War’s Devoted Cleric, Anointed Champion (Buff/DPS/AA) Build (PS4 10.0)

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by War74 on January 11, 2017
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War’s Devoted Cleric, Anointed Champion (Buff/DPS/AA) Build (PS4 10.0)

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Welcome to my Anointed Champion, Devoted Cleric build!

Lately I have had several people ask me questions about the cleric build I am using. I have noticed that there are several out there that offer a variety of options. In fact, there are so many great builds here I was hesitant to post. I posted this build on my guild website a couple of weeks ago but thought I would share here as well.  Each build has it’s strengths; I believe that this one is it’s versatility with regards to gear score.. Please keep in mind that my build has developed based off my play style and my desire to be able to push out my dailies as often as possible. So, for those wonderful folks who are interested in my thoughts on Healing (AKA Telling people not to stand in the red.) here you go:

With this build I am focusing on Recovery, Power, and Defense as well as AP gain for buffs.  With this build I am able to push AA 100% (assuming cast order is not interrupted), buff/debuff, and provide clutch heals. Currently I am at 3330 GS with the following stats (not grouped, buffed, etc):

Power: 15k  (38% Healing/Damage Bonus)

Crit: 6.4k (30.9% Crit Chance)

Armor Pen: 3.6k (-37.6% Resistance Ignored)

Recovery: 18k  (102% Recharge, 106.7% AP Gain)

Action Point Gain: 884 (Note: The cap, at least soft cap, appears to be in the 700-800 range. If you, like me, are trying to get your AP gain% up this will have to be through Recovery)

Combat Advantage: 550

Control Bonus: 1.4k

Defense: 11.7k  (35.3% Damage Resistance)

Deflect: 754 (2.9% Deflection Chance)

Regen: 2k  (5% Health Regen every 3 seconds)

Life Steal: 1.5k (3.7% Life Steal Chance)


Play style is just that, a style. Some people are interested in ensuring that their race is one that is benefiting a class.  Others are more interested in being able to play their favorite race.  Honestly, I am not sure that it makes a huge difference but for those who are interested here are some thoughts that I have gleaned from other builds mixed with my own. I will list those races which will offer up a Wisdom bonus, as it is the main determination of our ability to heal.

Human: +2 ability to a stat of your choice.

Half-Elf: +2 CON, +2 CHA or +2 WIS

Dwarf: +2 CON, +2 STR or WIS (Resistance to Knockback/Repel, Resistance to Damage over Time (DoT))

Drow: +2 DEX, +2 WIS or +2CHA (+5% change to reduce a foe’s defense by 10% for 4 sec, faster recovery at campfire)

Dragonborn: +2 ability to a stat of your choice. (+3% Power and Crit, +5% Healing)

FYI: War is a Dwarf. Personal preference and I thought that the knockback reduction could be handy. I picked CON/WIS for my build. Note: If I ever do a race reset it will likely be as human. I can use the extra feats.


Despite my build being focused on action point gain, I focused on WIS/CHA as my primary stats. This was simply to ensure I was getting the most out of my stats.  Below is a table with the stat benefits so that you can choose your own. This table comes directly off the Neverwinter Gamepedia.

Wisdom is the Devoted Cleric’s primary Ability ScoreStrength and Charisma are secondary.

Statistic Effect of Ability Score on stat per point over 10
Strength Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
Damage bonus 1%
Healing bonus 1%
Critical Chance 1%
Combat Advantage damage 1%
Hit Points 2%
Damage Over Time (DoT) resistance 1%
Area of Effect damage resistance 1%
Deflection chance .5%
Control Bonus 1%
Control Resistance 1%
Stamina Regeneration 1%
Recharge Speed 1% 1%
Action Points gain 1%
Companion stat bonus 1%

As you can see from the table above Wisdom and Charisma both stats have a greater influence on class performance although if you wanted to focus in on something particular, like DPS, you should look towards STR for example.

Paragon Path

This is an Anointed Champion (AC) build. I have heard great things about Devine Oracle (DO) but I haven’t played the path enough to really say anything positive or negative about it. Given my desire to be able to push Anointed Army (AA) the AC path was the only path for me (AA is an AC paragon daily power).

An explanation of the powers is listed below for this path.  Please note, I pulled this information from another build (http://mmominds.com/2016/10/26/devoted-cleric-anointed-champion-healbuffdebuff-build-mod-10/). They did the work, no sense in not giving them credit. I have made some edits to better explain my build reasoning though.

  • Astral Seal: This at-will grants us and allies with a heal every 4 seconds when that target is hit. (Note: This is my L2, I never change it.)
  • Sun Burst: Great encounter, but should only be used in boss fights as you will make your allies mad when casting this. Used in Divinity this encounter will heal an area. Note: This is a great skill to use while in Castle Never during the Death Sphere fight with zombie. You can use to knock them back, coupled with chains to hold them still to give your allies time to burn them down. If you have a high dps group, you won’t need to do this.
  • Healing Ward: Great encounter to have as we will get 3 Casts to heal allies and will generate great Action Points and also has great distance 80′ so we can get those out of reach allies. This is good if you want to heal from a distance. I don’t use it except in rare circumstances.
  • Flame Strike: This will be your main Daily when soloing as this will be our most damaging Daily. Note: When I am running solo I use this, great for single target encounters or mobs stacked on top of each other. (Solo Primary Encounter)
  • Hallowed Ground: Awesome Daily to have in Boss fights as this will Buff the party and give the Party a Damage Resist Buff. Only down fall to this Daily is that when casted you will not be able to generate any Action Points until has expired. With 4 points this will enhance you and your allies Damage 35% and Damage Resist by 35% for the duration of the fight within the large cast area. (Group Primary Daily)
  • Chains of Blazing Light: This will be your main source for damage. It builds AP incredibly fast. (Solo and Group Primary Encounter)
  • Divine Fortune: This Class Feature will give us 20% more divine power and we need to gain divine power really fast for this build. I normally will keep this up all of the time but will switch it out for Hasting Light if running with a Pally Tank. (Solo Primary Active)
  • Blessing of Battle: This will be our primary at-will as this will generate the most Divine Power and will give us and our allies a little Buff to their defense. (Note: This is my R2, I never change it.)
  • Bastion of Health: This will be our most powerful heal, but has slow casting times and will also generate Action Points. I keep this slotted all the time for clutch heals. Fully empowered it will bring everyone in the cast area to full health, regardless of how many hitpoints are missing. (Primary Solo and Group Encounter)
  • Anointed Armor: You can use this Class Feature when soloing as it increases our Armor Class and Deflection chance.
  • Break the Spirit: Awesome encounter to use in Boss fights as it will apply a Damage over Time (DoT) and Debuff the mob’s damage by 50%, fully empowered it will also Buff the party’s damage by up to 30% (10% per stack). It also generates decent Action Point Gain. (Primary Group Encounter Buff)
  • Divine Glow: Awesome encounter to use in all situations as this will Buff our allies (17.5% increased damage) grant them heals and reduces the damage resistance of mobs (17.5% ). It will also generate awesome Action Point Gain. I typically will use this if I am in a group that needs a little extra boost to heals. It does a little bit of everything. Fully empowered it will decrease the duration of the buff. (Primary Group Encounter Buff Alternate of Break the Spirit).
  • Astral Shield: Awesome encounter to use, but only when fully empowered as it will give our allies a Damage Resist Buff. Not very useful if not fully empowered. This can be used if you are running with a very squishy tank to help with damage mitigation.
  • Anointed Army: This will be the daily we use the most as it is useful for trash mobs and Boss fights. It grants allies with immunity to control effects and takes almost all damage and the best part is that it will give our allies a lot of Power (50% of the casters) so they can do a lot damage fast. (Primary Group Daily)
  • Hastening Light: The most important Class Feature when in dungeons and with a party. When we activate a daily power allies will have their recharge times on encounter powers and dailys reduced by 4 seconds. (Note: great to use during Orcus fight to help during rifts.)


Passive: Holy Fervor, Divine Fortune

At wills: Astral Seal & Blessing of Battle

Encounters: Chains, Daunting Light, Bastion of Health

Dailies: Flame Strike, Anointed Army

Cast Order: Astral Seal x1, Blessing Battle x2, Chains x3 to empower, Daunting Light empowered, Bastion for ap gain, Chains x1 to cap ap if needed, Flame Strike. Repeat


Passive: Hole Fervor, Divine Fortune (Sub for Hastening Light if Pally tank and needs recovery assistance)

At wills: Astral Seal & Blessing of Battle

Encounters: Chains, Break the Spirit (Divine Glow if need more heals), Bastion of Health

Dailies: Hallowed Ground (longer boss fights where regular heals suffice), Anointed Army (trash mobs and heavy hitting bosses, also good for emergency recoveries of tank)

Cast Order: Astral Seal x1, Blessing Battle x2, Chains x3 to empower, Break the Spirit empowered, Bastion for ap gain, Chains x1 to cap ap if needed, Anointed Army. Repeat (When Devoted Sigil is up throw Hallowed Ground, pop sigil, next cycle throw Anointed Army back up, repeat during active sigil). Note: Remember, when Hollowed Ground is down you will not gain AP, so if you are running something other than the Sigil you will just run your order and wait for Hallowed Ground to end and rebuild your AP to recast. HG is great for single target bosses who are not forcing you to run AA.


I recommend that clerics run dps (Righteous) up until they first start healing dungeons and then switch to either of the healing feat paths (Faithful or Virtuous) until their gear score is around 2700-2800 and then switch back to dps.  There are lots of ways to do this and I am not suggesting my path is the best path, it is simply my path and what worked for me. Picking the Righteous path while grinding out campaigns makes it tolerable and cuts your time to kill mobs down by 75% or so.  Once you are doing CN and other Epic Dungeons it is helpful (if not demanded of you) to buff the rest of the group’s dps as well.

Feats photo feats_zps8meeelvt.jpg


Healing Action: (5/5) This enhances your action point gain whenever healing. No brainer.

Greater Fortune: (0/3) Wisdom now grants more healing up to 3%.

Toughness: (2/3) Increase HP up to 3/6/9%

Holy Resolve: (0/3) Grants temp HP when you drop below 30%.  If I drop below 30% I am healing back up or thanking soul forge.

Domain Synergy: (5/5) Gain up to 5% recovery.

Weapon Mastery: (3/3) Gain up to 3% Crit Chance

Initiate of the Faith: (0/5) You crit stat is increase by up to 1% of your Power.  So that mean 20k Power = 200 Crit. (Not worth it IMO).

Repurpose Soul: (0/3) Allows for a spell AoE heal to proc when healing up to 15% of the initial heal.  Again, not worth it.  If I want another heal I will just cast another heal.

Battlewise: (0/3) You create up to 6% less threat. I am either in a group with a tank who should be taunting or solo where this wouldn’t matter. Seems like a waste of points to me.

Cleanse: (3/3) Up to a 30% chance to cleanse a debuff from an ally. I used to put only 1 point here because I would rather have points elsewhere and 10% chance is actually pretty high given the number of casts I make in a fight. It is going to proc.  I put 3 here because I hope to start healing Fang Breaker Island at some point and this is critical.

Templar’s Domain: (0/5) Allows for up to a 25% chance to gain 30% more armor pen for 5 seconds.

Bountiful Fortune: (2/5) Allows up to 15% more divine power gain.  I would put extra points here if I had them.  This is the trade-off for getting 3 points in Cleanse.

Righteous Path (Primary)

Astral Fury: (5/5) Allows for up to 10% more damage.

Furious Intervention: (5/5) Allows you to generate up to 10 more action points when dealing damage. This helps considerably towards my AP gain.

Righteous Suffering: (0/5) When you take damage you deal more damage (up to 10% more) for 10 seconds.  I don’t deal enough damage that 10% for 10 seconds is worth 5 feat points.

Ancient Warding: (5/5) When the Anointed Army daily buff ends the holder is healed for up to 3% of their max HP, and gains 5% of their AP. In addition, the Anointed Action class feature now lasts up to 20% longer. (I don’t use Anointed Action but it increases the healer’s damage and reduces incoming damage by approximately 13% for a “short period”).  My points here for the heal and AP gain bonus.

Living Fire: (0/5) When you are below 30% HP you deal up to 25% extra damage as fire damage. Fortunately, I am not below 30% much and when I am it isn’t for long. I wouldn’t really benefit from this so zero points here.

Weapons of Light: (5/5) Allies within 30’ have their Power increased by up to 10 of my power. So simply standing close to me will give you at least a 2000 power buff when in dungeons.  This can jump way higher as buffs stack.

Bear Your Sins: (5/5) Foes who are under the effect of one of your Damage Over Time (DoT) take up to 10% more damage from all sources. This is essentially a free buff as I am always throwing a DoT.

Piercing Light: (0/5) Your damaging powers have up to 10% additional armor penetration.

Condemning Gaze: (5/5) Each damaging power stacks “Condemned” for 30 seconds. If a for reaches 5 stacks they take up to 15% more damage from all sources for 15 seconds. It starts over again after 15 seconds. Essentially, another free 15% damage buff for the group.

Fire of the Gods: (0/5) When you critically strike a foe they are set ablaze for up to 100% of the healer’s weapon damage every second for 15 seconds. This would essentially hit for 23,670k over 15 seconds which really isn’t much even if I were to crit with every hit (which I don’t).

Avatar of the Divine: (1/1) When a healer enter combat they gain Avatar. It increases their damage by 40% and increases cooldown speed by 40% for 25 seconds. It resets when leaving combat or 60 seconds after expiring.

Virtuous Path

Lasting Wishes: (5/5) Increases heals up to 10%.

Faithful Path

Resounding Beliefs: (5/5) Non-Heal Over Time (HoT) powers Heal for up to 10% more.


Storm King’s Thunder:  (Note: I am still working on this campaign, having only the first three boons. Below reflects my future placement as well.)

Frosty Demeanor: 2% Control Resist and 1000 Max HP

Hardy Constitution: 400 Stamina Gain and 2% Everfrost Damage Resistance

Chill Determination: Gain up to 2000 Recovery based on how much Stamina missing

Glacial Strength: Max HP is increase by 3200 and 2% Everfrost Damage Resistance

Healing Warmth: Heal spells have a chance to damage up to 5 foes near the target for up to 4k

PvP: I don’t Pvp; I have nothing here. The boons here are for PvP so you should consider discussing this with a healer who does PvP. Hell, this guide may be terrible for PvP, I couldn’t tell you.

Dread Ring:

Reliquary Keeper’s Strength: You gain 250 Power and 250 Movement

Evoker’s Thirst: Gain 400 life steal

Forbidden Piercing: Gain 3% Resistance Ignored (3% of my total is tiny but I didn’t want Regen)

Enraged Regrowth: When taking damage you have a chance to heal up to 20k hp over a few seconds. After this effect end you gain 4000 more defense for 10 seconds.

Rampaging Madness: When dealing damage gain a stack of “Madness” when reaching 50 stackss gain 4000 Power, Life Steal, and Regen for 10 seconds.

Icewind Dale:

Weathering the Storm: 400 AoE Resist

Appreciation of Warmth: Gain 400 Incoming Healing Bonus

Rapid Thaw: Gain 400 Recovery

Cool Resolve: Gain up to 2000 power based on how much stamina missing

Winter’s Bounty: Chance to gain 10% AP when killing a taret.


Primordial Might: Gain 400 Power and 1600 HP

Primordial Focus: Gain 400 Crit and 1600 HP

Drow Meditation: 1200 Regeneration

Dwarven Footing: Control effects will now have 5% shorter durations (stuns, roots, etc.)

Abyssal Strikes: Gain a +10% damage vs demons

Tyranny of Dragons:

Dragon’s Claws: Gain 400 Power

Dragon’s Gaze: Gain 400 Crit

Draconic Armorbreaker: Gain 400 Armor Pen

Dragon’s Blood: Gain 400 Regen

Dragon’s Fury: (3/3) Grants 8% increase Crit Severity


Stronghold boons are incredibly helpful. I happen to be in Pawns and Kings and we have several very nice boons thanks to the hard work of our very active guild and alliance. Visit us: Pawns and Kings Website

The Maze Engine: (Note: People tend to forget this one or forego it because it takes time.  It is worth it!)

Abyssal Regeneration: Gain 400 Incoming Heal

Demonic Resilience: Control effects will now have 5% duration when applied to you

Demonic Swiftness: 3% AP Gain

Engine Inspiration: Healing spells have a chance to heal allies around you for 20k. (Note: This procs all of the time. Consider that many of our attacks will also heal or proc heals that will have a chance of proc’ing this.  It is constantly going off in grps.  Worth it for sure!)

Elemental Evil:

Wave of Force: Gain 300 Power and 2000 HP

Earth’s Renewal: Gain 400 Regen and 2000 HP

Blazing Resilience: Gain 400 Recover and 2000 HP

Wall of Wind: When taking damage you have a chance to heal up to 24k HP. After this effect your Recovery is increased by 1000 for 10 seconds.


As I have stated before, my focus is on AP gain and so my companions are designed to help with that as much as possible.

Ice Sprite (controller):  Obtained from the Winter Festival will give you 2% Action Point Gain at Epic (purple) as an active bonus

Flame Sprite (Controller):  Obtained from a random drop from the Winter Festival will give you 2% Action Point Gain at Epic (purple) as an active bonus

Sprite (Controller): Obtained from the Zen Market (2.5k) will give you a 2% Action Point Gain

Black Dragon Ioun Stone (Augment):  I run this simply for the stats and while I am working up my  bonding stones for my Will O Wisp. Has 3 offense slots allowing me to increase my Recovery by using Silvery Enchantments (get 100% of stats from an augment). Any +4 Sudden Rings will work as you will get their bones when entering combat in addition to getting the bonus from those enchantments as well (2 per). (Note: these rings will proc while in combat and refresh about every 30 seconds).  This companion is Legendary (Orange) so I am getting 115% stats 100% of the time.

Will O Wisp (Controller):  Obtained from the Zen Market (2.5) Active stats include 25% control resist and 15% control bonus (helps with duration of chains).  More importantly this companion has 3 ring slots, additionally it has room for 1 def and 2 offense runestones (All Bonding). Ring slots can be fitted with +4 rising and will proc with each attack giving you the stat bones x the bonus from bonding rune stones).


I have several mounts but the most important piece for me is the stat bonus. I receive a +2000 recovery from my Leopard of Chult. There are several mounts that offer this bonus.  In the future I would love to get the Tenser’s Floating Disk which offers a +4000 recovery bonus but it is just too expensive at this point.

I have several other mounts which I use for aesthetics but I am ensuring that at least one of them in the stable allows for me to get Wanderer’s Fortune for the refinement drops. (Note: Cheapest none epic/legendary mount for this is the Gilded Giant Spider for 750k AD)


Given that this build is designed to build up AP as quickly as possible it would seem prudent to focus on insignias which generate AP gain, right? Wrong. The hard cap for action point, point gain, seems to be around 600-700. After that the percentage gain for action points diminishes significantly. To offset that we focus on recovery. Depending on the mounts running and your insignias you can gain an additional 3000 recovery using insignias. Epic insignias of Mastery (Control/Recovery) and Gond (HP/Recovery) (Gond are expensive if not impossible to find and max at 100 recovery) will get you there.

As I stated earlier, Wanderer’s Fortune is important to me but you can find different combinations that will assist your play style at the following: https://two30.github.io/neverwinter-insignia/


Gear photo gear_zpscre6wcow.jpg

I am not sure that this will have a huge impact and as you gain access to Dragonflight you should certainly consider it. Also, your armor may be dependent on what you are working on at the time. Frost gear for Storm King areas, Drow for Demo, Dusk for groups, etc.

Currently I am running a 2 piece Dusk (Head/Chest), and 2 piece Dragonflight (Arms/Legs).  It wasn’t worth the loss of the group bonus (5k HP, 1k Power, 1k Defense) to go full Dragonflight.  Also I focused on pieces that would enchance my Recovery over Crit. All pieces have the +200 Recovery Armor Kit bonus.

Enchantments are as follows:

Offense: Silvery (Recovery)

Defense: Azure (Defense)

Utility: Dark (Movement) with the exception of one Fey’s Blessing

Weapon Enchantment: Currently using Lightning for the added AP gain but would like to switch to Holy Avenger for the added group buff chance.

Armor Enchantment: Soulforge.  As healers we can get away with a cheaper armor enchantment as the higher level soulforge enchantments only add to the heal that you recover with. You can upgrade for GS gain but I typically hit my heal stone as soon as I pop back up so I don’t have to change my cast order.


Main: Twisted with Power of Battle of Blessing

Off-Hand: Twisted with Healer’s Lore and Action Point Gain (Currently at +384, max at +399)

Neck and Belt

Neck: Baphomet’s Infernal Talisman (+100 Action Point Gain Jewel): Adds 3% at epic of AP gain every 3 seconds while in combat.

Belt: Demogorgon’s Girdle of Might(+100 Action Point Gain Jewel): STR/CON, Power/Crit/Deflection.  Honestly this is not a great choice. I am doing it for the set bonus to add to my dps but if you went with something with a CON/WIS additive or even a Recovery, Power, Defense attributes bonus it would be a great trade off.


Currently I am running my Personalized Adamant Rings of Recovery for the double gem slot bonus. Each with +100 Action Point Gain Jewels.  This is until I can get +5 rings to drop.  I could switch my +4 Sudden Precision and Defense rings currently on my companion for slight increases to those stats but I haven’t done so yet.

Shirt and Pants

I am running the Prelate’s Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Chainmail pants and shirt. These are 145 GS pieces one with an Azure (Def) and the other with a Silvery (Off) enchantment.


Currently I am running the following (still waiting on Orcus drop to finish my Neck/Waist/Artifact set)

Sigil of the Devoted (Union): This helps get AP back in a pinch.  At Epic (purple) will being back 100% of your AP over a few seconds.  It is worth it if you throw out Hollowed Ground and find yourself needed to throw AA soon.  Or in an Orcus fight running from Death Orbs and not able to cast to generate AP gain.

Bruenor’s Helm (Stability): This was free following the completion of a campaign I believe.  Def/Life Steal/Incoming Heal with an active ability to boost Def and Life Steal of group while mobs move 25% more slowly. I never use this active ability and will likely use this as a burner at some point for an artifact that is more geared towards stats that I am not getting elsewhere in this build.

Lantern of Revelation (Power): Deals about 5.5k damage at legendary (orange) and increases the damage that mobs take by for next 6 seconds by 16%. Also, you can see targets that are hidden.  I use this active ability for group encounters when I am not needing an emergency AP gain.  Example: Castle Never for everything except Orcus. Stat increases for this artifact are Crit, Armor Pen, and Combat Adv.

Sphere of Black Ice (Union): Deals about 5.5k damage at legendary (orange) every second for 2 seconds followed by an explosion for almost 14k damage. I keep this artifact for the stats, which include: Recovery, Life Steal, and Control Bonus (mostly for the recovery).


Thank you for taking the time to read this build. I will update it with some photo examples for those who are not yet familiar with the names of the powers and feats, etc. Also I will do my best to keep this build updated with any changes that I make. If you would like to offer up some advice so that I can improve this build I would love to hear it. Shoot me a message in game @ War@Starchar74 or respond to me here.  I hope that someone is able to find this build helpful.

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  • mr.J
    January 12, 2017 at 1:44 pm

    Cleanse does not remove a debuff. It only removed dmg over time. Which is pretty rare and not worth it anyway.

    Bear your sins is bugged. It doesnt give u anything. Its been reported by many ppl. U’r better off using 5 points somewhere else

    • Profile photo of War74
      January 12, 2017 at 11:53 pm

      Thank you. I was told that I would need the Cleanse at 3 for FBI. As for the Bear your sins, I didn’t realize how broken that was. I will make some changes to the build. Thanks.

  • Bollaren
    January 21, 2017 at 11:08 pm

    Excellent build, well written and it’s great to have you in the party! Thanks for posting to MMO I know personally how well this build keeps our groups alive.

  • slrcosmos
    January 23, 2017 at 9:06 pm

    What about the Sharandar boons? What stats should you focus on for those?

  • AWPertunity49
    March 2, 2017 at 9:28 am

    What about Powers? I never see a build tell me where to put the points. I suck at DC and need all the guidance I can have lol

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