Oathbound Paladin Protection Healz MOD 12 [ UPDATE ]

by Mork Kenji on August 31, 2017
Oathbound Paladin

Welcome to Neverwinter Oathbound Paladin Protection Helaz MOD12. This will update more in this week.

My name is Mork Kenji and here is my build of Outbound Paladin that focusing on Self-Heal, Tanking and DPS. I have 3 loadout at the moment including the Devotion (Burnadin) and Protection Full DPS. But I prefer to share this build first because this is the most balanced build in the game because you can help light heal to other player and self-heal, become tank and make damage. Currently, I manage to get Best in Slot (BIS) for my build but you guys can follow this arrangement although you are still in the low level of this game. I'm been following Trzebiat & ItsViral build but I've changed a bit the setting that what my preference does. I also referring to SNK o ELZy & Bighence looking what they thought of a Paladin build.

Enjoy this Pally build and hope i get a good respond from you guys. You guys can find me at PSN: MORK-KENJI. And my character name is Stella.

~ P E A C E ~


Because I'm using Human so here are my stats:
Put all the point in CON & CHA.

Standing Stats:

After Bonding:
Critical Chance 100%
Resistance Ignored 88.2%

(MOD12 Dungeon need -80% for Armor Pen)



For MOD 12, I'm changing to the new gear that drop at the Tomb Of Annihilation. I drop all the titansteel armor with the new armor here at the new Campaign because it have a good stats. My target is to get PRIMAL ARMOR (Item Level 500) and i will update when i get that. For weapon set, Titansteel is the best so for paladin so i will use it until MOD12B / MOD13 will features new weapon set.


1. Batiri Shaman Mask *UPDATE
[ I obtain from Hunt of Chult ]
Item level: 480
Equip: When you kill an enemy, there is a chance you will summon a Phantom Batiri that will fight for you for 1 minute.
Equip: +14,693 Maximum Hit Points
Equip: +645 Power
Equip: +645 Recovery
Equip: +513 Defense
Equip: +430 Regeneration
Reinforced: +800 Maximum Hit Points (+35 Total Item Level)

2. Deepknight's Brigandine
[ i obtain from Throne of the Dwarven God ]

Item Level: 450
Equip: +50,495 Maximum Hit Points
Equip: +14 AC
Defense Slot: Radiant Enchantment, Rank 12
Reinforced: +800 Maximum Hit Points (+35 Total Item Level)

3. Zephyr Armguards *UPDATE
[I obtain from Hunt of Chult T2 ]

Item Level: 480
Equip: At the stat of combat, your Critical Strike is increased by 1500 for 10 seconds.
Equip: +14,693 Maximum Hit Points
Equip: +860 Critical Strike
Equip: +1,290 Armor Penetration
Equip: +612 Defense
Reinforced: +800 Maximum Hit Points (+35 Total Item Level)

4. Titansteel Mace
Item Level: 480
1,851-2,262 Damage
Equip: +6,528 Power
Equip: +1,343 Critical Strike
Equip: +1,343 Deflection
2 of Set: 
You and any allies equipped with a set of Stronghold weapons are granted the following:
+2% Outgoing Damage
+2% Outgoing Healing
-2% Incoming Damage
This effect may stack up to 5 times.

5. Titantsteel Kite Shield
Item Level: 480
Equip: +8 AC
Equip: +1,493 Power
Equip: +746 Critical Strike
Equip: +1,184 Defense
Equip: +746 Deflection
2 of Set: You and any allies equipped with a set of Stronghold weapons are granted the following:
+2% Outgoing Damage
+2% Outgoing Healing
-2% Incoming Damage
This effect may stack up to 5 times.

6. Spiteful Heels *UPDATE 
[ I obtain from Hunt of Chult T1 ]

Item Level: 480
Equip: If you take damage of more then 15% of your Maximum Hit Points in a single blow, you gain 5% Critical Strike for 10 seconds.
Equip: +14,693 Maximum Hit Points
Equip: +1,290 Critical Strike
Equip: +947 Defense
Equip: +860 Deflection
Reinforced: +800 Maximum Hit Points (+35 Total Item Level)

For MOD 12, i will farming the new Ring in Chult Hunt. I still using the Occurs Set because it is the best set for DPS. I will update from time to time if i got the new ring: Ring of the Dinosaur Slayer +5 or Ring of the Beast Slayer +5 or Ring of the Goblin Slayer +5


7. Baphomet's Infernal Talisman
Item Level: 405
Equip: Increases Action Points by 4% every 3 seconds while in combat.
Equip: +846 Power
Equip: +530 Critical Strike
Equip: +530 Deflection
3 of Set: 
Deal up to 20% additional damage based on the difference in hit point percentage between the player and target.
Reinforced: +100 Action Point Gain (+35 Total Item Level)

8. Ring of Rising Power +5
[ I obtain from Demogorgon Dungeon ]

Item level: 435
Equip: On hitting a foe you gain 135 power for 4 seconds. This affect can stack a maximum of 10 times and does not affect companions.
Reinforced: +100 Action Point Gain (+35 Total Item Level)

9. Ring of Brutality +5
[ I obtain from Demogorgon Dungeon ]

Item level: 435
Equip: Every 30 second you gain 4000 Power for 10 seconds. This effect only works in combat and does not affect companions.
Reinforced: +100 Action Point Gain (+35 Total Item Level)

10. Demogorgon's Girdle of Might
Item Level: 405
Equip: +2 STR
Equip: +2 CON
Equip: +846 Power
Equip: +530 Critical Strike
Equip: +530 Deflection
3 of Set: Deal up to 20% additional damage based on the difference in hit point percentage between the player and target.
Reinforced: +100 Action Point Gain (+35 Total Item Level)

11. Bloodstained Shirt
[ I obtain from The Grey Wolf Den Master ]
Item Level: 450
Equip: Gain 25 Power for each percent of health you are missing.
Equip: +379 Defense
Equip: +928 Life Steal
Reinforced: +5% Everfrost Damage Resistance

12. Defender's Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Chausses
Item Level: 435
Equip: +912 Maximum Hit Points
Equip: +232 Defense
Equip: +114 Deflection
Equip: +228 Regeneration
Reinforced: +5% Everfrost Damage Resistance

1. Radiant Enchantment, Rank 12
(I put all the radiant enchantment on defense & offense slot. We need more Power and Maximum Hit Point for Paladin build)
Defense Slot: +2,800 Maximum Hit Points
Offense Slot: +700 Power

2. Azure Enchantment, Rank 12
[ I put 3 Azure at Ring because i need to make my Crit above 95% ]

Offense Slot: +700 Critical Strike

3. Dark Enchantment, Rank 12
(I put 3 at utility slot for movement)
Utility Slot: +700 Movement

4. Dragon's Hoard Enchantment, Rank 12
(I put 1 at utility slot)
Utility Slot: You have a 5% chance after killing a foe to find a Refining Stone at your feet. This Enchantment was created with a drop of dragon blood. It has a chance to reveal Refining Stones.

5. Quartermaster's Enchantment, Rank 12
(I put 1 at utility slot, but i have 4 of this. I equip 4 Quartermaster to open the bag when it come double enchantment)
Utility Slot: You have a 3.5% chance after killing a foe to find a bag of goods.



1. Feytouched Enchantment, Rank 12
(This my main weapon enchantment. 
Fey can proc TW a bit longer and you can use this if you don't reach 100% crit after bonding. For me, Feytouched help me a lot in taking and making damage in dungeon. I personally recommend to all paladin player to using this enchantment especially if you want to be a good tank)
Weapon Enhancement Slot: You deal an additional 18% of weapon damage as Psychic damage. Your encounter powers siphon away 18% of your target's damage. This damage is converted into 18% more damage for you. This effect is a 3 target AoE, lasts for 20 seconds, may only happen once every 20 seconds.

2. Vorpal Enchantment, Rank 12 *UPDATE
(I've been playing solo alot these day and i enjoy using Vorpal as my weapon enchantment because it's make more damage with a high crit. The solution to have a high crit, drink a potion that stack you critical strike up. If you guys like to become DPS, go for vorpal. I have no problem fighting at Chult area when you can kill mobs with one shoot of Divine Judgement)
Weapon Enhancement Slot: You strike with an additional 50% critical severity. Critical Severity increases the damage your Critical Strikes deal. Your Critical Strikes now reduce your target's Damage Resistance by 2% and Damage by 2%



1. Elven Battle Enchantment, Rank 12
(This is my main armor enhancement. Elven can help you from stunt. 
I'm using this from running Throne to FBI. It help you tanking very well.)
Armor Enhancement Slot: You are 80% more resistant to slows, immobilizes, disables, and stuns. Their duration is reduced. Your stamina Regen is also increased by 30%. Your armor confers the grace of the Elves to you, making you resistant to impairing effects.

* Elven Armor effect with gold armor at left and right hand.

2. Frostburn Enchantment, Rank 12 *UPDATE

( At last, i can use this enchantment because it look so cool on your character. This enchantment is another alternative to help you doing the Tomb Of Annihilation campaign without stuck or knock back. I've test running at the Chult and it help you stun all the mobs with Radiant Strike or Templar's Wrath. When you have a chance to stun the mob, using Sacred Weapon > Smite / Divine Judgement kill all the mobs at once. I found this method help me a lot here in new campaign. By the way, its cheap at AH!!)
Armor Enhancement Slot:On receiving damage, you have a 20% chance to deal Frost damage and apply a 30% slow to the target. Also disables NPCs and reduces Recovery and Deflect by 35% against players. The damage scales with your level. This effect lasts 4 seconds and can only occur once every 20 seconds.

* Frostburn effect like ice all of the armor and body with snow effect.

3.Thunderhead Enchantment, Rank 12 *UPDATE
(Another enchantment that player didn't use but i consider one of the best in slot for palladin in MOD 12. This is also another alternative to help you through the Tomb Of Annihilation campaign. Using the same method with the Frostburn Enchantment, it helps you a lot to stun the mobs. The Spark damage also fascinating and look cool when you fighting mobs or boss)
Armor Enhancement Slot: When you receive a critical strike your armor has a 40% chance to deal Lightning damage and stun nearby foes in a large radius. This effect cannot happen more than once every 20 seconds. Whenever you're hit your foe takes a small amount of spark damage. This effect cannot happen more than once every 10 seconds. All damage scales with your level.

* Can't see the Thunderhead effect, but it's spark a bit at body armor. When you get Crit Hit by Mob, the spark will glow on your screen.

1. Sigil of Devoted [ Main Artifact ]
 Your Devoted Cleric spirit fills you with divine power, granting 100% of you total Action Points over 15 seconds. In addition, while this buff is active you Heal yourself for whenever you use an Encounter power.
Equip: +1,000 Power
Equip: +1,000 Defense
Equip: +600 Incoming Healing Bonus

2. Eye of the Giant
Equip: +2,000 Maximum Hit Points
Equip: +1,000 Power
Equip: +500 Critical Strike
Equip: +500 Armor Penetration
Equip: +500 Defense

3. Shard of Orcus' Wand
Equip: +1,000 Power
Equip: +1,000 Movement
Equip: +600 AoE Resist

4. Sigil of the Oathbound Paladin
Equip: +4,000 Maximum Hit Points
Equip: +1,000 Power
Equip: +600 AoE Resist



Here is my point goes to the Power. The only power that I'm not using is:
1. Valorous Strike 2. Aura of Valor 3. Aura of Solitude

Most Important Power
At-Will: Shielding Strike & Radiant Strike
Auras: Aura of Courage & Aura of Wisdom
Dailies: Divine Judgment & Shield of Faith
Encounters Power:
Smite, Sacred Weapon, Circle of Power,
Bane, Vow of Enmity, Burning Light,
Relentless Avenger, Templar's Wrath, Absolution, Binding Oath

Here are my feats goes.
I focusing on Crit and Maximum Hit Point.

So here is my focusing on Boon.
I focus on Maximum Hit Point, Crit and Power.

  Dark Fey Hunter: You gain 400 Power.
Fey Precision: You gain 400 Critical Strike.
Feywilds Fortitude: Your Max HP is increased by 1600.
Elven Ferocity: When striking a foe you have a chance to deal up to 20000 Arcane damage.
Elvish Fury: When you kill a foe you gain 135 Power for 45 seconds. This buff stacks up to 30 times.

Reliquary Keeper's Strength: You gain 250 Power and 250 Movement.
Evoker's Thirst: You gain 400 Lifesteal.
        Forbidden Piercing: You gain 3% Resistance Ignored.
Shadowtouch: When dealing damage you have a chance to deal 20000 Necrotic damage over a few seconds. After this effect ends the target receives 25% less healing from spells for 10 seconds.
Burning Guidance: Your healing spells have a chance to burn enemies near the target for up to 2000 Radiant damage.

Encroaching Tactics: You gain 400 Combat Advantage Bonus.
Refreshing Chill: You gain 400 Stamina Gain.
Sleet Skills: You gain 2% Crit Severity.
Cool Resolve: You gain up to 2000 Power based on how much Stamina or Guard you are missing.
Winter's Bounty: Chance to gain bonus 10% Action Points when killing a target.

Primordial Might: You gain 400 Power and 1600 Maximum Hit Points.
Primordial Focus: You gain 400 Critical Strike and 1600 Maximum Hit Points.
Drow Ambush Tactics: Combat Advantage damage bonus is increased by 10%.
Dwarven Footing: Control Effects will now have a 5% shorter duration when applied to you.
Abyssal Strikes: Gain +10% Damage versus Demons.

Dragon's Heart: Grants 1600 Hit Points.
Dragon's Gaze: Grants 400 Critical Strike.
Draconic Armorbreaker: Grants 400 Armor Penetration.
Dragon’s Greed: Grants 400 Lifesteal
Dragon's Fury 3/3: Grants 5/6.5/8% increased Critical Severity.

Abyssal Regeneration: You gain 400 Incoming Healing Bonus.
Demonic Influence: You gain 400 Combat Advantage Bonus.
Demonic Swiftness: You now gain action points 3% faster.
Baphomet's Might: When striking a foe you have a chance to gain 2000 Critical Strike bonus for 6 seconds.

The wave of Force: You gain 300 Power and 2000 Maximum HP.
Heart of Stone: +4% Life Steal Severity Power and 2000 Maximum Hit Points
Searing Aggression: You gain 400 Critical Strike and 2000 Maximum HP.
Wall of Wind: When taking damage you have a chance to heal up to 24000 HP over a few seconds. After this effect ends your Recovery is increased by 1000 for 10 seconds.

Frosty Demeanor: You gain 2% Control Resistance and 1000 Maximum HP.
Survival Instincts: You gain 400 Incoming Healing and 2% Everfrost Damage Resistance.
Icy Wrath: Chance when taking damage to gain up to 2000 bonus damage on next attack.
Glacial Strength: Your Max HP is increased by 3200 and 2% Everfrost resistance.
Chill of Winter 2/3: When striking a foe, you have a chance to gain a stack of Icy Chill. At 50 stacks your next attacks clear all stacks and release a burst that deals up to 10000/12500/15000 damage to targets close to you.
Healing Warmth 1/3: When healing allies, your healing spells have a chance to damage up to 5 enemies near the target for up to 4000/5000/6000 damage

Aura of Hope: When you kill an enemy, you have a chance to emit an aura of hope that boosts AP gain for all allies within 25 feet for 10 seconds
Fiery Frenzy: You gain 2% critical strike severity and 1000 maximum hit points
Soothing Zephyr: You gain 500 recovery and 2000 maximum hit points
Aberrant Power: When damaged by a foe, chance to gain a stack of Aberrant Power. At 10 stacks, taking damage will clear the stacks and deal up to 10000 damage to nearby targets. Aberrant creatures take double damage. Damage over time effects will not trigger this ability.

1. Con Artist
[ Main and summon companion ]

Active Bonus: +300 Critical Strike
Why I chose: The skill “Consumed by Battle” that unlocks at level 30 adds an uncapped 10% debuff that stacks with itself. Ring slots on companions are great and the Con Artist has three. The range of stuff to put there is just way higher than on any other type. Underdark and Storm Kings Thunder all brought end game rings that can be slotted. The combination of accessibility, options and convenience in gearing up as well as the unique debuff makes the Con Artist the best overall companion there is.

3. Combion Magus
Active Bonus: +10% Critical Severity

2. Earth Archon
Active Bonus: Increases your damage by +6% when you are at full health. Each additional active Archon increases this by .%

3. Air Archon
Active Bonus: Increases your damage against targets not at full health by +5.0%. Each additional active Archon increases this bonus by .5% Applies to you as long as this companion is active.

5. Fire Archon
Increases your damage against targets with less than 50% Hit Points by +7%. Applies to you as long as this companion is active.

6. Harper Bard
[ Main and summon companion - optional ]
Active Bonus: +1,200 Increase to Max Health
Why I choose: I'm using this if I'm playing with Low-Level Characters. I'll help them to give them a buff in damage and health.The bard is very good for support classes and the buff is 20 Power and Critical Strike per companion rank. It has an 8% incoming damage reduction debuff and an 8% mob DR reduction debuff. The DR debuff has a slightly less than 50% uptime which means it's effectively a ~4% DR debuff. The 800 power and crit is also really helpful because it affects nearby companions, which means that players can get up to 3200 power and crit from him (800 directly and 2400 from a companion with 3 R12 bondings and the legendary companion bonus.) Overall it's the only companion in the game that can buff your team while simultaneously debuffing your enemies.


1. Bonding Runestone, Rank 12
[ I equip 3 in my companion ]

When applied to a Companion:
Equip: When your Companion activates a power, it has a chance to grant you Companion's Gift, which grants you 95% of your Companion's stats for 20 seconds for each Bonding Runestone equipped.
Offense Slot: +840 Power
Defense Slot: +840 Defense
Runestones grant your companions bonuses and additional statistics.

2. Azure Enchantment, Rank 12
[ I put 4 Azure in every companion ring slot to get the critical strike with bonding proc ]

When applied to an item:
Offense Slot: +700 Critical Strike

3. Dark Enchantment, Rank 12
[ I put 2 Dark in companion ring slot to get the Armor Penetration bonding proc ]
When applied to an item:
Offense Slot: +700 Armor Penetration

4. Ring of Adorable Bites
[ I only have 2 at the moment, but it's the best item if we can equip 3 on Con Artist ]
Equip: +521 Power
Equip: +348 Critical Strike

Currently, I'm using Celestial Stag as my main mount and equip Combat Power, Call of the Star. When I use the power, it summons your Celestial Stag that brings with it a rain of stars for 8 seconds, continually causing 699 damage to your enemies and slowing their Run Speed by 10%. I also switch power if i'm bored with the rain to Summons the Flail Snail to knock enemies aside, dealing 1,727 to targets hit. It's fun to see the snail running knocking your enemy. 🙂

I'm using Coastal Flail Snail Equip Power: Quick Action. When using a Daily Power grants 25% of your total Action Points over 10 seconds. Celestial Stag equip power is useless. When you already have a legendary mount, Equip Increases your mounted movement speed by 140%.

Celestial Stag Mount:

Coastal Flail Snail:

1. Shepherd's Devotion:
Whenever you use a Daily power, your teammate's Defense, Deflection, and Movement are increased by 5% of your Power for 10 seconds.
[ 1 Regal, 1 Barbed, 1 Illuminated ]

2. Gladiator's Guile
When your Stamina is above 75%, you move 15% faster. When your Stamina is below 25%, gain 15% of your Power as Stamina Gain.
[ 1 Regal, 1 Illuminated, 1 Enlightened ]

3. Artificer's Persuasion:
Whenever you use an Artifact power, your Recovery, Movement, Action Point Gain, and Stamina Gain are increased by 10% of your Power for 15 seconds.
[ 2 Barbed, 1 Illuminated ]

4. Assassin's Covenant
You lose 10% of your Defense, Deflection, and Life Steal, and gain the combination of lost stats as Power.
[ 1 Regal, 2 Enlightened ]

5. Protector's Camaraderie:
Whenever your summoned Companion attacks, you gain 3% of your Power and Defense for 10 seconds. This effect can stack up to 4 times.
[ 2 Regal, 1 Barbed ]

*Optional - If I'm using Harper Bard, I change Protector's Camaraderie to Cavalry's Warning
6. Cavalry's Warning:
Whenever you activate a Mount Combat Power, you gain an increase of 10% to your Power, Recovery, Armor Penetration, Critical Strike, Defense, Deflection, Regeneration, and Life Steal.
[ 1 Crescent, 1 Barbed, 1 Enlightened ]

For insignia, I only focusing on Maximum Hit Point, Power and Companion Infeluence

1. Regal Insignia of Prosperity
+2% Glory, Gold, and Experience Gain
+200 Maximum Hit Points

2. Barbed Insignia of Dominance
+200 Power
+100 Companion Influence

3. Illuminated Insignia of Dominance
+200 Power
+100 Companion Influence

4. Enlightened Insignia of prosperity
+2% Glory, Gold, and Experience Gain
+200 Maximum Hit Points


Batiri Shaman Mask : 480
Deepknight : 450
Pilgrim Ward Tahadus : 480
Spiteful Heels : 480
Titansteel weapons: 480 x 2 = 960
Artifact neck: 405
Artifact waist: 405
Ring x 2: 435 x 2 = 870
Bloodstained shirt: 450
Gemmed epic pants: 435
18 x R12 enhancements =1476
8 x Major reinforcement kit =280
2 x Overloads: 2
Trans armor and weapon enchantments: 82 x 2= 164
4x Mythic artifacts: 320 x 4 = 1280
TOTAL: 8597

Guild Stronghold = 900
PvP Campaign: -
Sharandar = 150
Dread Ring = 150
Icewind Dale = 150
Underdark = 150
Tyranny of the Dragons = 210
Maze Engine = 120
Elemental Evil = 120
Storm King's Thunder = 210
The Cloaked Ascendency = 120
TOTAL: 2280

5x Legendary companion: 200 x 5 = 1000
3x R12 bonding runestone: 82 x 3 = 246
Krig Ring= 435
Rings Adorable x 2 = 840
6x R12 enchantment: 82 x 6 = 492
3x reinforcement kit: 35 x 3 = 105
TOTAL: 3118

Combat Power: 100
Legendary Equip Bonus: 500
15 x Epic Insignia: 60 x 15 = 900
TOTAL: 1500

8617 + 2130 + 3118 + 1500
TOTAL ALL = 15,515

I need to workout my PVP and Stronghold boons 🙂
And i never get the DOD ring from FBI or MSVA. Poor RNG. Now what i have to do is grinding the MOD 12 campaign to get the item level 500 above. Wish me luck on that!!

*Chose according you game play
Tanking Rotation
1. Templar's Wrath > Circle of Power > Divine Call > Bane (Work at FBI Turtle and Occurs)
2. Divine Call > Templar's Wrath > Vow > Smite
3. Divine Call > Absolution > Templar's Wrath > Vow (Work at the hill - FBI)
4. Templar's Wrath > Vow > Sacred Weapon (Work at FBI Hati .. Ha ha LOL)

Boss-Fights DPS Rotation
1. Circle of Power > Radiant Strike > Sacred Weapon > Shield Strike
2. Circle of Power > Sacred Weapon > Divine Call > Smite
3. Vow > Sacred Weapon > Divine Call > Smite

When Dailies Up
Circle of Power > Sacred Weapon > Divine Call > Divine Judgement (BAMMMM ... 1 Million Damage)

Trash Rotation
1. Templar's Wrath > Sacred Weapon > Divine Call > Smite
3. Templar's Wrath > Sacred Weapon > Divine Call > Burning Light

Trash Rotation Without Templar's Wrath (Full DPS Mode)
1. Vow > Sacred Weapon > Divine Call > Smite
2. Circle of Power > Sacred Weapon > Divine Call > Smite
3. Circle of Power > Sacred Weapon > Divine Call > Burning Light

Using [ Circle of Power > Sacred Weapon > Vow > Divine Call > Divine Judgement ] rotation on dummy alone.
* You will get more damage when regroup with buffer and Titansteel equip. The damage will be double. 

The Damage from Protection Prism Build
Here some example of the damage that this build can make:

You guys can check my Youtube channel for more video of my Paladin. Go to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwpWPSk_V5YXozRaKHjERBQ Or search " MORK KENJI" in Youtube. But it's still work in progress 🙂

Last but not least, i would like to thank you all the guild member of

Shout out to Punished Snake (The pally sibling), Shadow Prince / Arwen Undomeil, Razo Razio, Tok Bomoh, Dato' Jalaluddin Hassan, Pedang Salji, Hito, Bayangan Tajam, Jom Snow, Puresavage, Rio (The pally sibling) .. and all my others guild member who help me through this journey as a Pally. Our guild now alliance with Best In Slot (BIS) from a branch of Look Good Play Good (LGPG). We welcoming all player who reach level 70 with minimum item level 11,000 with a good heart. Our guild are supporting all player around the world especially from Malaysia which this guild are base from.

My Guild Hall just reach at 13 and we have 4000 power to offer. I equip the power but have to reduce my Radiant enchantment Rank 12 at my gear and top-up with 3 Azure Rank 12 to get the 100% Critical Strike. With 2 Dark Rank 12 at my companion, i manage to make -88.2% Resistance Ignored.

Here is my progress to open the ne campaign. Last week i open the left side "Monster Hunt" so i can trade my trophy. This week i will open the center for Dungeon. The last tree that i will open is the Boon. So my target is advancing to get to the dungeon. If you have alternate, try open the left side first because it help you to trade T2 Trophy. Then email the lure to your main character. At the same time you can progres both Hunt and dungeon as well.

Tomb of Annihilation Hunting Guide
Some mobs in Soshenstar River have the chance to re-spawn as a rare version, which then has a chance to drop a Trophy:
Chultan Tiger -> Smilodon -> Smilodon Tooth
Undead -> Rotting Ogre -> Rotting Ogre’s Femur
Batiri -> Batiri Brave -> Batiri Brave’s Trinket
Deinonychus -> Eotyrannus -> Eotyrannus Talon
Crabs -> Bigclaw -> Bigclaw’s Pincer
Scorpion -> Venomtail -> Venomtail Poison
Tyrannosaur -> Tyrannosaurus Rex -> Tyrannosaurus Fang

You have to hunt back to back until the rare animal are responde. After kill one of the animal, you will get the trophy. Once you get the trophy, open your email and email to yourself. I will update you guys how i get the igear. Here is the Map the animal above respond;

Source from: https://blog.nwo-uncensored.com/tomb-annihilation-hunting-guide-trophies/

After getting the trophy, go to bazaar to make the lure. Put the Lure according to the map:
Source from: https://blog.nwo-uncensored.com/tomb-annihilation-hunting-guide-star-hunts/

Here is the formula how to make the lure and what you can get from that hunt. Is a total random and RNG thing ... so don't disappointed if it didn't drop for the first hunt. I got my first run very smoothly but some of my friend didn't get it. So, don't get salty and do you best to hunt the trophy!! And you will got a lot of ring.. so not bad for salvage eh!!

Preserved Heart (T1) - Spli-Ti
Rotting Ogre's Femur + Tyrannosaurus Fang =
Spli-Ti's Rotten Rib, Bonespurs & Ring of Undead Slayer +5 


Ensorcelled Lure (T2) - Thazar-De
Fang of Dendar Staff + Spli-Ti's Rotten Rib =
Thazar-De's Enchanted Amulet, Gravemaster's Habit, Gravemaster's Blinder & Ring of Undead Slayer +5 


Batiri War Mask (T1) - Clawgraze
Batiri Brave’s Trinket + Tyrannosaurus Fang =
Clawgraze's Saddle, Batiri Shaman Mask, Ring of the Goblin Slayer +5


Bottled Terror (T1) - Fang of Dendar

Eotyrannus Talon + Tyrannosaurus Fang =
Fang of Dendar's StaffRing of the Curse Bringer, Ring of the Yuan-Ti Slayer +5


Sailor's Shroud (T1) - Karkinos
Bigclaw’s Pincer + Tyrannosaurus Fang =
Karkinos' Carpace Fragment, Hullsnapper, Ring of the Beast Slayer +5


Flask of Sulfur (T1) - Hedetet
Venomtail Poison + Tyrannosaurus Fang =
Hedetet's Searing Core, Martyr's Plackart, Spiteful Heels, Ring of the Beast Slayer +5


Embroidered Cloak (T1) - Archane
Smilodon Tooth + Tyrannosaurus Fang =
Arachne's Spinneret, Royalsilk Mousquetaires, Ring of the Beast Slayer +5



Jewel-Studded Collar (T2) - Bachho
Hedetet's Searing Core + Arachne's Spinneret =
Bachho's Giant Claw, Zephyr Armguards, Ring of the Beast Slayer +5


Eotyrannus Horn (T2) - Sirrush
Clawgraze's Saddle + Karkinos' Carpace Fragment =
Sirrush's Bloody Incisor, Dawnhide Mask, Boots of the Alpha, Ring of the Dinosaur Slayer +5


Tribal Yklwa (T3) - King of Spines
Thazar-De's Enchanted Amulet + Bachho's Giant Claw + Sirrush's Bloody Incisor =
Rex Amiculum, Rex Corona, Hunter's Keffiyeh, Ring of the Dinosaur Slayer +5


And there you go.. all the Gear are Yummy .. Good luck finding them and happy hunting. ~Stella

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  • August 31, 2017 at 5:03 am

    Nice write up. I like the format you used. Keep up the good work.

  • August 31, 2017 at 6:04 am

    Nice. I run the same feats and boons on my Prot Prism loadout. One note, I’d recommend replacing Aggression insignias with Dominance for more base power and companion influence for more base stats of companion (in case of striker – power/crit/arpen) and compensating the loss of arpen on companion or with GWF Sigil.

    • September 3, 2017 at 2:36 pm

      Thanks Trzebiat, I’ve been a lot respect my character and following the best build around. OK. will change that Aggression insignia but for MOD 12, we need more armor pen so i’m thinking using insignia to top up the armor pen.

      • September 3, 2017 at 5:51 pm

        If you want to keep highest power share you’d have to sacrifice crit on companion for arpen needed for mod 12 RI cap. But if missing only few % insignias are great way to cover that. Replacing HP/Power artifact with GWF Sigil is also great way to get missing arpen, especially because you can then swap those two artifacts depending if you run content where only 60% RI is needed, or mod 12 with 85%. I’m going to Bold gear instead of Fierce on companion and use GWF Sigil instead of Vanguard’s Banner, maybe few insignias if that’s not enough. And then just switch artifacts for old and mod 12 content. For me personally managing arpen is more difficult because I use the same companion gear for 3 different characters, so have to manage it between all of them without completely breaking stat line on any of them.

        • September 7, 2017 at 9:26 am

          Hey Trzebiat… I Change my Insignia slot with Barbed Insignia of Dominance and Illuminated Insignia of Dominance. For GWF sigil.. i already have legendary but not sure which one i will take out in my slot on Mod 12… hemmm…

  • Contractions of Fate
    August 31, 2017 at 11:27 am

    I’ve downloaded this to have a good look later. Is this on console?

  • SomeOP
    September 3, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    Bloodstained Shirt with Oath of Protection ?!
    Your HP never drop and its not work temp HP

    Elven Battle Enchantment
    not work against mobs and animations stuns

    • September 4, 2017 at 2:47 am

      Bloodstained provides that much needed lifesteal so u could tank and heal at the same time. Lifesteal works even if your hp is full. This Lifesteal could be shared via prism.
      & if i’m using full dps (Without TW) bloodstained stack power very well.

      Elven battle works as a safety net during that oops moments where we failed to raise our shields..shorter cc always better.

  • Contractions of Fate
    September 4, 2017 at 1:36 am

    Why are you not running Wanderer’s Fortune? It’s on the Armoured Bear from the Zen Market and the Siegebreaker Griffon from Siege of Neverwinter event.

    • September 4, 2017 at 2:23 am

      I have it but i’m not using it. Eventually i already Max out with my resources .. But the MOD12B is coming so i will use it back when fighting the mob..

  • Dr. Annuar Ibrahim
    September 4, 2017 at 10:54 am

    Pretty new player to NW. I’m thinking to delete my GF toon for this build. Thoughts?

    • September 4, 2017 at 11:07 am

      Sure why not. GF are hard to build.. go for Pally for more versatile. You can be Tank or Healer both can make dps build as well.. look out my Healadin DPS next after Mod 12 up on console.

  • Dr. Annuar Ibrahim
    September 4, 2017 at 11:36 am

    Thank you for your insightful comment. I wait for Mod12 then.

    • September 6, 2017 at 4:06 am

      You can keep your GF. But if you have character slots, why not try Pally as other class to build. Peace.

    • Contractions of Fate
      September 6, 2017 at 4:38 am

      Yeah, why delete a character that can invoke, do professions, run dungeons & skirmishes and salvage excess gear for AD? If you already filled your 2 free slots, it’s 500 Zen for another 2. They have 80% sales and you just missed one on PC, but there will be more. Two slots for 100 zen. What’s that? $1?

      • September 6, 2017 at 4:51 am

        LoL.. No need to delete the character.. but if Dr. Anuar didn’t like playing the GF, you should find a class that you like in the Neverwinter. I have a DC actually but i just playing to get the Sigil Devoted. That character rite now, i’m using for invoke, trading, Influence run and salvage from Stella. I’m not that good on targeting in range actually, so i’m suck playing DC. LOL

        • Contractions of Fate
          September 7, 2017 at 3:22 pm

          Hee hee! My Mains are DCs, but I also play all the other classes as I’ve played on PC nearly 4 years and they are semi-main now, so they can farm influence solo, run epic dungeons etc. I tend to suck at melee!

          If my GF/GWF IVs did not have Threatening Rush and my OPs Radiant Strike as gap closers, I’d be lost! I noticed when getting Bruenor’s Helm that I can be swinging through the air and completely missing things with Shielding Strike if the target is a few feet away!

          And not being able to dodge/tumble/teleport/shift is just WEIRD! I find OP Sanctuary more laggy and slower to respond than GF Shield Block, as well.

          I downloaded this to read in detail while the server is down for maintenance. I need to respec one of my OP Protectors – the human one. She still has the free respec. I found that Impassioned Pleas does absolutely nothing, so I’m putting another 3 points in Steadfast as she has 2 now and 3 in Force of Will and a Belt of CHA for the Crit.

          But I’ll read this first.

          Also, the daftest thing I ever did was give her Burning Guidance instead of Rampaging Madness from Dread Ring. Then I found that the Sanctuary aura does not count as a healing spell!


          Yeah, I suck!

  • Seri Vida
    September 8, 2017 at 11:58 am

    So…Ive been wondering what starting roll should I go for?

    • September 10, 2017 at 11:40 pm

      When you roll up your character, you can roll as many times as you’d like. So make sure you keep rolling until you get the best stats possible for your Oathbound Paladin. Constitution should be close to the maximum possible. The main ability score you want to push is Constitution, where you should start with a 17-18 roll to get to 30 at lvl 70, including. Your second priority should be Charisma and where you should reach 22. Your other ability points will affect your character some, but not much, and not as importantly as your two primary abilities. When you level up these abilities throughout your career as an Oathbound Paladin, you should put your points into your chosen stats every time.

      • Contractions of Fate
        September 11, 2017 at 3:52 am

        Best rolls for a Protector Paladin for CON, CHA, WIS, STR, DEX, INT are 16, 16, 12, 10, 10, 10, or 18, 13, 13, 10, 10, 08. And racial bonus can go into CON/CHA for Dragonborn, Tiefling, Half-Elf etc.

        But be careful, as (at least on PC) there’s a bug with the character creation rolls and you can get GF stats, with useless high rolls on STR and DEX. My first OP was a Halfling I had to delete as she had high STR and DEX, with 12 CHA and WIS, and I put the Halfling +2 into CHA, not CON!

  • Ase
    September 10, 2017 at 3:09 pm

    you know you can stack sacred weapon up to 3 times, right ?
    Cos I am not bis at all but I can do 3 millions on Hati… so considering you are bis, 1 millions looks quite low 🙂
    Otherwise, good guide 🙂

    • September 11, 2017 at 3:54 am

      Ooo.. i’m not sure can make 3 million damage by 3 stack of SW. I will try tonight. You using COP or Vow in that rotation? Roughly 1 million damage that I manage capture the image from low buff environment. How bout the set up? Getting regroup with 2 DC or just solo?

      • Contractions of Fate
        September 11, 2017 at 4:01 am

        A lot of people do not realise that the screen displays cumulative totals for multiple hits, so if you Crit, Crit, Crit, Crit, Crit with the same attack or DoT, on the 5th hit it show the TOTAL damage for all five hits. So, if 1 million per hit with 3 encounters is possible, 3 million would be the total, cumulative effect of all three, not the third hit doing 3 million on it’s own.

        There’s an HR Archer build on here claiming over 1 million per Crit Hit for the Aimed Shot At Will, but that just doesn’t happen with a single shot, particularly as the Archer build means he has to shoot from outside the Power-lopping buff range of AC DC, GF, SW etc.

        Maybe 8 Crits in a row for 125k each, but not 1 million per hit.


        • Ase
          September 11, 2017 at 5:31 am


          That is me, not BiS and self-buffed. No other toon involved in this. And this is not my best damage by far.
          That doesn’t include aura of courage nor Sacred Weapons damages that are separated in the combat log.

          Man, 1 million dmg, as a BiS paladin is not a lot, I assure you. Would be good damage on solo, I agree, but if you are buffed by DC for example, I’d be sad, even at my gear score, to do that kind of damage.

          Or maybe OP was saying 1 million damage with at-will and in that case, that is awesome damage indeed ^^

        • Ase
          September 12, 2017 at 5:07 am

          man, i know at least one pally that does above 20 millions damage on daily against Hati and other bosses…
          And I was there during some runs so it is not “I’ve been told he does”… he really does. With a T.Vorp though of course.
          1 million damage is freaking weak…

      • Ase
        September 11, 2017 at 5:03 am

        Yes, using vow and DC buffs when fighting Hati for example.
        And really, 1 million is not a lot… Again I am far from being BiS and on dummies, solo, I do around 750k dmg…
        And I am using Feyt like you, not even a Vorpal.

        • September 12, 2017 at 1:23 am

          Just update the damage .. OK i’ve done it the 3 stack of SW. Start with: SW > vow > taunt > sw > cop > taunt > sw > DJ

          • Ase
            September 12, 2017 at 9:31 pm


            That is one crit in MSP with a party that is not my usual party.
            It is not my best crit. so far and again I am far from being BiS.
            and I don’t even have real dps gear as I am wearing Valhalla set 🙂
            Soooo… you should be able to do big hits and not 1 million, because I do above that with Smite.

  • Xurumela
    September 14, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    Is it worth using Stewart Lion in this Build?

    • September 15, 2017 at 4:09 am

      We can see that Stewart Lion Active Bonus: When your companion uses an ability they have a 50% chance to apply a stack of Radiant Weapon to you. This effect may only occur once every 15 seconds. Radiant Weapon grants 2% additional damage as radiant damage for 12 seconds. You may have no more than 8 stacks of Radiant Weapon from any source.

      Hardly, radiant stacks do not proc off many major things and you’ll get better mileage with straight up % dmg buff. For early tank probably useful to help with tankiness but you’ll outgrow it fast.

  • September 20, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    Hey, great guide. Just a quick question though, in the boon section under Tyranny of dragons you have dragon claws wrote for the first boon but in the screenshot you have dragonheart selected. Jusat wondering which one it was.

    • September 21, 2017 at 12:59 am

      Thanks for review. I stack More HP, so i choose Dragon’s Heart: Grants 1600 Hit Points. Some of Copy paste mistake 😀

    • Contractions of Fate
      September 21, 2017 at 2:27 am

      How exactly does a Protection Paladin function as a Healer, since that’s the Devotion path?

      • September 21, 2017 at 6:33 am

        As a tank u could share your self healing ( lifesteal, insignia heals) from “Prism” and “Beacon of hope”. Have you try the prism before?

        • Contractions of Fate
          September 21, 2017 at 7:54 am

          No, I have 3 OP Protectors and I stayed away from Prism due to the Freeze-Frame Lag it caused in Tiamat. I also specced out of Burning Guidance on my AC DC for the same reason. In fact, the Zerg Channels I was in, one of the rules was that OPs with Prism were not allowed to cast dailies on Pain of Kick. HRs using Careful Attack and DCs using Astral Seal suffered the same fate.

          • September 21, 2017 at 12:33 pm

            I really think prism lag is a thing of the past. Have been running prism all day long in tiamat without said lag. The lag was caused by infinite loops of prism that was fixed in mod11. You must see my Pally Heal spamming Burning Guidance and Healing Warmth at the screen.. Lol.. it’s full of it!! Maybe PlayStation can handle the lag rather the PC i guess..

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