GWF Mod 11 Destroyer/DPS PVE Build

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by zachsoccer7 on June 6, 2017
Great Weapon Fighter
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GWF Mod 11 Destroyer/DPS PVE Build

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Hi all, been debating on making a guide for quite awhile but seems like everyone is quick to say every GWF build is a copycat so I have been putting it off. For the most part the GWF has very little variety in terms of feats, powers and boons, but each player may have a few variations in how they play.  I would like to thank all those before me who have put in hours of testing and posting and helping others, aka Lia, Lazalia, Rdeviant and many others as this build is centered mostly around their work. My goal here is to keep an updated guide on the best dps route as content releases and provide as much help to those who have questions. This build is aimed towards end game players and caters to the mostly maxed out characters, however I will provide info for those still leveling and their goals as well. Also this is my first time using the program and its all very basic so I apologize I do not know how to use all the bells and whistles just yet haha. UPDATE: I have uploaded new IL changes and a new build for a loadout down below. .



  • As a GWF, our main objective is damage, with this build you will be able to maximize the best output
  • Some survivability with the switch of boons, mostly for solo play as group content with support you will be fine
  • Solo campaigns with no issues
  • Compete for top dps among classes but more importantly make dungeon runs easier and faster


Half Orc

  • +2 Strength and +2 dexterity
  • 5% additional damage on Crit hit
  • 10% run speed increase on combat


  • +2 any Ability
  • Increase Defense by 3%
  • Additional 3 heroic feats


  • +2 to any two stats
  • +3% power and crit chance
  • 5% more healing from spells and abilities

In my opinion the half orc is the best choice for maximum dps and should be your first pick.  If you want to be a little more on the tanky side then human is good with still decent damage output. I have tried dragon born on a couple occasions but for me it under performed compared to the half orc.

Ability Roll


When you first create your character you get to roll your starting ability points and for this build you want to maximize as much strength as you can. The picture above is my stats before I apply any of the ability points for each level.

  • Half Orc: Your starting roll should be 20 str and around 15 dex
  • Humans: Your roll should be the same, place your two points into strength


  • At will: Sure strike (this here is our main at will for single target damage and should be slotted at all times)
  • At will: Weapon Master Strike (our aoe damage dealer as well as debuff for one of our feats)
  • Encounter: Indomitable Battle Strike (our strongest encounter as well as our only encounter for damage)
  • Encounter: Hidden Daggers (used to buff ourselves, always have this slotted)
  • Encounter: Daring shout (another buff, should only use if there is no gf or no other gwf using it)
  • Encounter: Battlefury (another buff, can be used whenever, but most beneficial if there is a gf or a gwf using DS)
  • Daily: Slam (Necessary for this build and should only be used if you have points slotted in battle awareness)
  • Daily: Crescendo/Avalanche of steel (any of these can be used, but you should only ever be using slam)
  • Passive: Steel blitz (Necessary to run this as it adds extra chances for the lightning to strike)
  • Passive: Destroyer (The peanut butter to our jelly, provides great damage boost)
  • Passive: Wraithful Determination (Should only be used over steel blitz when you have vorpal or holy avenger equipped)




  • Disciple of Strength (3/3): This feat, if working correctly, provides a generous boost from strength and should be utilized with as much Strength ability as possible
  • Unstoppable Action (4/5): With the slam build, having as much ap gain as possible is necessary, so points should be placed here rather than toughness as in end game content is run with support who should keep you alive as long as you play smart
  • Endless Assault (3/3): With IBS slotted in our encounters this feat provides extra damage when using it as well as some minimal damage boost to our hidden daggers
  • Steely Defense (5/5): Stacking this feat will provide you an excellent boost in overall power and is a main reason why we stack defense on our character
  • Weapon Mastery (2/3): Provides extra critical chance and at max level should not require more than 2 points in this feat as you should have maxed crit chance with companion proc
  • Devastating Critical (3/3): Crit severity is our best friend in this build so max this feat out


  • Great Weapon Focus (5/5): Damage boost to our at wills, this is a no brainer since our at wills are our main source of damage
  • Disciple of War (5/5): Grants you extra power based on armor pen and recovery
  • Staying Power (5/5): I have heard lots of controversy surrounding this feat saying that it does not actually mitigate anything, but as far as I can tell it works, so until actual evidence arises I will continue to use it
  • Executioner’s Style (5/5): Increases damage done by Sure Strike and IBS so we definitely want this
  • Battle Awareness (5/5): With our main daily as slam this feat makes it worthwhile and with how I play benefits more than having points in student of the sword
  • Destroyer’s Purpose (1/1): Stacks and grants damage for each stack, for xbox/ps4 user it is hard to see this stack as our buff bar is limited


  • Unstoppable Recovery (5/5): Restores hp when activating Unstoppable
  • Power Challenge (5/5): Grants damage boost to marked targets, this feat is tricky in my opinion as targets must be consistently marked in order to benefit from this feat so be sure someone is marking or you are yourself

These feats are meant to benefit characters who have 100% crit chance and high power, for those who do not quite reach that goal I would switch out these feats below

  • Switch points out of Unstoppable Action and put three points into Toughness
  • Switch all points out of Battle awareness and place into Student of the Sword


Multiple Target Build

  • This build utilizes a very aoe specific environment with very little single target capability. The key to this build is maximizing your use of weapon masters strike and buffing it as much as possible.  Now for enchantment you obviously want to use lightning still and keep pretty much same passives (steel blitz and destroyer), for encounters slot daring shout, battlefury and daggers. Your rotation will be about the same as normal, but instead you’ll pop BF, then DS and then daggers and then spam the crap out of WMS.  With dungeon runs and support classes reducing cool downs you will pretty much have both BF and DS up 100% of the time. You will also still utilize slam so you will just have to adjust your playstyle a little.
  • This clip above is a short perspective on the numbers that pop when using this build, unfortunately its a pretty crappy video, but its all I have right now since I have been busy wasting all my ad on lockboxes with the recent sales lol. I will try to upload more clips in the future though.

Stat Distribution

  • Power: The general rule of thumb is a 2:1 ratio of power to crit, but once you reach 100% crit stack as much power as you can as there is not really a cap
  • Critical Chance: Your goal is to reach around 95-100% chance and with bondings this should be easily obtainable. Around 15-18k is a good goal for on your character itself
  • Armor Pen: Your goal is 60% here, I personally do not have much on my character as all of mine is achieved via companion proc and then almost all Aggression insignias on my mounts.  New info about mod 12 has recently been released stating that mobs will be more difficult and we may need to find more armor pen.  I am guessing around 70% will be the new meta but for now lets keep it steady at 60%
  • Recovery: This stat is not a huge priority but it is nice to have some, around 3-4k will suffice
  • Action Point Gain: This stat is necessary as we need our daily up as fast as possible, anything north of 1k is good
  • Combat Advantage: You want around 9% bonus from this stat as there is a cap, around 1300 will achieve that
  • Defense: Stack as much as possible as we need it to gain more power via Steely Defense and Assassin’s Covenant
  • Life Steal: Not necessary for group content, I run the lifesteal boon when doing solo content so switch when necessary
  • Movement Speed: A useful stat that can be achieved via dark enchants, not necessary but helpful in situations where you must dodge often which is most dungeons
  • Crit severity: This number should be around 120% without a vorpal equipped
  • Other stats are not as important and their values can vary to your liking


The first pic is my base stats with some consumables before any sort of proc of my companions, this is also when I am present in a zone that has everfrost so that I am maximizing my use of Jarl’s gaze. I chose not to include my crit and armor pen before procs as it really isn’t important, but if your curious its around 60% crit chance and 35% armor pen. The second set of photos is after my companion procs, tenser’s mount power, slam, eye of the giant, insignia bonuses .

Procc’d (single target loadout)


Loadout Proc (Multi Target)

Enchantment Slots 

  • Offense: Azures/Brutals
  • Defense: Azures
  • Utilities: Darks/Dragon Hoard/Fey/Quartermaster
  • Armor Enchantment: Soul forge/negation whatever your preference
  • Weapon Enchantment: Lightning/Holy Avenger/Vorpal (now I know this is a hot topic right now on what is best for situations and I am still doing lots of testing but from what groups I usually run with  (two dc,pally, dps gf) it seems the lightning does best for aoe and competes very will with Holy Avenger and it is very hard to see huge difference with bosses. Vorpal is an option if you do not have either Lightning or Holy Avenger, but I have benched it since the update to enchants. I am hoping with loadouts I can provide a more solid answer and keep you guys updated as possible)

For the max possible stats I am currently working on getting all brutals for my offense slots, when I get them all I will update my guide with new stat distributions. For now I use azures though.


  • Head: Jarl’s gaze should be your first choice here as the amount of power it gives, especially with mod 11B that will allow us to achieve 80% everfrost or Headsman Raid piece is a good option as well. For those who do not have FBI/MSVA unlocked then dragonflight raid(if you dont need armor pen) Dragonflight assault(if you need armor pen)/drow are good choices as well
  • Chest: Vivified Headsman Raid or Titansteel mastercraft piece.  Dragonflight is a good option depending on what stats you need Crit/armor pen (Assault) or Power/recovery (raid)
  • Arm: Vivified Headsman Raid.  Dragonflight  is the next best choice, again depending on what stats you need Power/Armor pen (Assault) or Power/Recovery(Raid)
  • Feet: Vivified Headsman Raid. Dragonflight raid is the next best choice as it is Power and Crit stats
  • Neck: Baphomet’s Infernal Talisman. Lostmauth’s necklace is also a decent choice if you cannot afford Demon Lord set
  • Rings: I still prefer to use the Brutality ring, but other choices include Rising power, Rising crit. Other good options for second ring slots include the ring of Dod or ring of Hellig from the Storm King Thunder collections.  Ring choices are highly based on preference and for now I prefer Brutality and Dod, but with upcoming changes to loadouts I may be switching out different combos for different dungeon types. UPDATE: I have slotted a sudden precision ring to test for now as content with the group I normally run with melts easily and running a rising power or crit would not gain its full benefits unless the boss fight is extra long.  If I am fortunate to get more Dod rings or other rings from SKT I will add those to my loadouts.
  • Belt: Demogorgon’s Girdle of Might. Other choices include the Golden belt of Puissance
  • Shirt: Bloodstained shirt. Other options include the Berserker’s gemmed shirt or drowcraft set
  • Pants: Berserker’s gemmed pants. Other options include drowcraft


  • Wheel of elements: Should be you active artifact as its buff of 30% damage is very useful
  • Eye of the Giant: Can be switched to active in certain mob situations
  • Orcus Shard: Needed to complete the Demon Lord Set
  • Sigil of the Controller: Has great stats of power and crit ( will be switching out for fragmented key once I get one)

Artifacts are gonna vary between characters as people try to min and max so there are plenty of other good options out there such as the Lantern of Revelation and Thayan Book.  Use what benefits you most but I have found those four to complement my stat distribution the best.

Artifact weapons

  • Relic weapons: The best set for dps by far, somewhat easier to farm since last update. Make sure for your artifact powers you use sure strike bonus and steel blitz bonus.
  • Aboleth: A good choice if you prefer to avoid the SKT campaign, same applies for artifact powers
  • Stronghold set:  With mod 11B coming out and new mastercraft items, the stronghold set will once again be relevant, these will really only be beneficial if ran with a group who also has them, but will also be very expensive to get.
  • Twisted Set: Next best option until you can obtain one of the sets above



  • Dark Fey Hunter: +400 power
  • Fey Precision: +400 crit
  • Elven Haste: Gain action points 3% faster
  • Elven Tranquility: When struck chance to gain 20k hp
  • Elvish Fury: When you kill a foe gain 135 power for 45 seconds, stacks 30 times

Dread Ring 

  • Reliquary Keeper’s Strength: +250 power +250 movement
  • Evoker’s Thirst: +400 lifesteal
  • Forbidden Piercing: 3% resistance ignored
  • Enraged Regrowth: When taking damage chance to gain 20k hp
  • Rampaging madness: gain stacks of madness by dealing damage, at 50 stacks gain 4k power, lifesteal and regen for ten seconds

Icewind Dale 

  • Encroaching Tactics: +400 combat advantage
  • Refreshing Chill: +400 stamina/guard gain
  • Sleet skills: 2% crit severity
  • Cool resolve: Gain up to 2000 power based on how much stamina you are missing
  • Winter’s Bounty: Chance to gain 10% action points when killing a foe

Tyranny of Dragons

  • Dragon’s Claw: +400 power
  • Dragon’s Gaze: +400 crit
  • Draconic Armorbreaker: +400 armor pen
  • Dragons Greed: +400 lifesteal
  • Dragons Fury: Get all for crit severity even though it is bugged


  • Primordial Might: +400 power
  • Primordial Focus: +400 crit
  • Drow Ambush Tactics: 10% combat advantage effectiveness
  • Dwarven Stamina: Regen stamina 5% faster
  • Abyssal Strikes: 10% more damage against demons

Elemental Evil

  • Wave of Force:+300 Power and 2000 hp
  • Heart of Stone: +4% life steal severity and 2000 hp
  • Searing Aggression: +400 crit and 2000 hp
  • Wall of Wind: Chance when taking damage to heal 24k hp and gain 1k recovery for 10 seconds

Maze Engine

  • Abyssal Regeneration: +400 incoming healing
  • Demonic Influence: +400 combat advantage
  • Demonic Swiftness: Gain action points 3% faster
  • Baphomet’s Might: When striking a foe chance to gain 2000 critical strike

Storm Kings Thunder 

  • Frosty Demeanor: Gain 2% control Resistance and 2% everfrost
  • Hardy Constitution: +400 stamina gain and 2% everfrost
  • Chill Determination: Gain up to 2000 recovery based on how much stamina is missing
  • Glacial Strength: Gain 3200 hp and 2% everfrost
  • Chill of winter: this boon really sucks but its the best option to grab all 3

Cloaked Ascendancy:

  • Aura of Hope: When killing an enemy, chance to boost ap gain for allies within 25 feet for 10 seconds
  • Fiery Frenzy: +2% crit severity
  • Soothing Zephyr: +500 recovery
  • Vision of Beyond: When landing a crit strike, stamina regenerates 10% faster

Mounts/Mount Powers 


Insiginia Bonus

  • Assassin’s Covenant: Lose 10% defense, deflection, lifesteal and gain back as power
  • Protectors Camaraderie: When companion attacks gain 3% of your power and defense for 10 seconds
  • Protectors Camaraderie: When companion attacks gain 3% of your power and defense for 10 seconds
  • Calvary’s Warning: When activating Mount Combat Power, you gain an increase of 10% to your Power, Recovery, Armor Penetration, Critical Strike, Defense, Deflection, Regeneration, and Life Steal.
  • Artificer’s Persuasion: Whenever you use an Artifact power, your Recovery, Movement, Action Point Gain, and Stamina Gain are increased by 10% of your Power for 15 seconds.
  •   This link is a good site for all the different bonus that each mount can give

Mount Bonus

  • 2000 power or 4000 power if you have it are both excellent choices, if you need more crit then a 2000 crit mount is also good substitute

Mount Combat Power

  • The best combat power for the GWF is by far the Tenser’s disc which gives you 10% of your power, +2 strength, + 2 dexterity and 10% speed bonus for 12 seconds




  • Companions are the single biggest factor in your dps and should be your top priority even over your character page.  Your first step should be to achieve Rank 12 bonding stones as they provide you the most stats when they proc. Your second step should be choosing the right active companions as well as your summoned. Also I apologize for my con artists name, he was a pain to upgrade and cost me a lot so I thought his name was fitting.


  • Con artist: This companion in my opinion is the single best choice for a summoned companion despite only having two offense slots and a defense slot.  So let me explain real quick why I choose this over others. The extra defense slot overall benefits us do to our feats and the 10% dr shred when combined with others running the same effect is a gnarly combo.  After switching from a fire archon to a con artist my dps went up significantly and with three ring slots, it is easy to achieve decent rings to slot in it.
  • Fire Archon: This companion is a good choice for dps as it procs insignias fast and has three offense slots.  The only downside to this companion is the talisman slot and it is difficult to get good talismans these days.
  • Sellsword: This companion is an excellent choice and would be my first choice over con artist if the gear needed for this comp was not such a task to get them.  I personally refuse to run Illusion’s Gambit a bazillion times to get the exact gear needed to make the sellsword better than the con artist. So until they either give us viable gear or increase drop rates in that crappy skirmish I will stick with Con artist.


  • Air archon: Increases damage by 5% against targets not at full health
  • Dancing Blade/Cambion Magus: 5% crit severity or 10% if your lucky to get a cambion
  • Erinyes of Belial: 10% crit severity
  • Siegemaster: 4% increased damage

Companion Gear

  • Obtaining the best gear for each of the possible summoned companions will determine what enchants to run. Essentially your goal is to have all offense slots and run full brutal enchants.  Now until then you will have to min and max azures and radiant enchants to get the most out of your comp.  If you reach 100% crit chance then you can start slowly replacing azures for radiants or brutals.

This setup is tailored specifically to benefit the use of the Lightning enchant and the Holy Avenger.  I plan to try other comps with loadouts, most specifically the fire and earth archon, but for now I like this setup better.

How to Play

  • Achieving the best stats, gear and items in this game does not make you the best at your class.  I see plenty of people with all the best stuff, but they play the class terribly.  In my opinion watching a video or guide of how someone else plays the class is not helpful at all.  You need to take the time to learn your class, to understand the mechanics, how to maximize your feats and their bonuses. So I will do a brief overview of how to play the class but I want you to learn it for yourself and do what suits you best.
  • First off each battle is different and no fight will go 100% the same
  • Alright so for mobs my usual rotation follows jump and activate artifact>Slam>shout/battlefury>daggers>Unstoppable>Surestrike/ WMS and then rinse and repeat daggers and DS/BF until enemies are dead
  • For single target boss fights my usual rotation follows as jump and activate artifact>mount power>Slam>DS/BF>daggers>WMS x1>Unstoppable>IBS>SS and then rinse and repeat for however long the battle lasts, be sure to use daggers often though as its buff only lasts 8 seconds


Thanks again to all who have made this class shine and there is no doubt we will continue to do so! Please feel free to correct any of my mistakes or inquire about the class or ask questions! I do play on Xbox and would like to thank KingQ and Raven who have provided insightful thoughts towards this build, I appreciate all your help.  Feel free to hit me up on xbox  HulkSmash@Zachsoccer77 Guild: Origins

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  • Raven
    June 11, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    Good job bro straight to the point and showing current gear and stats. GT ASERVENTRAVEN

  • Jadin Klouse
    June 12, 2017 at 6:22 pm

    I’m just going to assume the 15% Legendary Bonus you get from your summoned companion doesn’t stack. Would be dope to get an extra 60% by having 4 more Legendary Companions.

    • Profile photo of zachsoccer7
      June 15, 2017 at 4:02 pm

      If only, with loadouts the only thing extra legendary comps is good for is ego haha otherwise theres no point in leveling to legendary for just a few extra item level

      • Profile photo of zachsoccer7
        June 28, 2017 at 10:05 pm

        My reply above since then has now changed, with the announcement of Mod 12 info it turns out that extra legendary companions will give extra Legendary bonus, but with diminishing returns for each legendary. The max bonus will now be 32% Legendary Bonus with mod 12 release.

  • Nkcougar94
    June 14, 2017 at 1:48 pm

    Like the build, very similar to what I run. However, very much disagree with your choice on Student of the Sword. This is part of that capped -200% DR debuff count, so in group situations, it’ll be entirely useless. Solo play will benefit, but that is it.

    • Profile photo of zachsoccer7
      June 15, 2017 at 4:01 pm

      Yes I do believe student of the sword is a very good feat and I plan on having a build with it come loadouts, however with the setup I run I need as much power as I can get to maximize the Lightning. With slam I have noticed I can out perform a student of the sword build. I hate that things cant accurately be tested on xbox servers but from many runs of fbi with the same groups I seemed to do much better with slam. So for now I will continue testing stuff with loadouts and try to get the best accurate results I can.

  • Andrew
    June 15, 2017 at 8:31 pm

    Which head piece of dragonflight raid or assault

  • Ozric
    June 19, 2017 at 2:29 am

    Just wondering why you don’t include any details for the Dragonborn race choice given its also a viable race?

    It would be helpful for Dragonborn GWF’s like myself.

    • Profile photo of zachsoccer7
      June 19, 2017 at 4:16 pm

      Hi! So the reason I chose not include the dragonborn was because it underperforms the other class choices at the maxed out level. The race may be a good choice for the lower level content but the 5% crit severity from the orc can out weigh the 3% extra power from the dragonborn. I can update it with their stats but I highly suggest the other classes.

  • FiveSixTwo
    June 26, 2017 at 11:03 am

    Hi, thanks for the build.

    I’m having fun with it so far, but I’m not really quite sure how to use it effectively at my current level. I’m level 50, and don’t have all the necessary powers and whatnot, so your how to use instructions aren’t really helpful at the moment lol.

    Can you guide me on how I should be playing this build at level 50? Mainly trying to figure out a good rotation and what powers to keep active, what order to use them, etc.

    Thanks man.

    BTW my GT is FiveSixTwo on Xbox and my GWF char name is Khall Bloodfist. Maybe if you add me we could talk about this in a group/party chat.

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