got the AD its definitely worth it.

For the combat power I run the Legendary Lion. It has saved my and my party so many times in PvE and PvP. I would like to get a Legendary T-Rex as the debuff is the meta for speed run groups but sadly i’ve not got one yet.

For my Equip Power I grab the power from the Legacy Flail Snail. Its gives 25% of your AP back when you use a daily.

Shepards Devotion is a huge insg at the moment because you can daily cancel and still proc it. Just hit your Hallowed Ground and right before it comes out just dash. You will get the mount Insg buff but not burn your AP



Your enchants probably going to end up looking a little different then mine. Once again go read over the section I wrote on stats and see what enchants you will need to reach those goals. Either way I’ll list what I run.

Offensive Slots: Brutals

Defensive Slots: Black Ice

Companion: I have all 6 offensive slots on my comp so I run 4x Savages and 2x Radiants

Weapon: Dread

Armour: Elven Battle or Barkshield

Head/Arms/Boots: Primal

Chest: Rex Amiculum

Weapons: Lightenders – Main Hand Artifact Power (Brand of The Sun) – Off Hand Artifact Power (Terrifying Insight and Combat Advantage)

Rings: 1xLegendary Hellig + 1xPrimal Raid Ring

Shirt: Chultan Merchant

Pants: Prelates Gemmed Exquisite Chausses

Neck/Belt: Demogorgon Set:


  • Eye of Giant (Active) my Active gets switched to the Wheel of Elements for bosses so that I can give the main dps the fire dps buff from it while they run the soul sight artifact.
  • Shard of Orcus Wand
  • Thayan Book of the Dead
  • Symbol of Air


Since Mod 12.B they nerfed how many potions you can stack at once. Last mod this list would have been twice the size

Heres a list of all the pots I run for dungeons

  • Squash Soup or Pumpkin Soup
  • Effervescent Potion of Force
  • 1 x Invocation Blessing
  • Wild Storm Elixir
  • Scroll of Fate: Power
  • Pocket Pet or Tymoras Lucky Coin



Here we have two main rotations one for trash and one for bosses. Minor things will change based on what the other DC in your group is running. If the other DC is running Break The Spirit then you run Forgemasters Flame and vice versa. I will cover trash 1st as this will be the powers you would be running at the start of the dungeon. Please try and not slow down the rest of the group in a dungeon run. Try to auto run while switching you powers out before a boss so you dont have to stand outside the circle making your group wait on you.

Tip: For both of these rotations you should be opening the fight with a Hallowed Ground and keeping it up the whole time you are fighting. Always try and start + finish fights with full divinity + AP. This is extra Important when coming up to bosses

Passives stay the same for both Trash and Bosses:

Terrifying Insight + Hastening Light


Powers: Break The Spirit or Forgemasters Flame, Daunting Light, Divine Glow

Encounters: Astral Seal, Brand of The Sun

Daily: Hallowed Ground + Hammer of Fate

Passives: Terrifying Insight + Hasting Light

Rotation. If you need to build your divinity before starting the rotation start with a astral  seal then spam Brand of the Sun till your divinity is nearly full. Right before its full switch to your divinty mode. As Brand of The Sun ticks it’ll keep filling your divinty up even if you have already switched into divinty mode.

From full divinity you’re going to start with a regular flat Divine Glow. Then switch to divinity mode and spam 2x Daunting Lights and 1x Divinity Divine Glow to end your divinity burn. Switch back into regular encounter mode and drop a Fully empowered Break The Spirit or Forgemasters. Then a regular encounter divine glow and then a regular Daunting light. If the mob pack is still there after all that just start spamming at wills to try and get your divinity full again for the next fight. If you notice one of your group members needs help or healing just drop a divine glow right on their heads. If you’re geared right and the buffs are out this should be enough to heal their entire HP unless its a super jacked pally.


Powers: Break The Spirit or Forgemasters Flame, Daunting Light, prophecy of doom

Passives: Terrifying Insight + Hastening Light

Daily: Hallowed Ground + Hammer of Fate

Here is pretty much the same rotation as trash except we replace Divine Glow with Prophecy of Doom.

We also switch out our Eye of The Giant Artifact for a Wheel of Elements if our main DPs is running anything asides the wheel. We stand right behind the DPs and pop the wheel so that the fire lands right on them.

So just a recap for bosses. You should always have full Dinivity and AP when entering the boss. If you don’t you need to practice ending every fight will full divinity and AP.

1x Astral Seal – Divine Glow – Change to Divinity Mode – 3x Divinity Daunting Lights – Change to regular encounter mode – Fully Empowered forgemaster flame or Break the Spirit – Regular Prophecy of Doom – Daunting Light- Spam Brand of the Sun till nearly full divinity – Repeat

 Edit: Recently i've been playing around with
1. Build full divinty
2. Flat Prophecy of Doom
3. Burn divinty on 3x daunting light
4. Fully enpowered bts or fmf
5. Flat daunting light
Im not too sure which rotation is better yet


Like I said at the start this isnt a super in-depth guide but it gives you as pretty good idea of how I play my DC. With this build the buffs are about at max of what of a DO can give + decent DPs for a support + enough heals through Astral Seal + Divine Glow.

If you have any DC questions either drop me a comment on here or xbox message at Gamertag @HC The Duelist

Hope you guys enjoy is been awhile since I’ve done any guides but I plan on keeping this one updated with current mods and hopefully get back into writing guides for all parts of neverwinter. Please use this for ideas to help build your own custom DC. Thats the only way the DC community will grow and we can all get better.



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