Eke’s Protection Pally Mod 11.5 Build

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by Ekemon on July 6, 2017
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Eke’s Protection Pally Mod 11.5 Build

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Welcome all to my build! I have had good feedback in game from this build so thought I may as well make this build for anyone wanting to change their Pally or for someone who wants to pick up a Pally for the first time. I hope you enjoy!

NOTE: I am currently working on PC and getting my toon on there as well so I can update the build to the very latest it can be when new mods drop. When I get it to the same point, expect tabs. One for Console players and one for PC players.



Whilst there are many different races as an option for a Pally tank, I  chose the human race, for the extra 3 Heroic Feat Points as well as the +2 to ANY ability score. More Constitution is our friend. The extra 3% Defence is also nice. However, there are also other possible races, which I will briefly go into:

Tiefling – My initial race. You get a bonus 5% damage when your target is under half HP (Basically a free Fire Archon) which helps you hold aggro and keep your HP up in boss battles. Also as a Tiefling, when you take damage, you have a 10% chance to drop the targets power by 5% for 5 seconds. A nice little debuff just for doing your job. You also get +2 to Charisma for more AP Gain and CA Damage. You also get a choice of +2 to Constitution or Intelligence. For this, choose Constitution since that’s a Pallies main stat.

Dragonborn – I find this race has a valid place for every class. +2 to any 2 stats of your choice isn’t something you can just pass up. Power and Crit being increased by 3% is a good self buff, it also increases the amount of power you share with your allies. The 5% more healing and abilities comes in handy, more heals from your healers in dungeons, your Life Steal and Sanctuary.

Metallic Ancestry Dragonborn – The most expensive class in the game, only obtainable from the Sigil of the Metallic Ancestry Dragonborn from either the Auction House or from Dragonforged Lockbox or Glorious Resurgence Lockbox. This is what I will be switching to when I get it. You get +2 to any 2 stats (The same as Dragonborn) and the same +3% bonus to Power and Crit as the Dragonborn. Where this race outshines any other is its third Trait. You recieve 3% more healing from all spells and abilities (a decrease from the 5% from Dragonborn but still useful) and your HP is increased by 3%. This increases the amount of power you can have and therefore share as well as improves survivability.


Stat Rolls:

I rolled my Stats with my Constitution as max (18) and my Charisma and Wisdom equal at 13 . I invested in Constitution and Wisdom at any point I could to focus on getting my crit up, since I don’t care all that much about my recovery. This along with the +1s to all at levels 30 and 60 give a final Constitution of 25 (27 after the human +2) and Wisdom of 20.

My final Stat Rolls:


As you see, I have 31 Constitution, this I will come back to when we talk about gear.


Now is the bit which is rarely changed from one Pally to another, the Feats.


Divine Action – 5/5 – Any way to get more AP will help your team and yourself.

Weapon Mastery – 0/3 – I didn’t invest anything in this as I saw better chances elsewhere.

Toughness – 3/3 – For a Pally tank, HP is everything. Can’t say no to an extra 9%.

Light’s Shield – 1/5 – I’m not using much Damage Resistance so this is more filler than anything. The extra 0.5% can be nice though.

Exemplar’s Haste – 5/5 – Encounter Powers recharging 6% faster? Yes please. More uptime on your Encounters, the more you can keep yourself alive and the faster you can get your AP up.

Wrathful Strikes – 5/5 – 6% more damage with At-Wills. Since your At-Wills will be your main way of dealing damage, this will help. It also helps you hold aggro since more damage = more aggro.

Dominating Presence – 0/5 – My auras radius’ are more than fine at their default size so an increase isn’t really needed.

Impassioned Pleas – 0/3 – Divine Call energy isn’t hard to come by and I rarely have a time when I don’t have at least one charge on it so an increase in the energy is a waste.

Divine Attunement – 0/3 – receiving more healing from spells, if needed, can easily be sorted by your race selection.

Steadfast – 5/5 – Getting an extra 2.5% Max HP for each point of Constitution you have is not something you can say no to. It will help a lot.

Divine Wisdom – 0/3 – More healing for each point of Wisdom, again if more healing is needed, can be easily sorted by races.

Force of Will – 0/3 – 3/3 if Human – More Crit Chance for each point of Charisma. An additional 6%, outweighs that gained from Weapon Mastery



The main path of a Protection Pally. This is the path to reduce yours and your allies cooldowns.

Swift Flash – 0/5 – When you get struck you gain movement speed for 4 seconds, not really needed since if you are tanking you are going to be sat in one place most of the time.

Bound By Light – 5/5 – Control Strength is increased by 10%. The threat we generate will be increased making it easier for us to keep the damage on us and not our fellow squishies.

Flash of Light – 5/5 – You will use your encounters a lot, so having a 25% chance of reducing an allies cooldown by 10% just for us using one is a chance worth taking. Mixing this with another Feat will make this proc a lot.

Furious Reversal – 0/5 – Extra Life Steal Chance for being knocked below 50% HP for 15 seconds doesn’t seem worth it.

Radiant Champion – 5/5 – One of my favourite feats. Having 2 allies near me gives us 25% more movement speed and 5% cooldown reduction. Reducing your allies cooldowns just by them being near you and making them move faster can help them get out any danger if their stamina is low.

Stem The Tide – 0/5 – “When no allies are within 30′ of you” This is probably one of the worst feats we have. Allies includes companion so if you aren’t near your companion or your team, where are you?

Echoes of Light – 5/5 – a 10% chance to make your next encounter immediately recharge all of your encounters is amazing. It can only happen once every 15 seconds but that’s more than enough. Mixing this with Flash of Light also helps your team out a lot.

Beacon of Hope – 0/5 – Healing your allies for a percentage of your weapon damage isn’t exactly a great thing. Especially if you are running with an actual healer. Also, the targets are random, so in a group of more than 5, there’s a good chance it wont go to those who need it.

Purifying Fire – 5/5 – Extra damage is extra threat. Need I say more?

Prism – 0/5 – Okay, I see quite a few Protection Pallies running this feat, and it works for them. So I’m not going to say its a bad feat, it’s just not what I like using. I also just prefer Purifying Fire over this.

Vengeful Judge – 1/1 – The Justice topper. Using your Divine Call increases your damage by 35% for 10 seconds (more threat) as well as reducing all your cooldowns by 35%. This makes your Divine Call act as a large amount of recovery, allowing you to put the recovery investments elsewhere.


Quick mention about Bulwark. I didn’t invest in it at all, I see more potential from Light and Justice over it. Anyway, this is Lights section, so this is where we put our last 15 Paragon Points. You only come here for the Aura Gifts.

Gifts of Light – 5/5 – You heal for 10% more. Well, it’s either this or your heals do more for 8 seconds after taking damage. This is the lesser of the two evils.

Seraphim – 0/5 – Not for a Protection at all. Plus its limited to 8 seconds wheras Gifts of Light is constant. Enough said.

Light Touched – 0/5 – Healing Spells generate more AP. We don’t use any healing spells so investing in this would be a waste of points.

Warrior’s Bastion – 5/5 – The main source of defense for us. Getting 10% more from equipment helps us survive some of the bigger hits.

Aura Gifts – 5/5 – The biggest buff any Pally can give.sharing 25% of your base power (Your standing + the 10% of your max HP bonus from the Protection Mechanic). Yes they have to stay within 30′ of you for 6 seconds to receive this buff but that will happen easily in dungeons.


The biggest bit! I will be splitting this into At-Wills, Encounters, Dailies and Auras. Each will include the ones I most commonly use and why.


Radiant Strike – Easy access into combat and a 5% Damage and Arm Pen buff for 15 seconds. Also hits multiple enemies to get some damage off on them.

Valorous Strike – The power you will use more than any. A 5% Damage Resistance buff for 15 seconds is nice but I am also testing with Shielding Strike.

Shielding Strike – Does a lot of damage. It provides a shield on the final hit of its combo, which is good. However I prefer the buffs from Valorous, so this one is personal bias. Testing this to see if it works for me or not.

Oath Strike – The final hit of this attack forces the enemy to attack you for 3 seconds which helps a lot with maintaining your aggro. Can be a good alternative in melt groups for gaining threat easier, or just if you dont feel like you need the Damage Resistance buff.


Binding Oath – In dungeons, this never leaves my tray. 5 seconds of enemies being forced to attack you, as well as giving you 100% of your max HP as a shield (Which can be a lot). Oh, did I forget to mention that when the 5 seconds is up or your shield has been drained by enemies it bounces back 100% of how much you took back at the enemies in a 30′ area? Yes you also take 50% of that damage but I’d say that’s worth it. So, the more max HP you have, the more damage you have potential to do. At max this shield lasts for 8 seconds instead of 5 seconds. This is why I say not to use much defense, the more defense you use, the more damage you mitigate, so the less this is going to go down and the less damage will be done with it.

Templars Wrath – Another one that never leaves my tray in dungeons. You hit enemies in a 30′ radius for damage, seem basic right? Well that is until you realise you gain 300% of the damage that you dealt as temp HP. Hitting hard with this can give you a lot of HP, especially if buffed right. You can combine this with Binding Oath to make the damage come from this shield and leaving your base HP untouched. Note: There was a thread about what does and doesn’t affect the Temp HP gotten from TW, link here.

Circle of Power – 30′ wide area to improve your damage by 30% as well as you and your allies damage resistance by 25% which lasts 10 seconds at base and 16 seconds at max isn’t really bad. However I stopped using this recently unless we are in a large group of trash mobs and I’m sat with the squishier members of the group (An example being the first wave of Svardborg or FBI Hill Climb)

Bane – The thing that I swapped Circle out for in my normal tray. A debuff of 10% damage and a buff for allies of 10% more damage. This is an all round solid buff. Especially when you realise it has 3 charges and can be stacked 3 times, meaning 30% more damage for your allies and 30% less damage for you and your allies for 10 seconds.

Vow of Enmity – This increases your own damage by 20% and any hit that an ally does to the marked target will result in more threat for you in case of any issue where you may struggle to get/hold aggro (AH So Cute from Adorable Pocket Pet for example).

Sacred Weapon – I only ever use this in Solo for the extra damage, however I am currently testing during bosses. Use if you know you can survive without one of the others (probably Binding Oath since it has a similar effect minus the Temp HP) for the fact your next 3 attacks force the enemy to attack you as well as the additional damage. Quicker bosses and even easier threat.



Divine Judgement – A solid damage dealing daily with slight AoE damage. Always good to have at least one damaging daily. Very rarely leaves Tray.

Shield of Faith – Reduces damage taken by allies by 30% and lets them get 30% more healing for 6 seconds (12 seconds at max). Never leaves Tray unless soloing dungeons/PvP. Some people may argue that Divine Protector is better, yes, you redirect  60% of damage they would take to you and you take 60% less, however at max it lasts half as long and so you can have more of an uptime on Shield than Divine Protector.

Divine Protector – That being said, this can also be used if you are carrying through new 70s, in bosses that act randomly (Epic Cragmire Crypts) or you need to take damage for the Protection mechanic to proc. I would still prefer Shield over it.

Lay on Hands – An underrated power. This can be a lifesaver. Instant heals to max and removes all DoTs from them. Not to mention it only uses AP proportional to the HP that was healed, meaning this can be used often. Useful for if you want to solo dungeons or you are missing a healer and you are doing a dungeon with a lot of AoEs and the DPS lack the Life Steal to heal themselves.



Aura of Courage – Extra damage for your allies, higher DPS, quicker runs. I have seen this hit for some good numbers. Never leaves my tray. Off-hand artifact power also gives 25% Control Resistance to you and your allies, more buffs.

Aura of Wisdom – Increased cooldowns, 10% at base and 25% at max. Lets you get your tanky powers and utility powers back in time. Also helps your team a lot more, reducing your dps encounters, your DCs encounters all increase the dps. Also the off-hand artifact power gives 1% total AP every 3 seconds to you and allies.

Aura of Protection – More Damage Resistance for you and your allies. 5% at base, 12.5% at max. Can be helpful, especially at lower item levels and levels. I find that it loses its use after a while, but can still help when running with another pally who is using one of the above.



Most of the boons are pretty easy to tell what you need. I always go for either HP, Power, Crit, anything that heals you when being hit, Resistances to Control/AoE etc. Below I will only say which I chose out of the pair/quad and why.


Dark Fey Hunter – More power = more power share. Plus Pallys don’t really care for defense all that much.

Fey Precision – More chance to crit is always wanted for damage. Also deflect reduces the effectiveness of Binding Oaths damage.

Feywilds Fortitude – An extra 1600 HP. HP = Tanky. HP = Power = More Power Share. We don’t really need the 3% extra AP Gain since we can make up for that elsewhere.

Elven Tranquility – We will be getting hit a lot, if your base HP gets taken down, this can heal that up. I’d rather be able to heal my own damage and stay alive than dealing more damage.

Elvish Fury – Well, Stamina Regen is good, if you were to use your stamina, I don’t use mine all that much so find that kinda pointless. We don’t Deflect all that much so Fey Thistle isn’t that great for us. There comes a point where you don’t use potions so the bonus 10% from them means nothing. So the extra power for killing is nice for getting your Templars to deal more.

Dread Ring:

Reliquary Keeper’s Strength – Ignore the movement, since its nothing major. The extra 250 power isn’t all that much either but it’s still extra power share for your team.

Evoker’s Thirst – Regeneration only occurs outside of combat so, other than the slight increase to incoming healing, there’s no point. Life Steal helps you heal yourself a tiny bit and also goes towards Assassins Covenant.

Forbidden Piercing – Since we want our Binding Oath to deal as much as we can get it to, we want to avoid deflecting. The Resistance Ignored will also help with out Templars Wrath and damage in general.

Enraged Regrowth – More healing when being hit. It also comes with an extra 4000 Defense, which I don’t like, but I’d rather have the heals over the extra damage.

Augmented Thayan Basion – A shield for 10,000 damage can be a big helps in sticky situations, also it works similar to Binding Oath where it will redirect damage to a nearby enemy. Rampaging Madness takes too long to get the affect since you need 50 stacks and can only get 1 stack a second, so you need to be fighting for at least 50 seconds just to get its effect for 10 seconds. Endless Consumption seems good at first, but we aren’t going to be Life Stealing often or much so it’d be wasted. Burning Guidance is another wasted one since we don’t use healing spells.

Icewind Dale:

Note: I havent completed these boons yet, I only have the first 3 but I will put what I will be choosing for the last 2.

Weathering The Storm – AoE Resist is always nice, the CA damage could also work here but it’s not an important stat to us.

Appreciation of Warmth – Incoming Healing Bonus can help the healers keep us alive if we get that low. Again Stamina Gain would be nice, if we used our stamina much.

Sleet Skills – Extra Crit Severity helps our powers deal more damage. Recovery is not a big thing in my build as you will see when we get to stats.

Cold Shoulder – Damage Reduction is a nice thing to have, helps you and allies survive some bigger hits. Cool Resolve wont do all that much since we wont be missing Stamina.

Avalanche – This last set of boons are honestly bad. Since we will be getting damaged often, we can easily get 20 stacks giving a free 15,000 damage.


Note: Missing the last boon here but again, will put what I will choose.

Primordial Might – Extra power and HP. Gives more Power and a little more Tankiness. All this power shares with allies. Again the defense will reduce the effectiveness of our Binding Oath.

Primordial Focus – Extra Crit and HP. Extra damage for all of our attacks, gives potential for more temp HP. The Life Steal can be passed on as it can be made up elsewhere.

Drow Ambush Tactics – Extra Combat Advantage Damage can help at time and I see it more useful than Regeneration.

Drawven Footing – Control Effects have a shorter time when applied to us, makes tanking a lot easier. The stamina gain bonus again isn’t helpful since we rarely use stamina.

Abyssal Strikes – Extra Damage is always nice. The chance for Demon Slayer isn’t that great so I find it useless, the only demons we really face are in Demogorgon and you wont be hurt all that much during it so the damage decrease isn’t worth it. The extra 25% Control Bonus is a nice amount but you wont really need it.

Tyranny of Dragons:

Note: Not progressed nearly at all on this campaign as I only have the first 2 boons, again, will list my choice for the others.

Dragonheart – Extra HP is always wanted, need I say more?

Dragon’s Gaze – Crit Strike is good for more damage. Deflect decreases effectiveness of Binding Oath so I avoid.

Draconic Armorbreaker – Extra Armour Pen is going to be helpfull and is more useful to us than Defense would be.

Dragon’s Greed – Extra Life Steal to increase our Assassins Covenant over the Regen which, again, is pointless except for incoming healing.

Dragon’s Thirst – 3/3 – Extra Life Steal for Assassins Covenant. Incoming Healing isn’t really needed for us. The Crit Sev would be nice, however I feel the extra power from Assassins Covenant would be better overall. The increased Control Strength isn’t really needed all too much since we can hold aggro more than easily.

Guild Boons:

I am in a guild hall 20 so we have most of our boons maxed. I will put the level next to the boon to make sure.

Power – Level 10 – Extra 8000 Power to power share and use myself. The Armour Pen is good to use until you get yourself to 60% Armour Pen without it using Bondings.

Hit Points – Level 10 – Extra 36000 max HP. Gives us more HP to Power conversion for our Mechanic to then Power Share. Also more tanking capabilities.

Maze Engine

Abyssal Regeneration – Extra healing from DCs/Healadins etc as well as extra from my self heals like Life Steal. More diverse than the Life Steal Severity boon to me.

Demonic Resilence – Reduce the times that Control effects have on you to make your job as a tank a little easier.

Demonic Swiftness – Gaining AP quicker is always a good thing, plus we don’t use stamina so regenerating it quicker does nothing for us.

Baphomet’s Might – Displace Fate isn’t really worth it because of how situational it is, Engine Inspiration is useless since we don’t use healing spells. Baleful Clutch could be good but I don’t have issues with holding aggro. The extra Crit gained from Baphomet’s Might helps out quite a bit in combat.

Elemental Evil

Wave of Force – HP and Power for the same reasons as above

Heart of Stone – Life Steal Severity is more useful in combat than Regeneration is

Searing Aggression – More crit to help build Temp HP. Recovery isn’t an issue with my build.

Gale of Retribution – Heals after being hit topped off with a nice buff to Crit. Better for me than Wall of Wind since I don’t care for recovery, Bolstering Storm gives unneeded stamina gain and Furious Whirlwind gives extra Lifesteal Severity which although good, isn’t quite needed as much.

Storm Kings Thunder

Frosty Demeanor – More Control Resist is good. If Cold Hearted gave more Life Steal instead of Life Steal Severity I would have chosen that for the buff from Assassins Covenant.

Survival Instincts – Like said before, we don’t use Stamina, so Stamina Regen isn’t useful for us. The extra incoming heals is, however.

Icy Wrath – Stamina Missing? Well, we don’t. A chance to gain an extra 2000 damage on your next hit is nice since we will always be getting hit.

Glacial Strength – HP is our main focus, never say no to it.

Chill of Winter – A little extra damage is always nice. The other ones just aren’t for our class. We don’t heal, we don’t use potions and we don’t deflect all that much.

The Cloaked Ascendancy

Aura of Hope – The extra AP gain is better than just stunning, gets yours and your allies dailies back quicker.

Fiery Frenzy – Extra Crit Severity = more damage = more aggro.

Fey Brias – Life Steal > Recovery for me. Boosts my Assassins Covenant boost and I don’t need recovery.

Abberant Power – Getting hit lets you deal more damage, so just keep up tanking.


Head – Dragon Loyalists Visage – 12624 More HP is nice, the extra Power and Armour Penetration work well too. Reinforced with Major Hit Points Armor Kit for the Extra 800 HP.

Chest – Deepknights Brigadine – 50495 HP. Easily the best Chest for a Pally. Reinforced with Major Hit Points Armor Kit for the Extra 800 HP.

Arms – Dragonflight Restoration Courters – HP/Power/Def/Recovery. More useful than HP/Arm Pen/Def/Regen that the Ward Courters give. Reinforced with Major Hit Points Armor Kit for the Extra 800 HP.

Boots – Dragonflight Ward Polyens – HP/Def/Defl/Recovery. Either the Ward or Restoration Polyens would work here, I got these when I needed a little bit more recovery but now I’m going to switch to Restoration when I get the Guild Marks. Reinforced with Major Hit Points Armor Kit for the Extra 800 HP.

Neck – Cloak of the Protector. Not the best of cloaks, but would rather use this over switching out another artifact for the Greater Protector set. Reinforced with Major AP Gain Jewel for +100 AP Gain.

Rings – 1 Greater Ostorian Ring of Dod. – Power Crit ring, useful for dealing damage and increases your power share. Reinforced with Major AP Gain Jewel for +100 AP Gain. 1 Ostorian Ring of Stein – gives a little more bulk, will be replacing with a second Greater Ostorian Ring of Dod when I get another, however. Reinforced with Major AP Gain Jewel for +100 AP Gain.

Waist – Greater Plated Belt of Constitution – +4 to your Constitution at max. Since Constitution is the main stat we want to focus in, this is essential. Also a part of the Greater Protector set. Reinforced with Major AP Gain Jewel for +100 AP Gain.

Shirt – Drowcraft Chaincoat – Extra HP, Defense and Power. The best shirt for a pally tank in my eyes. Reinforced with Greater Everfrost Resist Armor Kit for the 5% Everfrost Resistance.

Pants – Drowcraft Chausses – HP, Recovery, Defense. Gives the set bonus for the Drowcraft (Heals allies when you crit for a little bit) plus have some good supporting stats. Reinforced with Greater Everfrost Resist Armor Kit for 5% Everfrost Resistance.

Weapons – Relic Set. We want to maximise our damage too to get and hold that aggro. This set also gives us a slight defense boost instead of an offensive one if you ever have one of those urgent situations. Main Hand Artifact equip power to boost Radiant Strike, more damage on entry to combat, no complaints. Off-Hand Artifact equip power to give Control Resist with my Aura of Courage, good team buff.

Enchants – You want to maximise your HP and your Power, so put Radiants in your Offense and Defense slots, whilst putting Darks in your Utilities for the extra movement speed to get you in combat faster.

Armor Enchantment – I current run a Lesser Soulforged so if I do mess up something I can get back and get aggro back without issue. Currently in process of swapping to an Elven Battle Enchantment so I can reduce controls and stuns on me, making tanking more seemless.

Weapon Enchantment – Currently run a Terror for the debuff, looking to work towards a Feytouched as its power increases the Temp HP gotten from Templars Wrath.

Artifacts – As a pally, focus on getting the 3 4k HP Artifacts and 1 of the Cragmire Artifacts (for the Greater Protector set). I currently use Sigil of the Oathbound Paladin as my main (4000 HP, 1000 Power, 600 AoE Resist). My secondary artifacts are Wheel of Elements (4000 HP, 1000 Power, 600 Stamina/Guard Gain), Horn of Valhalla (4000 HP, 1000 Critical Strike, 600 CA Bonus) and Lantern of Revelation (1000 Critical Strike, 1000 Armour Pen, 600 CA Bonus)



You will want to run a Debuffer as your main one to help the team out. I currently run with a Sellsword as my summoned, a Rebel Mercenary will also work since it is basically a reskinned version of the Sellsword. I run an offensively built companion, stacking its Armor Pen and Crit mainly to get myself up the respective caps. I use Bold Neck of the Companion +3, Bold Belt of the Companion +3 and the Bold Sword Knot of the Companion +3. These get me up to the Resistance Ignored cap when my Bondings proc. For my enchants I focus on stacking Crit to get extra damage. Bondings are essential on your companion to hit bigger numbers on your TW as well as just hitting for higher damage since the power share from your Aura Gifts will go to your companion who then returns them to you, essentially buffing yourself.

I also have these active companions:

Air Archon – More Damage when an enemy is at less than full health, almost always active.

Earth Archon – More Damage when you are at full health. Since you live in your Temp HP typically, this will almost always be active.

Rimefire Golem – +1200 HP. Doesnt sound like much but it can help.

Energon – Increases our Max HP by 5%. When you sit at high numbers this will be a pretty big buff.
NOTE: I have noticed a bug with the Energon where if your HP changes, log in or change map you don’t receive the bonus 5% from the change. Making it idle and active again will fix this issue.

I am looking at swapping out my Air Archon for a Seige Master since it increases the amount of Temp HP you receive from TW.


Standing Stats:

After Bondings Proc:

After Protection Mechanic (What Aura Gifts share is based off of):

After Bondings and Protection Mechanic:

Now, I know that a lot of Pallies run with high Recovery, however I don’t feel the need for it, I get my encounters back more than quickly enough, I get my daily back quickly enough and if I am running with a DC who has haste, I will often have permanent Shield of Faith up. If I ever feel like I am lacking in my recharge speed I can always tap my Divine Call to shorten my cooldowns by a third. It also grants a little amount of AP to get the daily back quicker.


I use the bonus from the Guard Drake for the extra 2000 Power, I am looking at switching to Black Ice Warhorse eventually though. One of my Bonuses is currently just a placeholder. That change being being Cavalry’s Warning to Protector’s Camaraderie. I chose the bonuses I did for the following reasons:

Artificers Persuasion – A nice little in combat buff. Makes you quicker, gives recovery and AP gain so you can deal damage/protect more consitantly just for using your artifact, which you will be using quite often anyway. Also, the buff lasts 15 seconds everytime you use it, max your artifact and its able to be activated every minute.

Gladiators Guile – Movement speed buff for having more than 75% of your Stamina. Gets you into combat slightly quicker. Will be active most of the time.

Protectors Camaraderie – 3% more Defense and Power when your companion attacks, stacks to 4 times. So basically 12% more Defense and Power. Doesnt sound like much but it adds up. Especially since our companion attacks often.

Shepherds Devotion – Using a daily buffs your teams Defense, Deflect and Movement by 5% of your power for 10 seconds. The higher power you get, the more useful this is, but since we pop dailies quite often, its a really nice addition for our groups survivability

Assassins Covenant – Since, as a Pally, we dont care for our Defense or Deflect, we are more than happy to drop this by 10% to gain more power. We do also lose some Life Steal but we dont really need Life Steal except for if its an emergency.


I don’t really have a set rotation since I do what needs to be done at any point. However entering combat will always be the same. Trash and Bosses do have slightly different entry rotations but they work pretty much the same.


Radiant Strike, Binding Oath, Circle of Power, Templars Wrath, Valorous Strike, Divine Call, then Valorous Strike until your encounters are back, repeat. Dont use Binding Oath until the previous one is done, if you do, you will miss out on the damage at the end of it, which can be very powerful. Also, use Shield of Faith whenever your Daily is ready to be used. Also remember to use Radiant Strike if you ever get knocked away from the group.


Bane x1, Radiant Strike, Binding Oath, Templars Wrath, Bane x2, Valorous, Divine Call, Valorous until encounters return. Again, dont Binding Oath until the last one is done, use Shield of Faith whenever ready and Radiant Strike back in, in case you get knocked out. The rotation for this is made more difficult by the fact that bane isnt affected by Divine Call. However, with the recovery we have, the 3 stacks of bane on the boss should go when you have 3 seconds left until you are full again, which is enough time to place the first 2 and then it will be ready for a third. I always use my artifact if I know that a heavy hit is coming or I need a little more bulk whilst setting up or if I’m having to sit with the more squishier players since they need the extra Damage Resistance. If you are running with a second tank and you see they have aggro you can also run to the squishier players and place your artifact on them, if possible.


Current Testing Rotation for Bosses:

Radiant Strike, Templars Wrath, Bane x3, Sacred Weapon, Valorous Strike x3, repeat (Divine Call if needed here to get your TW back off of Cooldown) – Will update on if this becomes a full time boss rotation or not, watch this post.

That’s it!

Thanks for reading this and learning about what I do. Hopefully this can help some of you players wanting to play a really nice tank build. I am always happy to hear feedback and will always be updating as and when something changes. Also if anyone has any other questions, feel free to leave them below or add me on Xbox @THE UK Unknown.

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    July 8, 2017 at 12:33 am

    good build, I run with this pally and he never let me down 🙂

  • Hammerfist OP
    July 9, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    Oath strike doesn’t means that YOUR allies make less damage, it’s a PVP thing, that other players deal 75% less damage against any targets.

    • Profile photo of Ekemon
      July 9, 2017 at 7:47 pm

      Hey, yeah I just noticed this, the tooltip must have confused me with this bit: “Players deal 75% less damage to other targets for 3 seconds.” Will update.

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