Quinn Ironside’s Buff/Debuff Guardian Fighter Build Mod 10.5

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by Quinn Ironside on February 24, 2017
Guardian Fighter
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Quinn Ironside’s Buff/Debuff Guardian Fighter Build Mod 10.5

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Hello Everyone

Quinn Ironside from Knox’s Irregulars here and I’m here to show you how I play my Guardian Fighter.

(btw this is my 1st guide so let me know how i did)

This is more of a what to aim for guide.

Disclaimer: This build isn’t going to deal alot of damage but it will get the most out of your group.

This is a group build and not tailored to solo play.


I picked human for the Versatile Defense

Increases our defense by 3% and the extra feats are always nice.

But any race will work.

Ability Score

Constitution for the increased health points.

Intelligence for the recharge speed = more buffs for the group.

Paragon Path

I picked Swordmaster paragon path for

Weapon Master Strike – Great AOE at will that will spread your weapon enchantment like the plague.

Steel Grace – Movement speed to get out of red.


5x Action Surge

More action point gain from blocking.

3x Toughness

More health points.

3x Armor Specialization

More armor class which helps us survive the big hits.

3x Potent Challenge

Helps you keep aggro on mobs against heavy hitting dps

5x Powerful Attack

More damage = More Threat

1x Weapon Mastery

Had 1 left over

Tactician Feats

5x Fight On

Lowers your cooldowns on encounters = more buffs & threat

5x Daunting Challenge

If a marked mob gets away from you it will deal less damage to the other members of your group.

5x Rousing Speech

More ap gain for your group.

5x Inspiring Leader

Increases the damage buff that Into the Fray gives.

5x Surging Tide

Helps you take less damage from mobs you hit with Tide of Iron.

1x Martial Mastery

When you get hit, everyone benefits with more ap which in turn increases the overall damage of the group.(must have)

Protector Feats

5x Plate Agility

More deflect = less damage taken

5x  Shield Defense

More Armor Class = More damage mitagated




Tide of Iron

 Stamina Gain and also puts a debuff from Surging Tide Feat

Weapon Master’s Strike

Best Damage at-will that is an AOE which puts your plaguefire debuff on the mobs hit.


Commander Strike 

This skill makes your groups next encounter deal extra damage on any mob that is marked.

Into the Fray 

Great Damage buff for the group and increases run speed

Enforced Threat

Aoe Taunt and marks every mob hit by it that applies the defense debuff.

Knight’s Valor

Helps with keeping aggro with heavy dps in the group.

Be careful tho because you will take half of the damage the dps takes from the mob.


Enhanced Mark

Builds threat against marked targets.

Puts a 5% defense debuff if you have the off-hand artifact power unlocked.

Steel Grace

Helps with movement speed and deflection.


Villains’s Menace

You deal increased damage and become immune to CC’s

Fighter’s Recovery

After you activate this daily every hit you preform will heal you for the damage that it does.



Dancing Shield

20% defense debuff on the target hit.

3x Defense slots for bondings and 3 belt slots what more could you ask for.



5% hp! duh

Rust Monster

5% damage debuff on attacker when you are hit and stacks 3 times.


If you take 25% of your hp in a single blow it will but a debuff on the attacker and gives you 40% movement speed

Battlefield Medic

6% incoming healing.


15/25% chance to reflect 10% of damage taken. If the same target is hit 4 times it will reflect 3 times the damage taken.


Courage and Mastery are the insignia’s ones to focus on.


This is where it gets boring.

What i do is go to the guild stronghold and hit a test dummy to proc my bonding runestones.

Then i pick my boons so i know what my stats are at.

Main ones to consider are:

 Sharandar– Fey Thistle – Deal 3k dmg when you deflect.

Dread Ring– Augmented Thayan Bastion – Chance to get a 10k shield that redirects damage to a nearby foe.

IWD- Rousing Warmth – Chance when healed to gain up to 3k damage bonus on next attack.

Underdark –  Nothing really stands out here.

ToD –  Dragon’s Revival – increased incoming healing. (works great with fighter’s recovery daily)

Maze Engine –  Nothing really stands out here.

EE –  Wall of Wind – When taking dmg you have a chance to heal and increase recovery by 1k for 10 secs

Stats to aim for fully buffed

This is for end game, so don’t worry if you can’t hit these right off the get go.

Defense>Arm Pen>Recovery>HP>Deflect>Crit


Defense helps you survive hits so more is better and increases you damage resistance. 

Don’t get to carried away though, because at a certain point it becomes less of a priority.

That amount you’re looking for is around 32k Defense or 96% Damage Resistance

“Scrub everyone knows 80% dr is the cap” 

In Mod 10 the developers gave the mobs 15% armor penetration so to counter this we need 96%.

(i like to be one up on this just to make me feel better.)

Armor Penetration

This helps you gain aggro and keep aggro on mobs.

6300 or 60% resistance ignored


This helps you get your encounters faster so you can keep your buffs up.

12k is the soft cap. Focus on this stat once you hit the Arm pen cap 1st.


More Hit points = More life


This stat makes it so you take 50% of the damage you would of taken.

Once you are DR capped and you have around 160k Hp focus on deflection.


Only after you are at the Arm Pen cap and Recovery cap.

“Why not power?”

We get enough power from all the power share buffs that the other members bring.

Gear (Starting)



Negation if you are below the DR Cap.

Soulforged if you are at the DR Cap.

Helm – Drowcraft Helm

Chest – Drowcraft Breastplate

Arms – Dusk Raid Gauntlets

Boots – Dusk Raid Sabatons


Ring of Rising Defense

Ring of Rising Focus (Recovery)

Drow Shirt and Pants


Greater Lathander’s Cloak


Greater Plated Belt of Constitution


Drowned Longsword

I use a Plaguefire Enchantment for the Debuff it puts on the mobs i hit.

Drowned Shield

Make sure to unlock the Artifact powers

Enhanced Mark- for the extra Debuff

Weapon Master Strike – Increase damage of WMS


Defense Slots – Azures

Offensive Slots – Silvery


Defense on armor

Ap gain on rings, neck, and belt



Sigil of the Guardian or Champions Banner


Waters of Elah’zad

Symbol of Fire

Sigil of the Devoted

My Gear


Vivified Shieldbearer Raid Helm

Reinforced 200 Recovery

Shieldbearer Raid Breastplate

Reinforced 200 Defense

Soulforged Enchantment

Vivified Shieldbearer Raid Gauntlets

Reinforced 200 Defense

Vivified Shieldbearer Ward Sabatons

Reinforced 200 Defense


Ostorian Ring of Skold x2

Reinforced with AP Gain


Cloak of Valhalla

Reinforced with AP Gain


Belt of Valhalla

Reinforced with AP Gain


Shieldbearer Longsword

Plague Fire Enchantment

Shieldbearer Shield

Enhanced Mark artifact class power



 Champions Banner

Helps the group by providing recovery and incoming healing.

Also Foes will deal 8% less damage for 30 secs.


Waters of Elah’zad

Horn of Valhalla

Sigil of the Guardian


 Check your stats when you upgrade gear and adjust boons and enchantments.

Try different things and see what works for you.

If you’re in an alliance don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Have fun!

Hope this helps.

Quinn Ironside


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  • Profile photo of b1llyriz
    February 24, 2017 at 11:08 pm

    Daunting Challenge -If a marked mob gets away from you it will deal less damage to the other members of your group. Its Actually Marked targets now deal 10% less damage to your allies and you, The tooltip is wrong get used to that with tooltips.

    5x Surging Tide I would switch this for Crushing Pin, it will proc a lot and the Guarded Assault artifact with the passive slotted will proc it if you choose to slot it, Griffon’s Wrath is ideal on single target bosses as it has 3 charges so it is easy to reapply and manage so you can keep crushing pin on all the time with 12k recovery.

    Steel Grace- Awesome for Dailies but would consider switching to guarded assault for Above reasons with crushing pin GA will also heal you loads when you hit fighters recovery.

    Gear (Starting) Awesome (Applies to everything below)

    Enchantments Awesome
    My Gear

    Mount Bonus I would switch out WF for Shepherds devotion in dungeons, Also Victim’s Preservation is also very good along with champions struggle as others to consider.

    Good Build:)

  • Vengance
    February 25, 2017 at 2:29 am

    Can u explain your rotation? Im new with tanks and all the info its welcome! Ty for take some of your time to share ur build whit us!

    *Knox alliance*

    • Profile photo of Quinn Ironside
      February 25, 2017 at 2:47 am

      Before I run in I hit block to proc my relic weapon bonus then itf. As I am running I start to mark(R1) everything I can. I use enforced threat to mark everything(double kill I know) Then drop block and hit commanding strike. Block,itf,cs,enforced threat repeat

  • efkarpidis kostas
    February 27, 2017 at 11:52 am

    Hey m8.Would mind to tell us which boons you chose.Also could you tell us what items did you put on your companions?
    Thanks a lot

    • Profile photo of Quinn Ironside
      February 27, 2017 at 1:23 pm

      The reason I didn’t put my boons down is because other people will have different guild boons and different rank enchants.
      Like my guide stated I went to the target dummies to see what my stats were with my bondings active and pick accordingly. Same with my companion belts.
      Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope it helps!

      • Comrade
        March 15, 2017 at 9:16 am

        What belts do you put in your companion?

        • Profile photo of Quinn Ironside
          March 15, 2017 at 12:59 pm

          I just use some blue belts with the stats I’m lacking be it armpen or recovery. I’ve really ignored my companion >_< but I also use him as a means of getting my caps I want to have so if I upgrade an enchantment on my guy I edit my companion to fit what I need

  • El "Boleta" Albelto
    March 2, 2017 at 11:59 pm

    What guild boons u have?

  • Russell O'Keefe
    March 10, 2017 at 10:29 pm

    I am in Quinns alliance and have been lucky enough to do a few runs with him recently. This build works extremely well and Quinn is pretty much considered to most skilled GF in our alliance. I cant wait to roll a GF and test it out for myself. Well done on finally publishing your build Quinn 🙂

  • Daniel
    March 24, 2017 at 7:57 am

    If you can’t get the champion banner what other artifacts can you use in place of it

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