Neverwinter Master of Flame CW Mod 10.5 DPS PVE Build(PS4)

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by HighThrive on March 18, 2017
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Neverwinter Master of Flame CW Mod 10.5 DPS PVE Build(PS4)

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Hi everyone, I recently conceived a Master of Flame build for my friend(Clueless as hell). He seemed to enjoy it, saying he was “Blowing things up”, so I decided to share my build with all of you. Feel free to comment any improvements. So let’s get right into the build.




My friend chose Moon Elf, since he could splurge…a lot. But personally, I would have chose Tiefling or Dragonborn. Human is unnecessary since we don’t need any extra feats. Either way, put +2 in Charisma and Intelligence.


Ability Roll


Roll 18 Charisma and Intelligence WITHOUT bonus from Race.




At-Will: Ray of Frost, Chilling Cloud

Enconter: Icy Terrain, Conduit of Ice, Disintegrate, Fanning the Flame. Put Conduit of Ice in Spell Mastery

Daily: Oppressive Force, Flaming Immolation, Ice Knife. Oppressive Force or Flaming Immolation for AOE, Ice Knife for Single Target

Passive: Chilling Presence, Swath of Destruction





3/3 Weapon Mastery- More Crit=More Damage

2/3 Toughness- Not really needed, just needed to spend points

5/5 Fight On- Faster Cooldowns really help

2/3 Blighting Power- Conduit of Ice is our only Cold Power

3/3 Arcane Enhancement- Two Arcane Powers Fanning the Flame and Disintegrate.

2/5 Learned Spellcaster- MORE DAMAGE

3/3 Focused Wizardry- The 3 points into here really outweigh the ones into Learned Spellcaster. 30% Extra Damage. WOOT WOOT!


5/5 Malevolent Surge: Up almost always, quite useful

5/5 Drifting Embers: More Smolder= More damage

5/5 Elemental Reinforcement: 15% damage bonus

5/5 Spell Twisting: Faster Cooldowns

5/5 Elemental Empowerment: Much more damage

1/1 Assailing Force: Must Have


5/5 Bitter Cold- 6% more damage

5/5 Twisted Immolation- On the off chance that Flaming Immolation is used

3/5 Frigid Winds- 6% more damage when after enemy is frozen

2/5 Icy Veins- Freeze enemies much faster





Main: Wheel of Elements

Secondary: Thayan Book of the Dead, Lostmauth Horn of Blasting, Latern of Revelation


Elemental Dragonflight Raid Cap or Vivified Manaseeker’s Raid Cap


Elemental Dragonflight Raid Robes or Vivified Manaseeker’s Raid Robes

– Rank 12 Dark

-Negation or Soulforge

Elemental Dragonflight Raid Armlets or Vivified Manaseeker’s Raid Armlets


Elemental Dragonflight Raid Shoes or Vivified Manaseeker’s Raid Shoes


Lostmauth Hoard Necklace


Ring of Brutality +4( or 5)

-Radiant Rank 12

-Dark Rank 12

-2 Rank 12 Radiants if you have +5 ring

Ring of Sudden Precision +4( or 5)

-Radiant Rank 12

-Dark Rank 12

-2 Rank 12 Radiants if you have +5 ring

Greater Owlbear Leather Belt of Intelligence


Use highest other gear that you can.(Ex. Drowcraft Tunic)


Manaseeker’s Orb:

-Rank 12 Radiant

-Rank 12 Radiant

-Transcendent Dread Enchantment

-Use Chilling Cloud

Manaseeker’s Talisman:

-Rank 12 Radiant

-Rank 12 Dark

-Use Swath of Destruction and Combat Advantage





-Rank 12 Bonding

-Rank 12 Bonding

-Rank 12 Bonding

Adorable Bytes Ring

-Rank 12 Radiant

-Rank 12 Radiant

Adorable Bytes Ring

-Rank 12 Radiant

-Rank 12 Radiant

Any belt with Offense Slot

-Rank 12 Radiant


Wild Hunt Rider

Air Archon- Nice dps boost

Earth Archon- Gonna stay at full health most of the time


Enriyes of Bellial- 10% crit severity…AWESOME





Black Ice Warhorse or any other mounts that gives Protector’s Camaraderie

3 other mounts that give Protector’s Camaraderie

1 mount that gives Protector’s Friendship




Dark Fey Hunter

Fey Precision

Elven Haste

Elven Ferocity

Elvish Fury

Dread Ring

Reliquary Keeper’s Strength

Evoker’s Thirst

Forbidden Piercing


Rampaging Madness

Icewind Dale

Encroaching Tactics

Appreciation of Warmth

Sleet Skills

Cool Resolve

Winter’s Bounty

Tyranny of Dragons

Dragon’s Claws

Dragon’s Gaze

Draconic Armbreaker

Dragon’s Greed

Dragon’s Thirst(1/3)

Dragon’s Revival(1/3)

Dragon’s Fury(1/3)

Guild Boons

Offense: Power

Defense: Defense(So you don’t get 1 shot)

Utility: Personal Preference

PVP: Personal Preference


Primordial Might

Primordial Focus

Drow Ambush Tactics

Dwarven Footing

Abyssal Strikes

Maze Engine

Abyssal Siphoning

Demonic Influence

Demonic Swiftness

Baphomet’s Might

Storm King’s Thunder

Cold Hearted

Survival Instincts

Chill Determination

Vengeful Heat

Chill of Winter(3/3)



Trash Mobs: Use Icy Terrain and Fanning the Flame. This will freeze your enemies and apply Smolder. Use Disintegrate on the juiciest enemy and swiftly follow up with Conduit of Ice. Finish with Flaming Immolation or Oppressive Force and Chilling Cloud. Once your cooldowns come back up, rinse and repeat.

Boss: Go to enemy and use Icy Terrain and Conduit of Ice. This will freeze the boss. Then while the Boss is frozen, use Disintegrate and Fanning the Flame. Follow up with Ice Knife (If AP is charged). Finally, use Chilling Cloud to apply stacks of Chill onto the boss. Rinse and Repeat until Boss is dead.


There you have it! A Master of Flame Dps build. Comment any suggestions. Thanks!











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  • Ktosislav
    March 19, 2017 at 5:50 pm

    Good build! I’m really happy that someone posted guide for CW that isn’t just another SS Rene or support MoF! But I have to ask you about some things you are suggesting here (if I sound a little mean, I’m sorry, MoF DPS is my favourite way to play CW, AND I feel I might actually know something about it – thanks to my stubornness that made me play non-mainstream build for like 6-7 Mods… and thefabricant’s awesome guide :D)
    1. Why are you using CC instead of Swath of Destruction? With tabbed FtF and FI instead of OF spreading Smolder is very easy, and +20% damage taken by enemies always gives you more than +20% crit severity, not to mention +60% Smolder damage.
    2. Focused Wizardry. Why did you ignore +30% single target damage? It’s a boost to Disintegrate, your at wills, IK, FtF and even Smolder! Even though it changes tooltip on tabbed FtF, remember that it’s one of Craptic Tooltips – it’s single target damage is unchanged (checked on PTR with fixed dmg weapon).
    3. Orcus Set… Like, really? 😀 Deflection is crap for CWs, and Movement on artifact is a joke. What’s more, it gives you +2/+2… STR and Con. Stamina Regen, DoT Resist and Max HP. If I remember correctly, it was tested that after Lostmauth set nerf best DPS CW artifact set is Lostmauth artifact and neck + Valindra/Int belt (+2/+2 INT and CHA or +4 INT… and the more INT you have the more effective Learned Spellcaster is) or full Valindra (the difference is ArP on Lostmauth vs Recovery on Valindra neck and ArP on Lostmauth vs LS on Valindra artifact, Valindra full set bonus is almost irrelevant)
    Anyway it’s good to actually see other MoF out there. Light’em up, bro! 😀

    • Profile photo of HighThrive
      March 22, 2017 at 2:11 am

      Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. And you’re really right, almost all CW builds are DPS SS or Support MOF… really haven’t seen many Dps MOF. Now to answer your questions:

      1. Actually I found out by doing simple math that 20% crit severity is more potent 20% damage taken are the same until after 100% crit severity(Don’t quote me on this). Math here: If I have 100% crit severity. Therefore: 10000(Fixed Number)*2.2=22000. With 20% more dmg(Assuming I crit): 10000*2+10000*0.2=22000. Now if my crit severity is higher… say 150%. Therefore:10000*2.7=27000. For 20% more dmg: 10000*2.5+10000*0.2=30 000. Since SoD evidently does more dmg even without 60% smolder dmg, I shall be updating to switch CC to SoD. I’m not sure if I’l switch OP to FI, need to test that :).

      2. Hmmm, I think you’re right. 2 at wills and 3 encounters plus Smolder definitely outweighs CoI. I’l find a way to put it into the build without changing many feats.

      3. Oops, I’m still thinking GWF. I think I’ll switch set to Lostmauth Horn and Neck(Really cheap right now) and Greater Owlbear Intelligence Belt.

      Thanks for the feedback! Really helped me see the faults of my build! If there’s any other way I can improve, please message me back! Have a good day!

  • Killa Storm
    March 20, 2017 at 9:02 pm

    I have a 4k build and therm path with azure slotted best build .

  • Lindsey
    April 2, 2017 at 6:51 am

    So has the build been updated on your main post? Im simply curious as I am trying to follow this build with my own Moon Elf.

    • Profile photo of HighThrive
      April 3, 2017 at 10:22 pm

      Hi, thanks for reading my build Lindsey! Now at this current point and time, Mod 10.5, my build is currently up to date. When Mod 11 comes around, more testing to see what’s best. Be warned, that you shouldn’t expect to beat in damage if you haven’t mastered the MoF playstyle. MoF CW’s really start to shine when the player becomes good at it. SS CW’s are easier to play, but not as good as a good MoF.

    • Lindsey
      April 13, 2017 at 4:57 am

      Why dont you use Valindra’s items? Like belt and necklace. How do i get the Manaseeker items?

      • Profile photo of HighThrive
        April 22, 2017 at 4:05 am

        I use Lostmauth items for the added stats, and Greater Owlbear Belt for the INT.

        To obtain Manaseeker items, you must venture into the Sea of Moving Ice and complete the questline. That will reward you with un-restored weapons. You will have to restore these items by gathering a wide array of expensive items, in addition to the Reclaimed Runes(1 Daily, obtained from daily quest). Once restored, you may use these coveted weapons!

        Have a good day!

  • Profile photo of Andrey
    April 10, 2017 at 6:57 pm

    Interesting build. I am playing a MoF myself.
    I tried various variants of builds, and by experience have to say that, if you are going to be DPS, not a suport:
    1. CC is better than SoF. I see your point and mathematics, I used that. But if we talk about endgame content and assuming you have 100% of crit chance from bonding stones, CC will give you pure 20% damage raise, which will do good with high-speed encounter rotation, without dependence on smolder. And you should not place your dps hopes on dots in the dungeon.
    SoF gives you benefit only when you set enemies on fire, that will take you some time… which is crucial as other DD will kill mobs while you try to place smolder on them… and also SoF benefits every DD. So if you choose CC and cast encounters often that will bring you to the top of the charts.
    If you play solo – SoF will do good.

    2. Abyss of chaos is one of the highest dps feats in CW class. It does not proc much when you play solo, but it really does in any dungeon, so I’d recommend to place feat points there from Oppressor.

    3. With CC you don’t need Drifting Embers. Malevolent Surge is the better choice.

    4. Orcus set is still better since it gives a multiplicative damage bonus.

    5. 2/3 Blighting Power- Conduit of Ice is our only Cold Power
    Actually, you have a lot of cold powers: CoI, Terrain, Ice Knife, Chillng Cloud and… Rimfire!

    6. I fail to see why you need Ray of Frost. I’d use Scorching Burst to set off Spell Twisting – that’s the fastest at-will power.

    7. With 100% crit and CC you will spread Smolder with CoI in Tab. FtF will damage more as a single target power with Focused Wizardry.

    8. You should take a mount with Artificer’s Persuasion. And get any dragon heart or Gond’s Hammer as an active artifact. Dragon Heart CD is 15 seconds when it is teal and did not damage anyone. So you will have an almost permanent bonus to recovery and action points – 10% of power, that will be a lot in a dungeon with clerics.

    • Profile photo of HighThrive
      April 22, 2017 at 4:52 am

      God Dangit, my post didn’t post. This is it in short
      1. Still using SoD, CC only works on Smoulder targets, same as SoD.

      2. Used math to make Abyss of Chaos less worthwhile, around 80000 more dps from Opressor every 10 seconds.

      3. Still using SoD, don’t need to change

      4. I prefer 4 percent dmg bonus from INT belt.

      5. You’re right!

      6. Changing Ray of Frost to Magic Missile.

      7. Still using SoD

      8. Working on mount powers!

      This used to be gigantic, internet went down when I tried to post 🙁

  • Thomas
    April 10, 2017 at 8:34 pm

    No Elemental Evil boons?

  • Kallia
    April 18, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    I play a MoF DPS as well. I have tried out all CW builds from Oppressor, Thautamage, and Renegade both as a MoF and SS. I like the MoF Thautamage build the best.

    Race: Tiefling – provides 5% bonus damage when enemies health is below 50%, it is around a 2.5% increase in overall damage.

    Starting Ability Scores:

    STR 10
    DEX 10
    CON 10
    INT 19
    WIS 14
    CHA 16

    Weapon Mastery 3/3
    Toughness: 2/3
    Wizard’s Wrath: 3/3
    Controlling Action 2/3
    Blighting Power: 3/3
    Arcane Enchantment 2/3
    Focused Wizardry: 3/3
    Learned Spell Caster: 2/5

    Thaumaturge Feats
    Malevolent Surge: 5/5
    Tempest Magic: 5/5
    Elemental Reinforcement: 5/5
    Spell Twisting: 5/5
    Elemental Empowerment: 5/5
    Assailing Force: 1/1

    Oppressor Feats
    Bitter Cold: 5/5
    Serve Reaction: 5/5
    Icy Veins: 5/5

    Icy Veins along with Icy Terrain will become your bread and butter of getting chill stack on targets to improve your damage from Chilling Presence.

    Chilling Presence: Chilling Presence provides you 2% increase in damage for each stack of chill per a power point. At rank 4 this is 8% damage bonus per a stack of chill. Maximum number of chill stacks is 6 and that provides you a 48% increase in damage. On Frozen targets this doubles to 96%.

    Swath of Destruction: With four power points it increases smolder damage by 60% and increase damage that an enemy takes when affected by smolder by 20%.

    At Wills:
    Magic Missile: Helps build up Arcane Mastery and at 5 stacks you gain 15% damage out. I use this until I have 5 stacks than I use Chilling Cloud on mobs or continue to use Magic Missile on bosses or single target enemies.

    Chilling Cloud: I use this to help add stack of chill when encounter powers are on cool down. Third strike provides AoE damage and is very useful on crowds of enemies.

    Scorching Burst: You can swap this out for chilling cloud if you find that damage is dropping due to not having smolder on targets as often as you like.

    Tab: Fanning the Flame – on tab this becomes the AoE to spread Smolder and it is why I do not use Scorching Burst as an At-Will. With how quickly this refreshes for me I rarely lose smolder on targets.

    Conduct of Ice – Another good AoE damage move that has increase damage based on the number of chill stacks targets have

    Icy Terrain – Primary way to add chill stacks

    Disintegrate – Biggest single target damaging ability a CW has, even more than Icy Knife daily

    Oppressive Force: AoE move that adds Arcane Stacks
    Ice Knife: Single Target move that adds chill

    As a MoF you have to manage three types of stacks: Arcane Mastery, Chill, and Smolder. Arcane Mastery provides 15%, Chill stack provide 48% with Chilling Presence slotted and Smolder can add 20% to your overall DPS with Swath of Destruction. Keeping all three stacks up a MoF gets 83% increase in damage. In addition, targets that are getting damage by smolder also get a 60% damage buff due to Swath of Destruction personal.

    As a MoF you have to balance out how you will add the stacks. I typically find Fanning the Flame to be more than enough to get smolder on targets. If you find that Fanning the Flame is not working out to add smolder as much as you need, swap out Chilling Cloud for Scorching Burst.

    • Profile photo of HighThrive
      April 22, 2017 at 3:58 am

      Hello Kallia!

      I see you have found my build( and decided to write another one in the comments,lol!)

      First, I have put 18 points into CHA and INT because I find the extra Critical Chance(1% per point) useful.

      I see you reasoning behind all of your feats, it’s just I fail to see why you have Tempest Magic, it has a very low uptime and will only be useful when your group’s dps is not high enough. Almost everything melts after 30 percent hitpoints. It is also the reason why I did not choose Orcus.

      I do not put full points into Icy Veins because after Icy Terrain, and any other encounter, the enemies around you will be completely frozen. So, I put extra points into Frigid Winds instead.

      I can see why you use Magic Missile, and might add that into my build.

      Thank you for taking the time for writing such a long comment!

      Have a good day!

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