updated african vikings tank build

by b.hunt on August 19, 2017
Oathbound Paladin
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updated african vikings tank build

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hello everyone african-viking here little backstory started as hr gave up the game said once they released a new class id comeback.with that said ever since the pally’s release its all i did all i played. i had builds where i healed, i had builds where i tanked and builds to dps my current set up is for power share with minor heals to team with what id say mid dmg strength and alot of tankyness (main goal is to stay alive to get minor heals and buffs to team while doing dmg myself).

the best races for class in my opinion human no other unless you want to personalize a back story or something. I prefer human heroic feats for more usefulness to your toon. the 3% extra def is in needed due to pally not really tanking off def. I rolled for max constitution made my secondary stats even(doing math might make charisma a little higher). my resting con is around 30 with added stats from gear (I can do better I know it). still working on getting the gear I want for my pally the grind is no joke.(main goal for my tank take hits do minor heals and minor dmg) just my very being alive I buff the team.

before proc

after companion proc

full proc of everything



because I’m human I have more points to spend.

weapon mastery : at max for more crit chance.
toughness : at max more hp is good for our class(more hp equals more power more power equals more dmg)
exemplars haste : I have max for the recharge on abilities
wrathful strikes : max so my at wills hit harder
impassioned pleas : I have max
steadfast : is at max for more hp.
force of will : for better crit chance


at wills radiant strike and oath strike
dailies i use divine protector, shield of faith and divine judgement.
main encounters for dungeons would be binding oath and Templars wraith almost never leave tray.
i alternate my 3rd with burning light, sacred weapon, smite, bane and circle of power all of these have usefulness i believe
solo daily’s Templars wraith, burning light I switch between sacred weapon and smite for third
auras i use are wisdom, courage

paragon and feats

justice paragon


swift flash : max more movement I like the movement
flash of light : max it helps cooldown for your teams abilities
radiant champion : with at least 2 allies near you gain movement and cooldown for abilities.
echoes of light : can give you all abilities instantly back to you.
beacon of hope :  I have 3 in activate daily heal 3 random allies around you for 150% of weapon dmg
prism : I have 2 in any time I receive a heal  for 16 seconds teammates around me receive the same healing
vengeful judge : Your Divine Call now also applies “Judge” to yourself for 10 seconds. “Judge” increases your damage dealt by 35% as well as reducing the cooldown on your currently recharging powers by 35%. Your encounter powers have a chance to immediately grant you a charge of Divine Call.

I started playing pally when first launched him on xbox I was ignorant to using divine call but its just the bread and butter of the kit you wont be as effective if you do not use it. use it then use Templars for more temp hp.

light paragon

gift of light : is max I receive more healing with prism up your team receives those heals to.
warriors bastion : you receive more def from gear needed since you are a tank that benefits from being able to absorb a hit.
auras gift :  you share 25% of your power with your team this is amazing and helps everyone



before I get into gear and enchantments lets get into his kit specific’s

just by excepting oath of protection as your path you receive Your Damage Resistance is increased by 10%, you generate 500% more threat. When you take damage you gain power proportional to the amount of damage you took. This bonus caps at 10% of your Max HP in power (meaning stack the hp as high as you can people). this means don’t use deflect I go for hp, power then def my main def comes from gear and guild boon(if you have no guild get one asap)

divine call Protection path : You Taunt all foes in a 30′ area and gain 10% increased Damage Resistance for 10 seconds. You reflect 5% of incoming damage back to the attackers while this effect is active. (Max 5% of your Maximum Hit Points).
now as pally you don’t use your shield you cant roll or dodge but you erect a zone of safety where you gain 30% increased damage resistance and allies gain 10% increased damage resistance and are rapidly healed. You are immune to control effects while maintaining this zone.(use this if you can predict an attack)
when you use Oath of Protection: You gain 60% damage resistance and allies gain 20% damage resistance. plus immunity to cc


I use radiant for offensive and def
armor enchant elven battle
weapon enchant I have yet to find the one for me but I’m using perfect feytouched when mod 12.5 is released a lot of the issues with this enchant wont exist so this might be the best to use.
utility is dragon hoard for refinement


head : pilgrim ward taj
chest: deepknight brigandine(plan to switch out for rex amiculum)
gauntlets: dusk gaunlets
my weapon set life forged (currently trapped with this due to my guild having def boon and not hp boon)
feet: I’m using dusk boots
neck: protectors neck
rings: sudden precision +4 and sudden deflect +5 (switching out as soon I get sudden def + 5)
belt: greater plated belt of con
my shirt and pants using defender gemmed exquisite elemental chain mail and warriors gemmed exquisite elemental chausses
I currently am running the great protector
horn of Valhalla : Equip: +4,000 Maximum Hit Points Equip: +1,000 Critical Strike Equip: +600 Combat Advantage Bonus
lantern Equip: +1,000 Critical Strike Equip: +1,000 Armor Penetration Equip: +600 Combat Advantage Bonus
sigil of the oathbound Equip: +4,000 Maximum Hit Points Equip: +1,000 Power Equip: +600 AoE Resist
heart of the white dragon Equip: +4,000 Maximum Hit Points Equip: +1,000 Defense Equip: +600 AoE Resist

(I want to get eye of the giant which gives Equip: +2,000 Maximum Hit Points Equip: +1,000 Power Equip: +500 Critical Strike Equip: +500 Armor Penetration Equip: +500 Defense most likely take out the sigil for this)

now for boons priority is hp> power >def >crit> arm-pen


iron golem for hp

energon for hp

raptor for more dmg

earth archon for dmg

I don’t have but am going for another archon

this is my build let me know what you hate and like.




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