Master4733’s Guide to GF Super Tank

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by Master4733 on March 15, 2017
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Master4733’s Guide to GF Super Tank

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A short introduction:

This is a guide that is built on pure unadulterated tanking. You will never show up on the leader-board for damage dealt(sometimes not even damage taken because it will be reduced a lot, the leaderboard only actually shows the hp damage we take, so if you deflect an attack it shows whats left after the deflect, same with shield and DR and the debuffs we do) we will focus on debuffing the enemies damage while keeping aggro so the actual Dps classes can burn through them.  So the focus of the build is getting a decent defense and deflection not your offense stats. *note you can edit it for your own pleasure, if you want more power or crit go right ahead, its a free world(mostly) and its your character, this is more or less to point you in the right direction.


This is a bit iffy, because race doesn’t actually do much, your character points matter but that is about it. So pick whatever you want really, I pick human for the 3 additional heroic feat points, but any class works as long as you can get either Constitution or Dexterity. The Ideal Character points for a full tank build should be 18 Constitution(16 from roll, +2 from race bonus) and 16 Dexterity(+2 if your race can) . Every point from characters go into these two(unless you feel like being a rebel and point a few points into strength for a bit more damage). with Constitution we should get 25 total points with 60% additional Base health and 15% action point gain and with dexterity we should get 13% armor pen and DoT resist with 6.5% deflection(without artifact belt).


Iron Vanguard, it is way more defensive but really it we only use it for 1 at will. Swordmaster is very offense focused and tanks through dealing damage and using immortality. On a boss that can one shot I would rather hold my shield up than focus on timing my ult perfectly so i get the most out of my ultimate and go through rotations. its really preference though, so go with whatever floats your Goat (yep goat).


(Keep in mind I use human so I have 3 additional feats)

Heroic feats:

Action surge 5/5 (10% more action points is no joke, especially not with a boss who is basically action point generation for a guardian fighter)

Toughness 3/3 (9% more hp, more hp= more tank time)

Distracting Shield 5/5 (5% less damage because you blocked)

Armor Specialist 3/3 (not sure how well this works but theoretically it would be really good for our defense value)

Potent Challenge 3/3 (15% additional threat means the boss will continue to stare into your beautiful eyes while the Gwf is shoving a sword in his back)

Ubiquitous Shield 1/5 (5% less combat advantage damage because we had 1 extra point and why not)

Protector Feats:

Plate Agility 5/5 (5% more deflect, who would say no?)

Shield Defense 5/5 (5 more Armor class, armor class gives us more damage resist so give me it all)

Devoted Protector 5/5 (5% more deflect chance on block for 6 seconds, we also have a 5% damage debuff on block so lets make some combos happen)

Shield Master 5/5 (less stamina drain means more shield lifetime)

Brawling Warrior 5/5 (We use knights valor, 5% additional damage reduction while its active is pretty good)

Iron Guard 1/1 (Debuff an enemy by attacking them, it even works with shield attacks, it can really help)

Tactician Feats:

Fight On 5/5 (10% cool down reduction, if your abilities come back faster you can buff and gain more aggro, do not complain)

Daunting Challenge 5/5 (everything will be marked and AoE can hit allies, 10% less damage means they are less likely to get oneshot)

United 5/5 (allies within 30 feet take 5% less damage, and with previous feet and everything being marked allies take basically 15% less damage)



Crushing Surge, it heals on every hit and does a decent bit of damage the only problem is that it is a single target attack.

Threatening Rush, a great encounter opener, charge a decent distance, apply a minor mark and gain some aggro.

Cleave, a GF’s hardest hitting at-will, it is AoE and does more damage than most.

Tide of Iron, lowers enemy defense and recovers a lot of stamina.

(I use Rushing Surge and Threatening Rush, but its up to you)


Shield talent, increases your stamina bar a large amount meaning our Overpowered shield last a lot longer than before.

Enhanced Mark, gain more aggro on marked targets, we mark everything, and our job is to aggro everything.

Combat Superiority, additional damage and the enemy does less damage to you(8% less damage at max).

(Other passives are all nice but these just depend on what you want, test them all and see how you like them)


Fighter’s recovery, the most op healing in the game, never every let it leave your bar, in a crowd simply use this and use Enforced Threat and you get almost all of your hp back and sill have a few seconds left of it.

The second daily is purely preference, I use Indomitable Strength because it looks cool:P, you could also use Vllain’s Menace for the cc immune and bonus damage.

Encounter Powers:

There is only 2 things that you must have:

Knight’s Valor (the GF’s bubble but the only way it goes down is if it is toggled off or the GF gets silenced, most stuns cant even disable it)

The other required encounter is a buff, either Into the Fray or Commander’s Strike, I use Commander’s because its a bigger buff but it only buffs encounter damage(if tool tip is right) and it does a decent chunk of damage meaning more aggro.

For the final encounter I use Enforced Threat for an AoE mark generator, but you can also use knee breaker(decent DoT that generates threat), Into The Fray(another buff), the other Encounters can be a bit lack luster but that is an opinion so test anything you think looks or sounds good.



This is where it starts getting tricky for everyone, when you are leveling to 70 I recommend gear with power and crit so you do damage, and buying a mount like the heavy worg from the zen market because 1k crit and 1k armorpen is really helpful. Once you hit 70 use what you get till you reach about 2000 gs, then switch to 2 pieces of dusk(boots and gloves are fairly easy to get) with 2 pieces of dragon flight(obtained via guild, and guilds love tanks)(This is when you start going defensive). From there I would stick to that until you can reach the relic armor where you go for full ward relic armor(you could also use Jarl’s gaze for a helmet and get more power if you want), for rings rising defense and deflection are good, but my end goal is Greater Ostorian Ring of Stein, because I prefer to have my stats without too much buildup. For shirt and pants you can use the greater everfrost set or you can use the gemmed elemental defender set. For the armor enchantment many will work, personally I will use a trans Braitwine enchant for 5.6% damage reflect, you might also want to consider barkshield, soulforged(just in case you mess up), Bloodtheft( if you hp gets low enough send out an aoe that heals), a really good option is elven battle for the stamina regen and CC resist. Negation is basically wasted because we are already near the defense cap so you basically gain recovery and incoming healing(not good enough to justify using it imo).

My Personal gear will be this: Blackthorn(def and deflection, plus 100 damage any time you take damage, Knights valor activates this), Deepknights Brigandines (50k hp is really nice), vivified shieldbearer ward gloves and feet(Or the new mastercraft gear because it has nice stats), with Relic main hand and offhand. The reason for this is it lets me reach over 30k defense and deflection at the same time, and when paired with my energon and feats i reach 197k hp without radiant in defense slots(because I use silvery), with full radiant you should have 225k hp and 13k deflect.

Artifact Set:

FOR VALHALLA! (had to, lol), basically this set is currently the only real defensive artifact set, debuff the enemy damage by being attacked is amazing and knights valor actually spreads this meaning one aoe and the boss can be at full debuff stacks, plus when the enemy attacks it refreshes the duration on all stacks.


Horn of Valhalla for the set bonus, Oghma’s token of Free Movement and Sigil of Guardian Fighter for the defense and deflection, for your final artifact I would use an artifact you want to use for an active, I recommend Sigil of DC, Wheel of Elements, Lantern of Revelation(buff stuff basically)


The end goal is the relic set for main hand and offhand, its just too good, but till you can reach that the elemental water, twisted, possibly elemental earth set(depends how the bonus is applies, if it adds the resist to your defense its wasted due to cap of 80% DR, but if its a additional layer over your DR it would be good because you would take 70% of the damage after all other damage calculations). For the artifact stat I would use AP gain. The at-will buff is preference based on what you use. For the passive buff I would use either the stamina cap or marked targets lose more DR. For the weapon enchantment slot I recommend Terror or Plague Fire, both have debuffs, Plague Fire also has a DoT that gives you more agro, Terror is just a flat debuff though. Other options include: Feytouched for the -18% damage debuff(if somone else has this enchant its wasted though), Vorpal and Dread if you chose a more offensive path, Lightning for the cooldown reduction(you dont get much with only a boss though so its a bit wasted), and Finaly Holy Avenger which heals you but has a long cooldown.


For offense use radiant for power or Silver for recovery(I recommend a mixture of them). For your defense slots i would use Cruel if you can get them, or use a mixture of Azure for defense and Silvery for deflection(get them to a point where you are satisfied).


Oh boy the fun part. The active companion doesn’t matter much, con artist and sell sword will help your dps, but I use the acolyte of kelemvor, it gives a 10% damage resist buff(should be able to stack with 80% DR, key word should) and it gives a decent lifesteal buff. Basically choose defense and deflection gear for the companion and it wont really matter(use others if you feel like you need more of a different stat), and as always use bonding stones.

For the other companions there is no set in stone best combo for tank, but i would use something like this: Rust monster(debuff on hit), dread warrior(more aggro), bear cub(more lifesteal meaning more healing), Neverember’s guard(for a bit of healing). There is a lot of choices so you have to pick.


Sharandar: top, top, bottom, top, then deflect for final

Dread ring: top, top, top, top, then the very top

Icewind Dale: top, bottom, top, top, very top

Tyranny of Dragons: bottom, top, top, top, 2 into very top, and 2 into incoming healing

Elemental Evil: bottom, top, bottom, then healing with recovery

Guild boons: Armor pen for offense, for defense either defense or lifesteal, utility is mount  speed or revive sickness

Underdark: top, top, top, top, then defense against demons

Maze engine: top, bottom, bottom, bottom, then very top

Storm King: Top, bottom, bottom, bottom, then all 3 very bottom for deflect damage


For your mount combat power Tensir’s Disk is probably the best, for the equip power i would use a 4k def, defl, flail snail for the 25% ap on ult, or gain health on ult usage. It comes down to what you think you need.

For the insignia bonus’ use protector’s camaraderie, survivor’s blessing, champion’s return, oppressors reprieve, and gladiator’s guile. Use the insignia’s that boost stats you want

The Evil Icky Math:

So for starters I’m simplifying the math and giving rough estimates for it, I’m not gonna say this is your stat and it equates to this percent because most people cant understand that without studying it(me included) so like I said i will estimate.

So first I will list the damage debuffs: Distracting shield 5%, Iron Guard 20%(max procs), Valhalla set 15%(max procs too), and weapon enchant (I will use plague fire for this part and assuming 5% less power means 5% less damage in pve, if you know please tell me in comments) 15%. So 5+20+15+15=55% less damage (assuming it is not bugged, a lot of stuff can be bugged and its hard to test on xbox). We will also assume that we have the full 80% DR (the hard cap in pve, you can go over but it just doesn’t do anything past 80% unless the boss has Armor pen). and we will assume we deflected the attack(we are aiming for 100% deflect), Then finnaly that handy Briartwine enchant 5.6%.

Now for the fun part, the legit math. So to find out magic percent damage taken we will use a base 100 and decimals(the percent we take not reduced by, so 55% reduction means 45% taken). 100(base)x.45(from debuffs)x.20(DR)x.50(defl)x.944(Briartwine)= 4.248% damage taken. Again this is assuming nothing is actually broken. Now if you want to find the damage a boss will deal to you estimate an amount then multiply it times .0428, For example if i want to go for overkill and say Orcus does 1 million damage unreduced (probs about right>-<) 1,000,000x.04248= 42,480 Total damage taken Which is livable without blocking, and without companions(notice we didn’t use the rust monster’s 15% debuff at max stacks bringing us to 3.6108% taken). As you can probably tell you can get some ridiculous Damage reduction. (whats crazy is this isn’t even the strongest, a TR can get to 2.08152% taken by standing there, but don’t worry I will post that build later).


You will be a turtle and your allies must be able to kill people, because you sure as hell wont be able too. Your weakness will be CC and the lack of damage to kill people.

The Strats to Win:

For a boss, hold up shield, bash him for a few seconds(let your stacks build up), gauge the damage he/she is doing to you(it comes with practice I promise) if you are buffed enough drop shield, use your 2 encounters(at will if you are feeling confident), then hold shield up to renew stacks, once cooldowns over drop shield, use abilities and repeat.

Additional notes:

This is my first official written down guide, if you have any suggestions or questions i will try to respond below. If you see typo’s feel free to point them out(nicely though). Please leave a rating, if you have suggestions comment them below. Thank you and have a fun time tanking. More builds, including what i dub the Juggernaut GF, will come out in the future when I find more time.

Where to Find Me:

If you wish to find me and have a question answered faster i play on Xbox. My gamertag is Master4733, I usually don’t join parties with people I don’t know but i answer my messages all the time. Feel free to send me stuff in game if you want to help me out, My main character I play is a SW named Master4733(basically mail stuff to Master4733@Master4733).

Quick Note About Ratings.

Do not change the rating style on post, if you switch between them it messes up the rating count and results in you have zero and your normal ratings all at once.

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  • Profile photo of Quinn Ironside
    March 20, 2017 at 2:01 am

    Why use threathing rush and enforced threat? they do the same thing.

    • Profile photo of Master4733
      March 20, 2017 at 3:56 am

      The main reason is the charge aspect. On the rare occasion of a knockback i can simply using threatening charge and return back faster than if i have to walk back. Its mainly just because I prefer having the ability to just bounce right back in. Another reason is if I completely forgot to remark a target and just used enforced threat using the charge instantly remarks the enemy even if enforced is on cooldown.

  • March 20, 2017 at 11:54 am

    Thanks for this. I downloaded NW yesterday and plan on playing a GF, as I enjoy tanking in other MMOs.

  • April 12, 2017 at 3:12 am

    how well would this do for 2.2 item lvl gf? I am on pc btw.

    • Profile photo of Master4733
      April 12, 2017 at 2:23 pm

      That mostly depends on what you have. If you are simply lacking enchants you would want to go with full defense then work on your deflection. It also depends on your companions because having a companion with bonding stones can potentially make you into a 3k who doesn’t have a good companion. The feats and gear choices should work for even a 2k but it wont be as effective.

      To sum it up: If you have decent companions and boons it should work fine(just use azures for defensive slots instead of silvery), however if you dont have your companions and stuff it wont work as well but should still work.

  • Al
    April 18, 2017 at 12:31 pm

    Briartwine does not work.
    “You reflect 5.6% of the damage dealt to you back”
    Must take damage that will be after reflect.

    • Profile photo of Master4733
      April 18, 2017 at 7:19 pm

      You do take damage, just a reduced amount. Any damage dealt is threat and brairtwine will proc weapon enchants (like plague). It wont be a ton of damage but it works

  • Necroticall
    April 23, 2017 at 9:16 pm

    I just hope groups like me because I won’t be top of any charts with this. I’ll definitely be able to tank. How well does it hold aggro?

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