Parrotzilla’s Paladin Crit-Tank/Buffer/PVP Build PS4 Mod 11 update

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by Parrotzilla on April 16, 2017


Ok so Mod 11 came, and i started changing my Pally to a Crit Build, honestly is far better than the no crit-OwlbearCub build, i do more dps and get more temp hp thx to crit, the changes i had done to the build are simple:,


Orcus Set instead of Black Ice set.

Few Artifacts have changed (Wheel of element, Orcus Shard, Sigil of the Controller and kessel Spheres) instead of Cleric Sigil, GWF sigil, Paladin Sigil and black ice beholder)

Relic Weapons <– Way better than Twisted

Full Offense slots on rings, and Radiants on Offense and Defense slots.


Minor Tweaks on my feats, i now run with Force of Will that gives me more crit per Charisma stat.


Now i run with a Air, Fire and earth Archons for max dps and temp hp gaining.

This build has been updated to my new build , BUT i will keep the old equipment as alternative :D, anyway here we go:



Hello there boys and girls!,

Welcome to my little build for Palatanks

My name is Gabriel but you can call me Parrotzilla, but nobody cares about this so whatever.

First of all some few things
-My native language is Spanish, so my english aint that great, but i will try to be as clear as posible

-This Build is mainly for endgear players, sure it’s viable for low item level but don’t expect to tank Orcus at 1.5k item level. Since mod 10.5 we got nerfed, our main encounter for tanking Binding Oath, doesn’t makes us Immortals as it did before, sure we can still tank, we are just not easy mode tanks anymore.

-This build if used for TANKING and PVPing, DPSing is optional, as i said before sure you will outdps many guys on low lvl dungeons, but outdpsing a 4k DPS on FBI is kinda hard, problem with going with a full dps build is that it wont work at low ilvl :(, you will get 1 hit most of the times unless you have full Bondings r12.

-IT’S OKAY TO DIE, SPECIALLY ON FBI, I can’t say this any other way, I have seen Tanks GF and OP, that go berserk when they die, dude chill, we all die just roll with it, right now im 4k il, and Orcus can 1 shot me if I don’t have my TEMP HP up lol.

First thing you need to get, before you get any fancy mount, any fancy enchantment, or any fancy companion, GET BONDING RUNESTONES They change your game completely, what do bonding runestones do?, when they’re at rank 12, each of them passes you 95% of your companion stats for 20 seconds when it attacks, so 3 ranks 12 means 285% of your companion stats, my companion 5495 Power, 4740 Critical, 710 armor penetration, 475 Recovery, 840 Defense, so with bondings r12 they give me 15 660 Power, 13, 509 Crit, 2 023 arm pen,  1353 Recovert, 2 394 Defense when they proc. so yeah, THATS A LOT.



Hell yeah they are, cause they’re worth it, Don’t expect to buy em at rank 12, hell no, I got mines from rank 8

Best Tip I can give you start farming Cloaktower, start buying character slots, and get GFs on all of them, Why GFs?, they’re the fastest farming characters for Cloaktower, Make sure you chose Sword master and not iron vanguard, at lvl 35 you get a nice encounter called into the fray with raises your running speed by a lot, i have done 3:30 cloaktower runs with it, now, how can i mainting all these characters?, simple, get the same gear for all of them, all my GFs share the same gear, they use the same armor (Dusk armour), same Gloves (Warborn Gloves), Dusk Boots, the same Twisted set and the same Rings, they are all bound to account, so i just put em in the bank or mail and share em between them.

Now when you have some nice alts, maybe 3 or 5, start saving AD, so you can buy yourself the Lord’s Armored Polar Bear, wich gives the bonus “Wanderer’s Fortune”, wich will fill you up with Refinement Points.

Another really nice method to get tons of RP for your enchantments/Artifacts is getting some quartermaster, i run with 3 quartermasters in total, rank 10, when double enchantment comes, a friends lends me his 3 rank 12, so i have 11% chance to find a bag. let me explain this real quick.

Quartermasters have certain % of finding a bag once you kill an enemy, the higher the rank of the enchantment, the higher the % of finding a bag, YOU DONT NEED TO HAVE RANK 12 to find bags , I run with 1 rank 10 on my pally and 2 rank 10 on my Alts when farming Cloaktower, you will get tons of these bags on Cloaktower, TONS, in two weeks i got about 70-100 per alt, Now, when opening these bags you wil need to have 3 rank 12 Quartermasters enchantment on you. Why?, the higher the % you have the higher chance you have to get rank 6 and 7, at 11% you get only r6 and r7, lower than that will get you r5 and r4 enchanments, higher will make no change, but it wont  harm either, 11% is the sweet spot. so lets say i have 70 bags per alt on double enchantment,  i have two friends who have rank 12, i ask for their r12 and open my bags, 70 bags per alt, 10 alts that’s 700 bags, so thats 1400 garantee r6 sometimes you get 2 per bag in double enchantment that would be 4 per bag sometimes. last time i opened 1000 bags on double enchanment, i got 3000 rank 6 enchanments,


Too long didnt read: Get 1 quartermaster to rank 12, get two other friends with 1 rank 12 each, and just pass the 3 rank 12 between you 3 to open the bags on double enchantment event, use that refinement at double refinement event on your own stuff = insta 4k.

I run Cloaktower 2 times a day with 10 characters, that’s 20 clocktowers a day, about 5min per run, that’s about 2 hours considering the login off and login in times and stuff, because of my VIP rank (i think 5 is the magic number), you get 5k AD per run, to a max of I think 7.4k AD if you pray (praying gives you bonus AD), so let’s say 15k AD each character per 2 runs that’s 150k AD per day in 2 hours, each Bondings r8 are about 120-130k right now on PS4, for rank 10 you need 4 rank 8 (r8+r8 x2= r9 x2 / r9+r9 = r10) that’s the hard part, from rank 10 on you don’t need another rank 10 to make it rank 11, you just need some superior marks of potency. so it’s not imposible, just farm.


Another good way to farm AD without being high item level or invest  alot, is simply going to Sea of Moving Ice and start Fishing, each map sells from 8k to 10 k, the most i got was 30 in 1 hour, so that was about 240k AD, is not bad, BUT IS BORING AF, i would do it, until i get enough ad to get more alts, and the wanderers fortune then i would focus on Cloaktower for the RP 🙂

“But parrot, what’s this Wanderer’s fortune you talk about?”

Well, see each Mount has a diferent Combination of insignias, Diferent combination of insignias give you diferent effects.

The wanderers fortune is one of those effects that only few mounts has it, on the zen market the 4k hp and the 2k defense bears have it, i would highly recomend getting the lord’s armored polar bear :).

Honestly any class is good for Paladins, I wanted to chose Tiefling

+2 Charisma
+2 Constitution or +2 Intelligence (CON for pallies)
Bloodhunt: You deal an additional 5% damage to targets below half health.
Infernal Wrath: Whenever you are hit, you have a 10% chance to lower the Power of the attacker by 5% for 5 seconds.

But I was new to the game, and stupid and well I Chose Human (mainly cause human had beards and Tieflings didn’t hah)

+2 to any ability score (CON for pallies)
Versatile Defense: Increase your Defense by 3%.
Heroic Effort: You gain an additional Heroic Feat point at levels 10, 15, and 20.

Human aint bad tho, you get extra defense, but im gonna re-roll to tiefling later on for the bonus damage, debuff and extra CHA for PVP,  any Race is ok if you have the cash and got the Dragonborn race, then go for it man, just make sure to put CON and CHA as your main Attributes



CON and CHA, all the way baby,why?, because CON gives you HP and Damage resistance, and CHA gives you Action Point gain and Combat Advantage Damage

These are my current:

I Rolled with

10 Str
22 CON
10 INT
13 WIS
15 CHA

If i ever re roll my character, im going for a bit more of CHA maybe 20 con 17 CHA or 19 CON and 18 CHA, not sure yet, since i first need to get my azures to Rank 11 or 12



DIVINE ACTION :Activating Divine Call generates 5% of your MAX AP, NICE

WEAPON MASTERY: Increases your Critical by 1% you can use this point elsewhere, I used here mainly for PVP Light’s Shield would be nice too You can Skip this one if you wish.

TOUGHNESS: Increases your Max HP by 9% NICE

EXEMPLAR’S HASTE: Encounter power recharge 6% faster

WRATHFUL STRIKES : Your Atwill powers deal 6% mode damage, NICE

IMPASSIONED PLEAS: You generate Divine Call 6%, If i Re-roll to Tiefling im going to leave this without any points

STEADFAST: Each point of CON grants 2.5% additional Max HP

FORCE OF WILL:  Each point of Charisma now increases your Critical chance by an additiontal 1%



Paragon, we gonna chose PROTECTION, why?, because that’s the Tanky one 🙂

I went Justice and part Light.

Why Justice? the way Paladdin tanks is by doing damage, we dont have those fancy marks or fancy passive skills the GF has to get Aggro.

Now let me explain each of these Feats to you, so you understand a little bit more these.

Boung By light
By using Templar Wrath we Stun the enemy, this feats make that stun to last more (Doesn’t works on bosses), Honestly I chose this because of PVP, but it works great on Dungeons with PVE, Swift Flash is a great option aswell as you Run faster when you’re struch by an enemy, but you dont want to get infront of some enemies with your Healer / Buffer left behind hah

Flash of Light

Well this is a way to buff our Allies, which each encounter we have a chance to reduce their cool downs by 10%, and we gonna use encounters A LOT, so yeah, the other choice is Furious Reversal, which is a HUGE NO, it sounds nice, but only happens every 60 secs, seriously dont touch this that one.

Radiant Champion
ok, not much to say about this, you and your team mates 30′ around you run 25% faster and have 5% cooldown reduction, the alternative is not bad aswell,Stem the tide, with no allies 30′ around you, the enmies take 5% more damage, this is really good on PVP and Soloing, i may change to this one in a future.

Echoes of Light
THIS IS AMAZING GUYS, when using an atwill power, you have a 10% change to Recharge all your encounter powers, happens every 15 secs, this is a life saver, the alternative is Beacon of Hope, wich is just not as awesome.

Purifying Fire
not much to say about it, you deal 10% of your weapon damage as Fire when using your Atwill, but it’s removed when you use an encounter, this is kinda nice on PVP and when soloing, Honestly i just have it stocked because the alternative is a no no.

Vengeful Judge

This is when the Paladin starts to shine, when you use Divine Call (R1 on PS4), you deal 35% more damage for 10secs, and REDUCES the cooldown of your encounters, also your encounters have a change to grant you a charge of divine call, again this is a live saver

Now the Light Path

why light and not Bulwark?
CAUSE WE NEED TO BUFF THE TEAM, sure if you’re having survival problems you can go justice/bulwark, but honestly i rather share 25% of my power to my teammates so they can kill faster you will understand this when tanking ORCUS or FBI, when you got to kill the Monsters as fast as possible or they will kill you hah.

Gifts of Light

Well it was the best one from the first two hah

Warrior’s Bastion
10% more defense from equipment not bad, better than getting more AP from healing wich we never do.

Aura Gifts

NOW THIS, team mates who are at 30′ of you , for at least 6 secs, get 25% of your POWER

This is only for your power without buffs, this means it only affects the power your equipment gives you, like radiant enchantments, or the power on your equipment (Mount Insignias work)

NO, it doesn’t works with Bondings, or buffs


Well screw you, i have 40K base power, so i give my team mates 25% of it, THAT’S 10k POWER TO MY TEAMMATES,


But yeah ,if you wanna go Justice/Bulwark is ok too, I used to be this before I had my Bondings r12 , if you’re going Justice/Bulwark i would recomend getting Unflinching Resolve (Control resist is raised by 10%), Stand Fast (While you’re not moving gain 5% Damage resistance and Deflect Chance) , Sanctity (When you are healed you gain 4200 (at lvl70), Defense, Deflect or Regeneration for 15 secs, and has a 30 sec cooldown.



These are the powers you need to raise as you level.

AT WILLS: sure you can use Valorous Strike till you get 35, is almost as nice as Shielding Strike, some people keep using Valorous because it hits faster, I use Shielding because the extra shield is nice, for both PVE and PVP

Encounters, Templar Wrath should always be active


Depends on the Situation, i will explain below


Why not use the bubble?, cause i hate it now, is not worth it, i rather use shield of faith, and just spam Divine Judgement.

Ok i left rotation of powers for each situation at the end of this guide, mainly because it’s gonna take a lot of space, so yeah you can click here to go to the Rotation part:




ok, this is the tricky part, most Pallies will tell you Recovery is the main stat for you, this was before MOD 10.5 with binding oath and bubble nerf, sure recovery is usefull, but our main stat is POWER.


Get all your critical on your companion, 

Get your Armor Penetration to 55% Resistance Ignored, This is something many players overlook, this helps A LOT getting more TEMP HP from Templar’s Wrath, and we tank with our Temp HP, so yeah we need this

If you haven’t reached 100% Critical chance with your companion with bondings r12, then stack some azures on your pally , just get 100% critical chance


NOTE: If you dont have bondings r12, i wouldn’t recomend stacking too much Crit, since you wont be able to get 100% Crit chance :C, 


After Achieving this, get everything else on Power.



Defense: At low Item lvl, get some damage resistance, Paladins have a lot of damage resistance that doesnt reflects on the stats before 4k Get your Defense to atleast 60% Damage Resistance, the rest on HP, Deflect you wont need for pve.

at 4K, I stack full HP on my pally, i have 5,940 Defense right now, thats 15% Damage resistance, and have 206k HP 😀

Remember your Companion doesn’t pass their HP with Bondings, so dont waste your Radiants for defense slots on your companion. stack azure on companion.

These are my current stats unbuffed

and with Bondings buffin me:

Con artist gives me 2 520 defense, so thats the 40% dmg resist youre seeing there, plus protector camaraderie and friendship

How do I have so much base power?, well, my build i focused on power , armor penetration and HP, and let my companion pass me the Crit I need to achieve 100% crit chance. BUT I’m part of an amazing Guild, wich has some nice Power and HP boons, wich are about 8k power and 30k HP Joining a Guild with boons is the best thing you can do on this game, and way cheaper than getting a legendary mount. Plus I have a Whirlwind with 4k Power :D.





This is my current equipment

“But Parrot im just starting the game i can’t have those nice boots or those rings omgwtf”

Im going to start with basic equipment for those newbies out there.

Armor set:

Dusk set
Restoration or ward?, Depends on you honestly i would go for the POWER ONES, but if you’re having problems with defense, then go with defense or recovery ones.

You get this set by using tradebars, you get tradebars by opening lockboxes the total bars you need for the full set is 275 tradebars, you get from 5 to 15 i think per lockbox you open… so yeah, start opening them, or farm demonic ichor and get the DROW set, whatever suits you 🙂 I used to have two pieces of Drow and 2 pieces of Dusk.
MOD 10.5 added some equipment,you could farm

Master Demorgorgon to get the Brynnyr’s demise,

wich gives you 2000 power if your power lower than your defense or 2000 defense if your defense is lower than your power. wich is really nice, and it LOOKS AWESOME,

I used this before i got the Jarl’s Gaze, wich is really nice aswell, im thinking about not restoring my ward Relic Helmet and just keep this one haha.

The Jarl’s Gaze is being drop on Master SVA.

for the chest piece I wear the LifeSilk Spineret

it has decent HP, high power, Recovery and some defense, and also looks really nice, This one is being drop on Master Temple of the spider.

Another good piece is the Deepknight’s Brigandine

wich gives 50k hp, that’s 25k more than the Lifesilk spineret, but you loose 1.4k power and recovery, depends entirely on you. this one drops for us pallies on Throne of the Dwarven Gods, wich is way easier to get than the LifeSilk Spineret, specially for low level ones.

For Arms and Feet well the ones they added aren’t really that nice for us, i used the Dusk parts till I got the dragon flights and now I use the relic Restoration Boots, wich are awesome, and hoping i get the restoration arms aswell 😀 for arms im using the dragonflights ones and will be changing to relic ones as soon as i get em.
Well, I never liked under dark rings, so I always used the Rings you can do on Jewelcrafting at lvl 25, jewelcrafting aint that hard to level, takes about 2 weeks, don’t waste AD on rushing it, take your time, I used Recovery and power Ring and the Armor pen and Power ring with double slot, for more item level.

Once i started doing MSVA, I started to get these amazing new rings and was lucky enough to get two legendaries 😀

if you like the underdark rings, you’re free to use them, I used a brutality +4 back then, but well 400k power for 8 secs every 30secs aint that nice and they’re no longer gonna work on companions on mod 11 so no use to me.
Shirt and Pants

Get the Drowcraft shirt and pants from the AH, they’re are not expensive. if you’re cheap then farm heroics for demonic ichor and get em on Mantol-Derith

Don’t waste your AD on the exquisite gemmed shirt and pants.

Once you start the Storm King’s Thunder Campaign get the Everfrost Shirt and pants which are AWESOME. The set Bonus is something most people overlook, but I think it’s an amazing Bonus specially for PvP. Plus you’re gonna need these for FBI and mSVA


what do i mean by set?, I mean Necklace, Waist and Artifact, most Artifacts have a set, that gives a bonus, I use The orcus set, for max DPS, BUT if its too expensive, the Black Ice Beholder is a cheap alternative. DONT USE VALHALLA set, , is not that nice.
Artifacts, well Im not a person who has used tons of cash on this game, I have used so far 30 Dollars in the 10 months i have been playing, for 2 VIPS and to get a mount on the black friday 50% off event.

I use the Wheel of element as my main for maximize dps and temp hp gain, alternatives would be the eye of the giant, the Sigil of the devoted or the lantern 😀

Secondary Artifacts:

Shard of Orcus Wand 1k power, 1k movement and 600 aoe resist needed for the orcus set

Sigil of the Controller: 1k power 1k Critical Strike 600 Control resist, FREE and good artifact , you can get it by making a control wizard getting him to lvl 60 and doing the vault of the nine quest, then it will unlocked for all your characters for free on protector enclave.

Kessell’s Spheres of annihilation: 1K power, 1k armor penetration, 600 Combat Advantage Bonus

Honestly i have the sigil of the controller and the kessel spheres mainly because theyre stability and union artifacts, and cheap to level up 😀




Well, for Offensive ones, as I said before, just get your Resistance Ignored (Armor pen) to 55%, (Soft cap is 40 ish and hard cap is 60ish, remember Radiant Strike gives you 5% Resistance Ignored) then get Critical on your companion for 100% critical chance.

also remember with the Aura Gifts Feat you share 25% of your power to your Allies, BUT only Base power, not buffed by either Buffs or Bondings, what I do is, My character has 2 Dark enchantments r11 and my companion has 700 base armor pen, with bondings r12 and his legendary state, I get my 55% Resistance Ignored. and the rest are RADIANTS, while my companion has full critical. that way my base power is high enough to be worth sharing with my allies.

For Defense well i have radiants on my paladin, if you have offensive and defensive slot on your companion, put some azures in there, i was lucky enought to get 3 legendary rings from FBI with double offensive slots so yeah.

NOTE: I currently have 40% Resistance with my bondings, I feel fine with this number, remember Paladdins that take the protection paragon have 10% increased resistance, and with sanctuary (L3) you gain 80% damage resistance, this is really nice when tanking lets say orcus, fbi bosses or msva :D, once you see the enemy about to attack press that L3 and it will save your life.

Utility. This is up to you, I would recomend darks for the movement, and get 1 quartermaster to atleast rank 10, as i explained before with 1 quartermaster you will get TONS of bags and its a lot of RP , if you’re low on Powerpoints, azures would be nice too.

Weapon Enchantment:

Lighting , why?, it’s awesome, and helps you with agro, I have mine at R12, and IT’S AWESOME, with mod 11 it became even more awesome. alternative could be the vorpal or dread, for max Temp HP, but i really like the lighting :), plague fire is nice too, so is bronzewood or holy avenger is all up to you.

Armor Enchantment:

I used to have shadowclad, its awesome way better than negation and specially nice for pvp, but since i went on a more dps way, im starting to make a briartwine, so far i love it, sure it dont get the deflect or resist from shadow clad, but my dps raises by a bit with it.

but i would recomend to go for a shadowclad, since theyre super cheap and really awesome just never get em to rank 12, because at rank 12 it will make you dissapear and lose all agro 🙁



If you can jump straight to twisted set it would be nice, if you cant then start with the Fire ones, either by buying en off AH or Farming motes, honestly they’re not expensive about 70k each piece, so 150kish AD, farming em would take around 4 hours nonstop.

When you start doing mDemo, get the Twisted ones, they’re really nice.

I currently use the relic ones, and they’re AWESOME The extra damage is awesome for more temp HP and dps, and when no enemies are around i can pop the Defense proc and run really fast. believe me if you’re between these and the river district ones, GET THE RELIC ONES.

Artifact Weapon Powers:

Main Hand: Well the shielding strike one is pretty useless so I’m using the Radiant Strike power

Off hand: Vengeance, no contest, it’s awesome!, works like radiance, so you gather Agro, and it’s awesome on PVP, just awesome. another alternative is using the Courage one, It’s really nice for fbi, since you get controlled all the time , and being stunned may mean death in there.






Ok here’s the tricky part, why?, there are two ways here you can either maximize your DPS or debuff the enemy, whatever you do is fine, i used to be full debuff with the Chicken and rust monster. Problem is either way is hella expensive 🙁

I currently run with the

Fire archon;  Increases your damage against targets with less than 50% hp by 7%

Earth archon : Increases your damage against targets by 6% when you are at full health each additional archons increases this bonus by .5% This right here is our secret weapon, we always have our Hp full 😀

Air archon: Increases your damage ainst targets not a full Health by 5% each additional archons increases this bonus by .5%

I have a free slot wich is used by an energon, once i get enough AD i will buy the Warlock package for the Erinyes of Belial, wich gives 10% critical severity at Epic 😀

These are all DPS like companions, as i said before this is entirely up to you, this is not a MUST HAVE 

As i said before the the must have on this build are the bondings at r12, after that you can start investing on your enchantments, then companion then mounts, with the exeption of wanderers fortune wich is a must have to get your bondings to r12.


Now as summoned, honestly i would recomend a full Offensive companion, any of the archons is nice, i have the Con artist, because i was lucky enough to get 3 legendary rings, now with the illusionist gambit skirmish you can get nice equipment for free. The best slot companion for my pally would be the Sellsword wich does the same defense debuff as the ConArtist but has 3 offensive slots,, sadly i have none of the equipment it has 🙁




“But parrot you said before this was a nice companion”

I know i did, but honestly my old build was full power with no critical, because the owlbear was so OP on PC, once it came to ps4, it came nerfed :(, is not worth it, i said it was awesome, before i saw the light of a crit build, the awesomeness of the crit build. believe me, dont get it, if you already got it like i did, just close your eyes and ask for forgiveness i paid 1m for mine, and it hurts me everytime i see it there, but is not worth it :(.

Use whatever you want to use guys, I used to use an augment Stone , wich is not bad, but once i got my bondings well it was awesome lol


Special Note:

Dont get any galeb duhr, i know the Active power sounds awesome, but it doesnt procs on pallies since your Hp has to actually drain for it to activate, not by getting dmg on your temp hp 🙁

Yeti is nice, is being fixed on pc, but it will have a cooldown aparently.

Siege master is a nice companion too, has a 3% damage buff 4% at epic.

Energon is a cheap companion, 5% hp boost, is really nice.

Blacksmith i got this one, but honestly i have never seen it proc 🙁

Rust monster is really nice for debuffing the enemy, but kinda expensive since they put the owlbear and the archons on the epic companion packs 🙁

Chicken is good too, for debbuffing the attacker, but kinda expensive.

Honestly right now on ps4, it costs the same to get these debuff companions as getting the archons, so is just up to you, again, bondings is your priority 😀








Ok so if you’re new to this game, mounts are really important, White,Green and Blue Mounts don’t give you any equip power, but Purple and Orange ones do.

What’s an Equip power?

See on Equip Power, it says “Dominant Force” 4k power, that’s an equip power, Only purple and Orange Mounts have special powers like that, so wich one do you need?, I got the Power one, the Defense one, the recovery one and the movement one, I always use my 4k power one. BUT the polar bear wich has wanderer’s fortune is a MUST GET, and has 2k defense, so if your’e low on cash and a are between 2k power or the 2k defense one , i would rather go for the Polar bear with 2k defense and Wanderer’s fortune to get my items leveled up as quickly as posible.

Combat Power, this you only get it with a legendary mount, is pretty useless, only the floating disk one is really nice, but that’s 4k recovery, and im no longer stacking recovery :C

“But parrot, what’s this Wanderer’s fortune you talk about?”

Well, see each Mount has a diferent Combination of insignias, Diferent combination of insignias give you diferent effects.

To see all the mount insignias in game i would recomend to visit this site

These are the ones I use for any dungeon



Magistrate’s Patience: Whenever you perform a Critical Strike, your target will gain a stack of Magistrate Consideration, Enemies affected by Magistrate’s consideration take Pyschic damage equal to 10% of your power over 4 secs

Assasin’s Covenant: You lose 10% of your Defense, Deflection, and Life Steal, and gain the combination of lost stats as Power.

Protector Camaredie: Whenever your summoned Companion attacks, you gain 3% of your Power and Defense for 10 seconds. This effect can stack up to 4 times.  This is really nice, if you have the AD available, but not he one we need the most.

Artificier Persuasion: Whenever you use an Artifact power, your Recovery, Movement, Action Point Gain, and Stamina Gain are increased by 10% of your Power for 15 seconds. THIS IS A MUST HAVE

Protector’s Friendship:  Whenever your summoned Companion attacks, you gain 1% of your Power and Defense for 10 seconds. This effect can stack up to 4 times.    Nothing fancy, but it helps.


When I solo well, all I swap is the Protector’s friendship for

Wanderer’s Fortune: You have a 4% chance after killing a foe to find a Refining Stone at your feet. This one is really nice, you get tons of Refinement out of this, just be sure to buy the polar bear from the Zen market either using Zen or AD, DONT GET THE SPIDER, because it will stick to only 1 character, while mounts bought from the Zen Marker, are for EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER on your account. and I farm Clocktower n sharandar with 10 characters so yeah.. Tons of refinement haha
So from all my mounts, the only effect that I think is a MUST HAVE, apart from wanderers fortune , is the Artificier’s persuasion.
“But Parrot, 10% for 15 secs aint that much”
F you. let me show you something
 “Haha, 4k Recovery , Movement, action point gain and stamina gain for 15 secs are not worth it “
That’s Unbuffed, without Bondings Proc, now let’s attack an enemy and get the Bondings and protector friendship/Camaredie Buff
Yep, it scales with buffs, it makes any artifact into a sigil of the devoted one, and the sigil of the cleric gives you 2 or 3 Dailies 😛 if the artifact is in mythic it will have a 1 min cooldown, so it’s pretty awesome for both PVE and PVP.
The other Mounts can wait, get one with Artificier Persuasion, right now the cheapeast one on PS4 is the Tuigan Courser, wich goes for almost 90k AD,next is the 2k recovery Enchanted Courser, wich is 600kish AD on PS4. Then it’s the 3.6k ZEN recovery one on the ZEN market.




Elemental Evil:

Wave of Force: 300 Power and 2k HP

Earth’s Renewal: 400 Regenaration and 2K HP, honestly here the Lifesteal severity, but is up to you.

Blazing Resilience: I have the wrong boon in the picture, get the critical one.

Wall of Wind:  when you’re taking damage you have a chance to be healed for 24000 HP and have your Recovery raised to 1000 for 10 secs, IF YOU DONT HAVE 100% CRIT CHANCE GET THE CRITICAL ONE THEN.


Maze Engine

Abyss Regeneration: 400 incoming healing Bonus, honestly I think the lifesteal severity is better, but since I have really low Lifesteal yeah…

Demonic Resilience: Control effect last 5% less, the combat advantage is nicer in my opinion, got this cause on PVP i kept getting controlled.

Demonic Swiftness: Gain Action Points 3% faster, yep we need this

Displace Fate: When below 30% Health you gain a shield increasing Dmg Resistance by 60% for 3 secs. Useless on PVE since we are aiming for 60% Dmg Resistance and the cap for PVE is 80%. BUT AWESOME for PVP.  The Crit one is awesome aswell or the control strenght aswell.

Dread Ring

Reliquary Keeper’s Strenght: 250 power and 250 movement

Illusory Regeneration:  400 Regeneration Both are useless

Forbidden Piercing: 3% Resistance Ignored, may change this once I get my dark enchantments to rank 10 and pass the 60% Resistance Ignored  cap

Enraged Regrowth: When taking damage chance to heal up to 20k HP and get 4k Defense for 10 secs, i will chance this to Shadowtouch once i get my azures to r12

Rampagins Madness: When you deal damage you gain a stack of “Madness”, when you reach 50 stacks you gain 4k power, 4k lifesteal and 4kregeneration  for 10 secs, then stacks are reset, you can only gain 1 stack per second.

Icewind Dale

Encroaching Tactics: Gain 400 Combat Advantage Bonus

Refreshing Chill: Gain 400 Stamina Gain

Rapid Thaw: Gain 400 Recovery

Cool Resolve: Gain 200k power based on how much stamina or guard you’re missing, this is nice on PVP.

AvalancheWhen damaged by a foe, chance to gain a stack of Avalanche. At 20 stacks it will clear the stacks and deal up to 15k damage to nearby Targets.


Dark Fey Hunter: Gain 400 Power

Fey Precision: 400 Critical gotta change this one to the deflect, since im not stacking Crit.

Elven Haste: Gain Action Points 3% faster

Elven Ferocity: When striking a foe you have a chance to deal up to 20k Arcane Damage

Fey Thistle: When you Deflect an attack you deal up to 3k Damage to your attacker


Tyranny of Dragons

Dragon’s Claws: 400 power

Dragon’s Shadow: 400 Deflect , Crit is nice aswell, but again Im not stacking Crit.

Dragonic ArmorBreaker: 400 Arm Pen,  Defense one is nice aswell, up to you.

Dragon’s Greed: 400 Lifesteal, honestly both are useless to me, just chose randomly.

Dragon’s Fury: 5% Crit Severity, Honestly this campaign’s Boons are Useless to me till the Arm Pen one.



Primordial Might: Gain 400 power and 1600 max HP

Primordial Focus: Gain 400 Critical and 1600 Max Hp

Drow Ambus Tactics: Combat Advantage Bonus is increased by 10% YESS <3

Dwarven Footing: Control Effects will now have 5% shorter duration when applied to you, THIS ONE IS UP TO YOU, I like the control effect reduction because of pvp 😀

Abyssal Strikes: Gain +10% Damage versus Demons




Storm King’s Thunder

Frosty Demeanor: Gain 2% Control Resistance and 1000 HP

Hardy Constitution: Gain 400 Staminda Gain and 2% everfrost

Icy Wrath: Chance when taking damage to gain up to 2000 Bonus damage on next attack,  the recovery one is nice aswell, i chose this cause i pvp and well it’s nicer than 400 recovery, so up to you.

Vengeful Heat: When you kill a foe you have a chance to deal up to 2000 fire damage to all nearby enemies.

Chill of Winter: When striking a foe, you have a chance to gain a stack of Icy Chill, at 10 stacks your next attack clears all stacks and releases a burst that deals up to 10000/12000/14000 damage to targets close to you (I have two points on this so i do 12000 damage.

Frozen Reflection: When you Deflect an attack you deal up to 5000/6000/7000 damage to your atacker, <– this one combined with the shadowclad is really nice on PvP, i have one point on this 😀


How do we tank?

Our main source for tanking is by doing damage with Templar’s wrath, i will explain quickly, what Templar’s wrath does is simple, when you attack with it, the damage it makes you gain it’s value x 300% as hp, that means if you do a hit of 100k you will get 300k hp, until a max of I think it’s 300% of your hp. don’t quote me on that tho since i got almost 200k hp and have got once 700k temp hp.


Radiant L2
Shielding Strike R2

Aura of Courage
Aura of Vengeance or Wisdom

Templar Wrath
Burning Light

Divine Judgement


Exactly same as before, UNLESS you have really low defense (I mean below 50% damage resistance, and you’re dying a lot, then change Aura of courage for Aura of Truth or Protection and Burning Light for Circle of power.


Radiant L2
Shielding Strike R2

Aura of Courage
Aura of Vengeance or Wisdom Or Truth if you’re getting 1 hit

Templar Wrath
Circle of Power if you’re having problems surviving otherwise Burning Light or Relentless Avenger for AGRO

and the most important


LISTEN TO ME, BANE IS IMPORTANT, I DONT CARE IF YOU WANT TO DPS, I rather Debuff the enemy Damage and Defense by 30%, than doing 5m more damage myself on the damage board, this is what i meant by saying this build is for Tanking, you just wanna do dungeons as fast as posible, let DPS do their work.

Ok now the interesting part, CN and FBI



The beholder at Castle Never, I have always had problems with this one, as it keeps staring at my team mates, if you’re having the same issue as me, well, what I use is this

Radiant L2
Shielding Strike R2

Aura of Courage
Aura of Vengeance or Wisdom Or Truth if you’re getting 1 hit

Templar Wrath
Vow of Enmity

With Vow of enmity on an enemy, you deal 20% more damage to it 50% at rank 4, plus all the players attacking the enemy generate threat for the Pally, this is the only way i have got to make that BOSS to focus on me hah.
Ilitrich is easy cake, just cast Bane on him, and use either Circle of power or Burning Light, up to you, the other Auras, at wills and Dailies stay the same.



Oh man, here is where a child becomes a Man (FBI is where a Man becomes a Legend)

So, many Paladins out there are having problems tanking orcus since MOD 10.5. Here’s the way I do it

Radiant L2
Shielding Strike R2

Aura of Courage
Aura of Vengeance or Wisdom Or Truth if you’re getting 1 hit

Templar Wrath
Circle of Power

Divine Judgement
Shield of Faith
First of all,Make sure to enter Orcus with your daily full, and DONT RUSH IT, seriously don’t you will get 1 shot, start with Templar Wrath to get some Temp HP from your teammates, then apply 3 stacks of Bane to Orcus, If the Cleric on your team is cool he should be casting Anoited Army by now, now is the time to rush him.

If he hasn’t Casted Anoited Army, well you will have to make sure Templar Wrath is ready to use, cast Shield of Faith (Your daily) and rush him, pray to the GODS that he wont 1 shot you lol, use Templar Wrath to get your Temp HP asap, cast Cirlce of power, Bane and repeat, non stop, once you have your Temp HP to about 2 times your hp, you’re good to go, he wont 1 shot you, hopefully, unless it glitches and drains your Temp HP without even attacking you hah honestly Tanking Orcus now a days is pretty hard, cause he can 1 shot you when the battle begins, or when he returns after the second clap, just make sure to have Anoited Army (Cleric’s Daily that makes you pretty much invincible for 4 hits) on you or Shield of faith.

Also when he claps, make sure you pay attention for spheres, they can and will Kill you easily , when he’s about to clap you better take few steps away and raise your shield just in case, if you see big red circles around you, stop tanking and start dodging the Green Spheres.

Here’s a little video of me tanking Orcus with some randoms back when I was about 3k or 3.2k item lvl.


And here’s a video with some Great DPS again tanking Orcus.


UPDATED CN at 3.8k Ilvl & Conartist (Plus shard, sadly at 700k AD )




Ok, so this is to me the hardest Dungeon yet, bosses aint hard, but Giants hit like Orcus and you encounter em in pack of 2 or 3, sometimes 5 if the team is stupid enough to rush em. For this Dungeon I use these powers:

Radiant L2
Shielding Strike R2

Aura of Protection (If your Damage resistance is 60% then use Aura of courage, so your teammates do more damage)
Aura of Truth

Templar Wrath
Circle of Power

Divine Judgement
Shield of Faith
Strategy, well it’s easy once you get to it

The first Stage before the First boss, is the hardest part on this Dungeons, mainly because the Giants here, hit as hard as Orcus, prepare to die here by a lot.

First of all, before entering FBI, make sure ur everfrost resistance is above 30%, dont be a stupid person and just enter the dungeon, and once u’re in remove all your everfrost equipment, DONT, the everfrost Shirt and Pants are a must have plus the reinforcements for these, they’re not expensive around 20k AD at AH on PS4.

so anyway, let’s get to it, here’s a video of me tanking FBI. Nothing fancy, we GEAS the last boss, stunning him for a brief time, he attacks from time to time, but honestly it’s better than the blizzard bug wich is really hate, cause i feel useless, you can ever see me telling me not to glitch him, just use GEAS on him.


Problem is, i didn’t know Playstation only recorded videos of 15min hah, so you can see me starting to tank the second mobs and kill the Manticore.

Then it cuts the whole Goblin area and goes to the turtle fight, you didn’t missed that much honestly, i will try to record another video.

Now at the begining I cast Circle of power, that’s me telling my team mates to stay there, and not follow to the top, I cast Bane on the first mob I see and run back down

Why am I run back down?, BECAUSE THEY’RE GONNA DIE ANYWAY (Dps and DC’S) so they better respawn next to the battle. Plus there’s a giant with a drum on the top, and he will buff the other enemies.
now strategy for this first part is easy.

Order to kill the mobs
1.- Little guys, they’re so annoying, and can knock you down, and that’s a nono with giant rocks being thrown around you
2.- Polar Bear, because screw polar bears, think they’re cool cause they live in the ice and stuff.
3.-Giants with no shield, ok so remember when i told you enemies on FBI hit like Orcus?, Im talking about these guys, honestly when they attack with their hammers they dont hit hard, BUT when you see one dashing through, you better run brother, cause he’s going to thrown a rock at you and 1 hit you, They dont care if you’re Item level 4.3k and have 80% damage resistance they just DONT CARE, you will notice after you see one of them dash through, that a big ass red circle will appear on the ground, well that’s the giant rock coming, You better run, or you’re getting 1 hit, this is something all tanks out there need to know, if you master this FBI is a piece of cake. you can see me in the video always looking at the ground when i see a giant dashing throught.
4.- Giants with shield, these are easy kills honestly
5.- Giants with Drums, make sure to leave these away from other giants, generally they dont move, they just stay there being all Ringo Starr, buffin the other Giants, they’re pretty much harmless otherwise.
So after the first part,

Be careful, there’s a little road, make sure your team stays behind , just run halfway throught, and look up, once you see a cloud of Snow coming down, go back, cause it will knock you down, Agroing another Giant and his stupid Polar bea down there. You can see in the video couple of guys trying this, just to get their companions knocked down.

After you pass to the next part, just Use bane on the first guy, and RUN BACK,



hope they wont 1 shot you hah. same as before be careful of giant rocks.
Then go back up, and kill the rest of the guys, make sure to light the Campfire, if it glitches and you can light it up, man you’re screwed and it’s gonnna be a hard time respawning from the begining when a dps dies.
As you can see i keep calling the mobs using Bane, this way we only fight em in groups, instead of fighting em all together, wich is slower but safer.

Now the first boss, this one is easy, just make sure he doesn’t knocks you down the edge, i was gonna use relentless avenger, but then again, i rather use circle of power, so my team mates get more damage resistance. plus I make more damage while inside it 😀
After the first boss, NOT SHOWED IN THE VIDEO

Just rush to the door and wait there, the secret here as in SVA is not to rush the enemies, just wait for them to come to you, if a DPS rushes an enemy that’s coming from far away, he will only get 1 shot.


Oh my god, i hate this boss, honestly im new to FBI, just started doing it 2 weeks ago, but man i hate this boss, not sure what the mechanic to his attacks are, but he will drain your TEMP HP, that’s why Im usin Absolution, i dont spam Templars wrath, since i only use to get a much as Temp HP as posible at the begining and to recharge it when the damn turtle empties it. Just make sure you’re looking somewhere where there’s no Ally or Companion When you cast absolution or you will cast it on them. wich is a no no on this boss, I usually look up in the sky.
When the turtle leaves, just use the exploding runes to hit her, easy.

repeat this about 3 or 4 times, you can see at the end of the fight, it actually 1 shot me, not sure how hah.

Then well the next step is beast to remove your companion, since it will attack the mobs and make this part a lot harder, just look around for the ring ignoring the enemies.
Now the final Boss, well on the video we used GEAS to stun him for a while, but it’s an easy boss, just make sure to destroy the ice ASAP.

and well that’s all guys, the hardest part is the first with the giants and well the turtle, wich somehow 1 hits you .


UPDATED FBI at 3.8k Ilvl & Conartist (full video this time)


Assault on Svardborg (Master)

Easy Dungeon, again as FBI you need the everfrost resistance, now, when you enter the dungeon, make sure everyone stays in the middle, let the enemies run to the tanks, not the other way. the best way to make this dungeon in my opinion is with a GF and a OP.

Same as FBI

Radiant L2
Shielding Strike R2

Aura of Protection (If your Damage resistance is 60% then use Aura of courage, so your teammates do more damage)
Aura of Truth

Templar Wrath
Circle of Power

Divine Judgement
Shield of Faith

Cast circle of power at the middle of the Dungeon,and tank as much as posible, once the % gets to 100% run to the pillar at the left of the throne.

Now tanking the Giant, this is kinda fun actually, just make sure both tanks are tanking him with your backs looking at the throne, so the DPS are on the other side, and have anough room to run around with red circles around em.

You need to watch out for red arrows above you, if both of the tanks get 1 arrow, well you will be hit hard but not as hard to kill you, BUT if you get two arrows on top of you, the other tank is way too far away from you, and those two arrows will 1 shot you, so yeah, tanks need to stick together and make sure to keep an eye on your buddy, remember no tanks = dps dead.

After some damage the giant will call the manticores again use circle of power and bane on them and keep attacking, repeat this for about 3 times and you’re done. easy 😀

here’s a video of it:







This is the fun part :D, I love PvP,  Paladins are just OP haha. ok so what do you need?


YOU NEED A PVP SET, start with the one you buy off with bars, the Warborn Gladiator set. and get a blue helmet with Tenacity off AH, cause we aint wasting ZEN on the warborn helmet lol.

Anyway win some matches and get the Prestige Gladiator set, I personally use the prestige helmet and Cuirass and the warborn arms and boots, because each give me 500 Tenacity for having 2 pieces of each on,in a total of 1000 tenacity, so yeah nice!.

once you have that if you have PVP rings, get em with deflect and Armor pen, I use the same as I use on PVE, but my guild has Arm Pen boon, so i Switch from Power to Arm Pen boon, (there isn’t a Resistance ignored cap on PVP, so feel free to stack as much Arm pen as possible,)




Shielding Strike (You can use Valorous if you wish too)

Radiant Strike



Templar’s Wrath

Relentless Avenger

Vow of enmity




Vengeance (with artifact power on)



Divine Judgement

Lay on hands

soo it’s easy, Vow of Enmity marks the enemy and you make 50% more damage to the enemy, so just keep casting it on an player you wish to kill and just spam relentless avenger, templar’s wrath and divine judgement on him.

Don’t overuse Divine Judgement tho, sometimes i get killed when I try to kill a player and two other appears, use your daily wisely  lay on hands is awesome.

and stick to your team, yeah DPS will most like steal most of your kills, but hey at least you’re not getting owned, if you’re fighting a really hard team you can change templar’s wrath to cleansing touch , specially trappers or CW wich can control you, cleansing touch takes off any controlling effect and heals you, pretty nice, but templar’s wrath stuns the enemy so yeah .

Another annoying combination is Templar’s wrath, Cleansing touch and Binding Oath, it’s like a giant AoE BOMB, just stay in the middle of the enemies, you can use bubble with this combination too, to maximize dps, Binding oath gives you 100% of your hp as a shield for 8 secs, and when the time expires or your shield gets melted, you will receive 50% of the damage and 5 enemies around you will get 100% of the damage… so yeah is like being  a kamikaze you may get killed, but you will surely kill 2 or 3 guys lol.

Mounts, i use the same as when I pve, exept for the protector friendship /Camaraderie

Honestly I use those cause they were free on epic chests hah


here’s some videos of me PvPing


Solo Dom



Dom with Premade:





I think that covers it all hope you liked this build, im tired being doing it all day long, i will try to fix the mistakes it has in the next few days :), have fun playing.





Ok, so Mod 11 arrived, and everyone was getting scared of the changes to DC’s AA, “OMG WE WONT BE ABLE TO TANK ANYMORE OMG OMG”




We are still awesome, sure we gotta avoide red areas like the black plague, but it’s hella fun lol.

What changed?

Basically nothing, all weapon enchantments got buffed, Im loving my lighting, plague fire is awesome too, terror is nice too.

Anoited Army got nerfed, what’s anoited army?, the little balls that Dc put around you and make you inmortal.

i have run through all dungeons since mod 11, and the only times I had problems is at Orcus, you have to be specially careful with this guy, cause he can 1 hit you, again cast 3 times bane on him, and shield of faith before rushing him, also binding oath helps a bit when rushing him, so he wont 1 hit you.

FBI is a little different, you need to run away from red areas, cause they giants will 1 hit you,  it’s kinda fun tho, dodging attacks like darksouls lol.

This build is still good for mod 11, specially if you’re just learning to tank as a pally, i changed into a more DPS paladin right now, and im loving it, sure i can’t outdps the other guys at FBI or MSVA, but still loving it, what did i changed?, companions and rings, I had a bounded air archon from orcus, so i just had to try it, and got a fire archon from FBI, thought i still insist, these are not necesary i just had em for free, so yeah.

Rings, I had good luck got a rising precision and rising lifesteal, and another FBI legendary ring with power, recovery and 2 ofensive slots, so im full power on my toon right now, hitting 40k power, that’s 10k power share. and have power/crit on my companion, full offensive

what about defense?, since i usually run with the same team on FBI or MSVA, i dont really have to care about defense anymore, since mobs barely hit me, though it has a downside, orcus can almost 1 shot me right now if I dont have enough temp HP, but i don’t really farm CN anymore, so Im cool with it.

Just follow the build as it’s written, if you wanna go DPS you still can, but it’s kinda hard, since you need to keep moving to avoid red areas.

Here’s a little video of FBI at mod 11 (sorry about the DC going afk just before the manticore fight)

I recomend using the build as it is, yes i changed some stuff on this video, because my team is awesome, using this setup with PUGS would end really really badly, like i wouldn’t be able to survive. When i pug, i change all my companions to debuffs/buffs like the ones i show on this build (chicken, rust , shadow demon) and put on my companion a legendary defense ring I got with 2 azures.





Cause you will most likely go all “OMG I CANT TANK THIS BUILD SUCKS” 


Anyway mod 11 FBI full dps mode:

(well not full dps, since im using bane, full dps would be using vow of emmity & not sharing my power lol )




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  • pvtronson
    April 23, 2017 at 9:07 am

    ever since that owlbear cub… wont see a tank guide ever again nooo rip…

    • Profile photo of Parrotzilla
      April 23, 2017 at 9:21 am

      heh as i explained in the build owlbear cub isn’t necesary, hell it isn’t helpful anymore lol, the best thing any pally can do is stack crit/power since it helps a lot with temp hp 🙂

      • Steve
        May 5, 2017 at 6:29 pm

        Parrot I have a question. So should i go with the Dusk restoration or ward ones? Or mix both? I have seen that the only Dusk ward part with power is the helmet. The restoration parts with power are the arms and boots. But wich Cuirass should i take? Im confused. ^^ Can you help me please?

        • Profile photo of Parrotzilla
          May 6, 2017 at 9:35 am

          Go for the ones that give you power
          Dusk ward Armet
          Dusk Restoration Couters
          DusK Restoration Poleyns
          for cuirass i would go for the restoration Cuirass since it has Critical and recovery.

          though i would farm bryn shandar to get the Relic Restoration Poleyns since they’re Best in slot for pallies.
          for Cuirass i would farm Epic temple of the spider for the lifesilk spinnert is the best before you get the relic one from FBI (I still haven’t upgraded my Relic Cuirass, since it would cost me around 1m lol)
          and for helmet i would go for the mdemo one the Brynnyr’s Demise and change to Jarl’s Gaze once you get enought Ilvl for MSVA 😀

          • Steve
            May 21, 2017 at 9:19 pm

            Hey Parrot its me again. ^^
            First I want to say thank you for doing this great work.
            Now i have a new question. can you tell me what shield you are wearing on the Screenshot?
            Because I like the shield it looks very nice but I havent found it yet.

            Thanks 🙂

        • Profile photo of Parrotzilla
          May 21, 2017 at 9:33 pm

          Hi steve the shield i was wearing in this build is the twisted shield you can get it on the underdark store by exchanging twisted ichor (you get twisted ichor by defeting master demogorgon), currently im wearing the Shield of the Goldren Dragon , wich you can get on the tirany of dragons store it costs about 20k AD 🙂

          • Profile photo of Steve
            May 21, 2017 at 11:30 pm

            Thank you. 🙂
            But the weapon dont look like the twisted one. Also why you dont use the black ice neck on the Screenshot?

  • pvtronson
    April 23, 2017 at 9:08 am


  • Robert
    April 23, 2017 at 9:40 am

    So wouldn’t Force of Will be a better Feat for those who want to pvp? If I get my Cha to 22 and put 3 points into it, that would be 22% chance of Crit right? That seems like a beastly crit chance boost. I’m pretty new and looking for a pvp build direction.

    • Profile photo of Parrotzilla
      April 23, 2017 at 7:31 pm

      yeah for lower level i think Impassioned Pleas is a better choice, because they tend to need tons of recovery and getting divine call faster = more encounters.

      Right now I got one point on impassioned Pleas and 3 on Force of will, and 0 on weapon mastery.

      Also swapped to Orcus Set is really nice for DPSing and PvPing, if you’re going full pvp you could just skip the light paragon and go full justice or put the light point on Bulwark, of extra control resistance, and Martyr’s Blood.

      I got 20 Cha with 3 points on force of will and my crit chance is 14.8% but honestly crit is more for PVE, for the temp hp, dont stack azures for PVP, you want armor pen and power, I got 32% Resistance Ignored on my character with no guild boon, with Guild boons on arm pen it scales to 91% and 21k power. on pve it scales to 50% with my conartist and bondings and guild boon on power.

      So yeah go with Force of will and stack as much arm pen and power as you can :). I run with 2 darks enchantmetns r 11 and the guild boon on arm pen for PVP 😀

      Another great thing is getting a Briartwine enchanment for your armour, those are AMAZING for pvp but really really expensive. on ps4 r7 go for 600k, r10 for 6.5m and r12 for 11m, but man they’re worth it they reflect 5.6% of the damage dealt to you back to your attacker at rank 12.

  • Francis
    April 25, 2017 at 2:43 am

    Are the pictures of your current gear up to date? Would like to see a power/crit build you mentioned 🙂

    • Profile photo of Parrotzilla
      May 6, 2017 at 9:27 am

      hi, My current setup is con artist with 3 legendary rings DOD, DOD, HELLIG, the 2 dods have 2 radiatns r11 each and the hellig has 2 azure r12. also im using full archons as companions unless im carrying newbies and need to use rust monster/chicken for the dmg debuff.

      a good setup would be having full azure on your companion and full radiants on your paladin, so you have full power share and crit from companion (remember power you get from bondings is not shared by aura of gifts.

  • Exofunk
    April 25, 2017 at 11:53 am

    Amazing guide dude I model my op off this cheers! 😀

  • Luhizot
    May 4, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    Omg omg omg

    • Profile photo of Parrotzilla
      May 6, 2017 at 9:28 am

      BO is not necesary atleast for me, the only time i use it is on Orcus other than that it’s useless atleast for me 😀

      • Luhizot
        May 8, 2017 at 4:41 pm

        Thanks a LOT!
        I use BO on Orcus too.

        BTW, onde more doubt… U have aggro problems “during” Burning Light Cast? I mean … It takes some secs to “full cast” Burning Light, and I noticed some aggro loss..

        Im currently 3.3k ilvl.

        • Profile photo of Parrotzilla
          May 8, 2017 at 6:38 pm

          hi, i dont because i always have aura of vengeance on, with the artifact class feature on my shield on vengeance aswell, and with lighting i keep hitting enemies even when im casting burning light :), only place where something like this “happens” is on FBI, but that’s because giants keep doing AOE and DPS dont move away from red areas, hell even i die on red areas on FBI lol

      • Gramswagon
        June 28, 2017 at 10:23 am

        Amazing guide! Would you still recommend smite over BO at lower levels?

        • Profile photo of Parrotzilla
          June 29, 2017 at 10:23 pm

          I would recomend Sacred weapon + Burning Light for trash mobs, or if they’re tough like FBI giants then go for Sacred weapon + Vow of Emmity, problem with burning light is that using it on a dungeon, even though it does TONS of dmg, you will lose tons of dmg because it takes soo long to cast and by the time you use it, mobs are halfway dead by your teamates :(, i still use it when i do my riverdistrict daily 🙂

  • Ronald Watts
    May 13, 2017 at 3:41 am

    What is your feelings on the Barkshield vs the Shadowclad for this build

    • Profile photo of Parrotzilla
      May 16, 2017 at 8:00 pm

      Hi, well shadowclad is working well for me, havent tried barkshield yet, im thinking on going negation in the future, since im going full HP instead of Defense 🙂

  • Flávio Rodrigues
    May 23, 2017 at 8:36 pm

    Hi Parrot!
    Great guide dude!
    Lemme check some stuffs…
    For the utility ones you said that it’s up to us – fine at all, ’cause we can choose the one/ones that fit/fits well…
    For the defense ones, you told that you have been using the azure ones and you’ll switch to the radiants…
    Right now, my question: do you use 3 darks on the offense ones? Which pieces do you put ’em? And the left ones? Radiants?
    Am I right?
    I’m current 2,8k item level waiting for the 2x refinement…
    Best wishes!

    • Profile photo of Parrotzilla
      May 26, 2017 at 7:58 pm

      Hello, the utilities i would recomend either quartermaster or dark enchantment, quartermaster will get you tons of RP just have to wait for 2x enchantments and have a friend lend you some of their quartermaster, (you need 11% chance on the quartermaster, thats 3 r12 or make the maths yourself lol for it to drop only r6 and some r7 from time to time), Darks are awesome for mobility since we are too slow, Gladiator Guile helps a lot

      For Defense right now i have very low defense, only using 2 azures r12, i have no problems tanking this way, with the exeption of ORCUS, that dude can 1 hit me when starting the battle, once i get my temp hp he wont do anything to me, but from the door to him is hell to me lol, i just stopped farming CN, and focused on FBI, since everything on FBI is unbound and you get tons of AD for it.

      I use 2 dark enchantments, my con artist passes me some Arm pen, so i get to 50%, i will get to 60% once i get the darks to r12, the rest of my offense slots are radiatns, so i can share as much power as possible to my team mates, on my companions i used to have azures, right now i have full brutals for the extra power and crit.

  • Khan
    June 5, 2017 at 1:24 pm

    Is the build the same for PVP as PVE?

    • Profile photo of Parrotzilla
      June 7, 2017 at 8:14 pm

      yep, you just need the PVP set for the tenacity, and i would recomend rosegold rings aswell, also the abilities change
      Radiant strike
      Shielding Strike
      Vengeance (with artifact power on this aura)
      Relentless Avenger
      Vow of Emmity

      also guild boon on arm pen and mounts take off the protector camaraderie / friendship.

  • Luhizot
    June 12, 2017 at 4:11 pm

    Hi Parrot.
    I have some questions:
    1- How much HP Templars wrath give you with your current build? My Paladin got 4.1k ilvl and it gives me about 100-120% HP…
    2- Aura gifts works with YOUR mount power? I mean, are u giving 1k dps from your Legendary mount to the party?

    thx in advance

    • Profile photo of Parrotzilla
      June 15, 2017 at 11:09 pm

      hi, remember templars wrath gives you the damage you make with it mutiplied by 3, that means if you hit something for 100k with templar’s wrath you will be getting 300k temp hp,

      when im without a dc i usually get around 500-700k hp when doing dungeons, with bondings procing , when im with a good dc i usually get from 1m to 1.5m temp hp.

      Remember paladins get the damage you take as Power, with a cap of 10% of your hp, means if you have 200k hp like myself when im hit i get 20k power, wich means more damage from templar’s wrath and more temp hp.

      About Aura of gifts, yeah it does, from what i have tested you give you out 25% of your power non buffed, that means it is only affected by equipment, enchantments on your character, mount insignias (Bonuses aswell like assasin’s covenant) and mount power, right now im sitting on 40k power without my companion summoned so im sharing 10k power, I havent tried if i share more when im hit, will test that tomorrow with a buddy 🙂

  • Alison Black
    June 22, 2017 at 5:17 am

    Hown would you set your heroic feat points if dragonborn. Dragonborn don’t get the additional 3 feat points. So I’m wondering, if you were dragonborn, which would you change. I’m currently using this guide and praying to get a reply so I can complete my build. Thank you.

  • Alison Black
    June 22, 2017 at 7:49 am

    Do you think 3 steadfast and 2 force of will are still good to have. I can respec again, but I got 28 con, 18 wis, 24 cha and still only epic belt. If you think I should definitely change to 2 and 3, I will.

    • Profile photo of Parrotzilla
      June 22, 2017 at 8:00 pm

      yeah, both will make you more dps, steadfast with aura of courage, and force of will with crit chance, and since you got dragonborn, i suppose you chosed 2 con and 2 cha?, you will get nice crit chance either way :), just make sure to get to 100% crit chance.

  • Alison Black
    June 22, 2017 at 9:46 am

    I have to say. This is a darn great build. I was sent epically at first, but I was told to check this build out especially for the pve. Currently I’m using Devoted, Controller, Paladin with Heart of the Red Dragon. I ceased doing EE can, Paige because it took me forever to kill even these 60’s. I was designed as healafin, but with load outs I needed dps. I went into reclamation rock and used Templar wrath and took close to 70%of the mobs life off and it’s only rank 3. This build is excellent and can’t wait until I have the remaining boons and get my relics. Thanks.

    • Profile photo of Parrotzilla
      June 22, 2017 at 8:05 pm

      Thx! You can use this build as Healadin just the rotation is different, i have tried some, so far the most dmg one was using Sacred wep, vow and either avenger, smite or circle of power, also vow doesnt do as much dmg as a healadin than as a paladin so you may want to cast vow before sacred weapon as a healadin.

      But if you want to dps as protection Paladin, use this rotation: Radiant strike -> Templar’s Wrath -> Sacred Weapon -> Vow of Emmity -> Shielding Strike (Repeat), and once you have your daily filled, do the same rotation with just one small change: Radiant strike -> Templar’s Wrath -> Sacred Weapon -> Vow of Emmity -> R1 ->Divine Judgement, you should do tons of dmg like that, also if you dont need Templar’s you can swap it for Circle of power 😀

  • Alison Black
    June 23, 2017 at 2:46 am

    I actually use the orcus rotation you suggested above. Still does immense damage against the mobs in EE. But the healadin build I got, has no dog whatsoever. With load outs I can switch to heal or dps/tankadin to solo or heal a group.

  • Alison Black
    June 23, 2017 at 2:47 am

    May I

  • Alison Black
    June 23, 2017 at 2:49 am

    May I ask what your view is on the dread warrior. It has threat. I can get the archon you suggested easily. I got all the class packs, so I can use the Belial too.

  • Alison Black
    June 24, 2017 at 8:48 am

    I was also wondering which additional insignias you use on the pve mounts. I notice you use 2 blue regals. There are a couple different versions. It’s only the regals, enlightened and illuminated insignias. I don’t wish to get a insignia that looks the same but is very different stats. Thank you for your time answering my questions. This build is doing wonders.

    • Profile photo of Parrotzilla
      June 29, 2017 at 10:21 pm

      Hi, i honestly haven’t worked on my insignias, some are defense wich i gotta get rid , i would go for the cheapest ones either arm pen, crit, power, recovery, those are all nice 😀

  • Alison Black
    June 29, 2017 at 6:02 am

    Ignore my previous message. I did want to ask your suggestion on reinforcement kits. Since my build is a twin load out for healadin and tankadin, I’ve been reluctant to add kits. I was hoping you might be able to shed some light on what I should use on my Armour, rings and neck, belt.

    • Profile photo of Parrotzilla
      June 29, 2017 at 10:24 pm

      Hi, well I would recomend Power Reinforcement and Action point gain on the 4 pieces of your armour, and action point gain on rings neck and belt, mainly because of powershare, we want to powershare the most to our teammate and our companion, remember if you share 10k and you havebondings r12, your companion will get that 10k and give you 28k power back to you 😀

  • Profile photo of alison22000
    July 4, 2017 at 2:12 am

    Howdy Parrot. Sorry to bother you again. I’ve ran into a small problem. I had to respec my healadin build for the skill pointset to be reassigned. My charisma and wisdom are low. I didn’t do a reroll. But I was wondering if you give me a roll score to aim for. So the healafin builds suggests Wisdom and Charisma. The tankadin is Constitution and Charisma with 3rd Wisdom. As you know I’m dragonborn. So I can put my 2 selected skills into Constitution and Charisma with the 3rd wisdom. But what base roll should I try going for. ‘These new load outs don’t really take this issue into account’

    • Profile photo of Parrotzilla
      July 7, 2017 at 9:17 am

      Hello, to be honest my paladin is always on protection, the few times i change my loadout to devotion, what i just did is put all my stat points on Wis and Cha, other than that the build is exactly the same. i would recomend you to go protection, devotion is nice but only for MSVA or demogorgon, for any other dungeon will want a DC over a Healadin :/, mainly because DC means speed runs while healadin means extreme survivability, and at endgame, survivability aint really an issue, so everyone is looking for speedruns to farm the dungeons ASAP.

  • July 9, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    I was a hardcore PVP player pre-mod 11 and used to be part of POG. (The facebook page is still under my admin) I’m returning after almost one year and I’m kind of lost. So here are my questions (REGARDING PVP): 1 – If you could actually choose your mount insignias how would you distribute it? (15 slots total) Everything on aggression for AP and Action Point Gain? No Evasion or Mastery? 2 -Now for the enchantments. Should I put everything rank 12 silvery (for deflection) and dark (for armor penetration)? No radiants? 3- What about recovery, how much should I care? How high should be my deflection? 4 – And what exact warborn should I wear on feet and arms? gladiator or medic? What about the prestige helm and cuirass? Gladiator or medic? 5 – f you could pick any legendary mount for PVP, which one would it be? Mine’s a Black Ice Horse (4K power). Is it a better choice than Armored Axe Beak (4k ap) or a Tenser’s Floating Disk (4k recovery)? 6- and lastly, item reinforcements. What do you choose? AP? Thanks! Please add me on PSN: luizcypher

    • Profile photo of Parrotzilla
      July 11, 2017 at 11:40 pm

      Hello, Insignias for pvp, i would go for Armpen, as much as you can stack. i currently have Hp , critical and arm pen ones, because they were cheap lol.

      about enchantments, i had 2 dark enchantments r11 on me, rest where radiants and had the ARMPEN boon on for PVP, that would boost my arm pen to 100%, right now im full RADIANT, and have arm pen on my comp, with my arm pen boon on i only got 85% Resistance ignored, im planing on getting two of those fancy new pvp rings and stack arm pen and deflection :D, i have always ran with HP on pvp, but i have seen some full deflect paladins who are nearly immortals lol. .

      my pvp equipment is the blackthorne as helmet (reflects back 100 dmg to attacker everytime you’re hit),prestige gladiator poleyns, Prestige Gladiator Cuirass, Prestige Gladtiator Couters.

      For mount, well you could keep the warhorse, and stack arm pen? :D, is nice either way 🙂 i have the whirlwind and the tenser disk. currently using the 4k power and the tenser combat power.

      Reinsforcements, i dont use em on my pvp set, but i would go for arm pen, on jewelry i use action point gain 😀

  • Profile photo of lfbpimenta
    July 14, 2017 at 1:27 am

    When you mentioned “fancy pvp rings” which ones are you talking about? And as per your guide, for PVP on defensive slots should I add silvery enchantments for deflection? What is the best PVE equipment PRE-Sea of moving ice campaign? What about rings? And POST-sea of moving ice campaign? Thanks for everything. You rock!

  • Profile photo of alison22000
    July 24, 2017 at 12:25 pm

    Hi Parrot. I noticed the Cloaked Ascendancy boons aren’t up yet. Could you list them in a reply please.

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