Steal Life to the Fullest: Shabok’s PvE HB Temptation Guide (Mod 10 Xbox)

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by Shabok on December 31, 2016
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Steal Life to the Fullest: Shabok’s PvE HB Temptation Guide (Mod 10 Xbox)

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Note: I have made some updates/changes and have highlighted them in bold. I’ll be redoing this guide once mod 11 arrives. In the meantime I will make changes here as I see fit.



Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my guide. What I write here is from my personal experience. It reflects my opinion and what I believe to be the best build. Copy it, take it and make it your own, ignore it, criticize it, whatever. That’s part of the fun. As a general Neverwinter rule, I urge you not to worry so much about topping leaderboards or else you’ll drive yourself insane given how much things can change in this game. Do the best with what you have and have fun with it. If you have any questions or want to just talk and throw ideas around, feel free to contact me here or on reddit at Cloudkicker27.

Before I start I want to get some things out of the way:


  • Tankyness that can rival actual tanks. Given the right circumstances I can face tank a couple hits from Orcus but um…don’t count on it.
  • Above average DPS. Expect sometimes 1st but mostly 2nd or 3rd in good groups, but this really isn’t the focus anyway
  • Heals that rival or beat DC and OP
  • Excellent support and good buffs/debuffs
  • Ability to solo epic dungeons pretty easily at 3.5k and good guild boons


  • Pretty gear dependent, although that’s arguably the case with any SW now that the Puppet from Krypton is a thing of the past
  • Jack of all trades, master of none except healing. How well you do on a given leaderboard will depend on many factors. Sometimes I’m number 1 in literally every category but deaths, sometimes not. But again, who cares. It simply shows that you’re still adding tons of value to the team that is unique to this path

If you want to be max DPS, go spec a Fury. This path is not for you. You’ll still do really good damage and are able to heal/buff/debuff for your party along the way.


The best races are Dragonborn, Tiefling, and Human in no particular order. Human nets you those handy feat points while the other two will offer more damage. But play whatever you want since this choice will not make or break you one way or the other. I’m still Tiefling.

You’ll want to go full constitution, full charisma across the board. Int is a secondary stat so roll accordingly, but don’t bother investing any points into anything other than Con and Cha.



Toughness 3/3

Weapon Mastery 3/3

Energizing Curse 1/5

Empowered Rituals 3/3

Determined Casting 4/5

Soul Reaping 3/3

Devastating Critical 3/3



Hope Stealer 5/5

Hellish Condemnation 5/5

Dark Revelry 5/5

Aura of Cruelty 5/5

Aura of Despair 5/5

Darkness 5/5

Soul Bonding 1/1


Relentless Curse 5/5

Power of the Nine Hells 5/5

If you’re Human, dump one into Determined Casting and 2 into Blood Pact of Cania. I chose Power of The Nine Hells over Gatekeeper because I don’t use GoH and I find the mobility and extra team support provided by PotNH to be more valuable.


I don’t have all my boons and I also don’t have FBI unlocked:

Storm King:

None yet but I would choose Cold Hearted, Survival Instincts, Chill Determination (Icy Wrath is also fine), Glacial Strength, Healing Warmth


What’s PvP?


Dark Fey Hunter, Fey Elusiveness, Feywilds Fortitude, Elven Tranquility, Elvish Fury

Dread Ring:

Reliquary Keeper’s Strength, Evoker’s Thirst, Illusion Shimmer, Enraged Growth, Endless Consumption

Icewind Dale:

Encroching Tactics, Appreciation of Warmth, Sleet Skills, Cool Resolve, Winter’s Bounty


Primordial Might, Primordial Regenesis, Drow Ambush Tactics, Dwarven Footing, Abyssal Strikes or Abyssal Tenacity both are fine

Tyranny of Dragons:

Dragon’s Claws, Dragon’s Shadow, Draconic Armorbreaker, Dragon’s Greed, Dragon’s Thirst or Dragon’s Fury


Power and Defense

Maze Engine:

Abyssal Siphoning, Demonic Resilience, Demonic Swiftness, Displace Fate or Engine Inspiration or Baphomet’s Might they’re all fine it’s just a matter of preference

Elemental Evil:

Wave of Force, Heart of Stone, Searing Aggression, Furious Whirlwind

A lot of these are really preference even though that’s not what some of you want to hear. This class is pretty flexible and it simply depends what you want to focus more on. I chose the Defense boon over the Lifesteal boon from the Guild because the extra lifesteal is overkill. I hit 40-45% in combat with only 3k/28% base LS, which turns out to be plenty. Defense will grant you mandatory survivability and, when paired with Negation and other DR boosting powers, offers a really nice balance between DR and LS.


Flail Snail (active bonus and Magistrate’s Patience), Hell Hound (Vampire’s Craving), Polar Bear (Barbarian’s Revelry), Trained Grizzly (Protector’s Camaraderie), Griffon (Wanderer’s Fortune). Aggression, Leeching, and Courage Insignias are the best for this in my opinion.

I’m no expert on mount bonuses. It’s probably not optimal but it was what I had plus a Grizzly. Flail Snail active power (AP gain after daily use) is a godsend but that’s been the case since it came out. Magistrate’s patience is also pretty nice. Wanderer’s Fortune is the best mount bonus in the game. DPS mount bonuses really won’t make or break you but the Insignias are very helpful little boosters (I’ll be changing my greens to blue soon). Those are the only two I would really push for. Outside of that just do some research and go from there.


Earth Archon, Erinyes of Belial, Siege Master, Owlbear Cub, Air Archon (summoned). I am currently upgrading an Con Artist and will be using that soon as summoned, sidelining Erinyes, for its debuffing qualities.

Ring of Rising Power + 4, Ring of Rising Lifesteal + 4, Adamant Necklace of Recovery. I like the Rising rings on my active because I feel it gives a good tradeoff between momentary huge stat boosts of sudden and the steady-as-she-goes value that flat items have. I chose recovery because I prefer that over boosting my ArmPen higher than it needs to be and Recovery is always nice. My RI easily reaches 60% without the help of a necklace. Brutals in offense, darks in defense. Technically Vicious in Def would be better but I don’t have any yet. I chose the Earth Archon over Fire since I have full HP almost all the time. 2 R11 Bonding, one R12.

Owlbear Cub…sigh…extremely helpful yet controversial little critter. Bugged? Maybe. Convenient synergy? Definitely. But it doesn’t matter what I think. They haven’t done anything to it on Xbox yet. They might at some point, so buyer beware. They have for other classes on PC, but from what I hear the SW is not affected. What I do know is that it’s not absolutely necessary. It’s also very expensive. Still the best bang for your buck by far despite the associated risk.


Right now I have Dusk Assault chest and feet, D-Flight head and arms for power and crit. Twisted Set. Sudden precision 4, Brutality 4. R11 Azures on offense, R11 Darks on defense. Radiant or Brutal in offense are just as viable for this guy on paper, but I’m a critaholic. I don’t have the AD to swap and test them so all I can do is tell you what I know works. Vicious for the LS/Deflect would theoretically be preferable to Dark. Vorpal is technically best but I currently use Perfect Dread left over from when I was SB. Switching to vorp will boost your damage but not to the point where you need to run and grab one. Greater Negation. Dragon Hoards. Orcus set. Crit kits. AP gain jewels. Hellish Rebuke rolled on mainhand for extra damage. Prince of Hell for extra DR and CA Bonus on offhand but Control Resist or AP gain are also ok. The only two necessary artifacts are the Sigil of the Devoted and Orcus Wand. Lantern offers great stats and is free. Thayan Book is fantastic but that can be replaced by a DPS artifact of your choosing, such as Heart of the Blue Dragon, Kessel’s Spheres, etc. I like Black Dragon in overlo…whatever. Just throw something in there you got from eLoL

Base Stats without potions, etc:

Stats most of the time with Companion’s Gift procs:

This is without Dark Revelry. The Lifesteal stat might seem low but you’re actually around 40% chance most of the time. With class powers and feats there is no need to invest too heavily in Lifesteal.


Your priority for maxing powers should be Pillar of Power, Blades, Arms, Tyrannical, Prince, Shadow Walk, Hellish, Accursed, Hand of Blight.

I go for Pillar of Power, Arms of Hadar, and Blades of Vanquished Armies. Tyrannical and Accursed Souls for dailies. This could easily change once 10.5 hits Xbox, at which point I will test and update. Shadow Walk and Prince of Hell for passives. Hellish Rebuke and Hand of Blight for at-wills. My rotation doesn’t change whether it’s a boss or mobs. The exception is if you don’t have a tank with you that can hold boss aggro or you don’t have the stats to tank any hits yet. In that case, Dreadtheft , Warlock’s Bargain, and Vampiric Embrace (I personally hate this encounter but people like it so there it is) are good ranged choices. PoP should always be slotted. Wait for tank to draw aggro. Swing around the back and use Pillar, TC, BoVA, spam AoH, then use HR when other things are on cooldown. I’ll use Accursed Souls as a sort of panic button since it offers great burst heals and decent AoE. I also use it when casting TC would be a waste in situations where the mobs will be dead before the damage can rack up. Some might wonder why I don’t use Vampiric Embrace. I don’t like the cooldown and I’ve found my heals are still great without having to rely on it. It also doesn’t do as much damage as spamming Arms, which also grants awesome healing and can be used more often while also making use of your Dread enchant. However, if you like it then go for it.

Typical rules that you would follow as a Fury apply here, since your goal is to essentially deal as much damage as you can while staying alive, throwing down pillar, and staying close to melee DPS. This is a big change from the otherwise ranged playstyle that other SW’s are forced to adopt.


  • Try not to go into a fight without BoVA available since the damage mitigation it offers is invaluable
  • Keep your PoP under the biggest/most threatening enemy to maintain its buff/debuff qualities as long as possible and stack up Owlbear damage if you have one.
  • Try and keep PoP in a good spot for your melee teammates while also keeping Combat Advantage
  • Don’t be afraid to dodge out of the pillar to avoid a red area or a big melee hit. You’re very mobile and will keep the buff for 5sec
  • You’re going to draw a lot of aggro, especially if the tank isn’t as geared as you. Be prepared for it.


Closing Thoughts

HB Temp is a really fun tree and a great pick for a few reasons. I recommend it for those who are looking to change up their playstyle and keep the game fresh while still being a very valuable member of the team. This build is extremely tanky, so it’s also good for those who aren’t maxed and are looking for new challenges in soloing epics, etc. I’ll update this with 10.5 if there are any changes worth mentioning.

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  • Jonathan Norrish
    January 5, 2017 at 2:19 am

    This is so fun to play. My one friend is a Sb damnation and my other is a Hb fury, so this puts me right in the middle. I’ve already noticed that I’m out healing DC’s and most paly’s. Your guide couldn’t have come at a better time when I was looking into temptation route. Ty again

    • Jonathan Norrish
      January 5, 2017 at 2:39 am

      As a side note I’m using the Con-artist legendary, Polar bear, Bear cub, Erinyes, and a Fire archon as my companions. My mount bonuses are, Victims preservation, Protectors camaraderie, Vampires craving, Magistrates patience, and Survivors blessing. With 2 dragons, 3 fey blessing, Radiants in Offense, Darks in Defense, Greater Dread, Trans Shadowclad and 3 piece Tiamat artifact set. Sry so long and again ty for putting me in the right direction.

      • Profile photo of Shabok
        January 5, 2017 at 5:37 pm

        No problem! Glad you’re having some good fun with it and can also take it in a little bit of a different direction. Nice to hear that your variation is working out for you. I’d love to change around/experiment with stuff but I’m basically forced to use my Fury gear atm which turns out to still be fantastic. I think this shows just how much potential this path has. I’ll be throwing Radiants/Brutals into my extra Offense slots once I’m able to refine my gear up, since 50-60% crit seems like the goldilocks zone.

  • Profile photo of Shabok
    January 5, 2017 at 5:45 pm

    I’d like to add that the Sigil of the Controller is a great option to replace the Lantern. Power, Crit, Control Resist are all very useful and important, whereas the 1000arp from Lantern is unnecessary after a certain point. I’m currently leveling a CW specifically for this reason.

  • Shauneepeak
    January 10, 2017 at 12:33 am

    Aww someone beat me to it. I have been fiddling around with HB Temp since Mod 10 dropped on PS4 and had been planning on making a guide but I have been struggling to get my gear score up to a level where I thought I could truly attest to the quality of the build, only a little over 3K atm.

    A few small comments Ensorcelled Weapons should be the go to for lower leveled players without Twisted. The DPS difference between Ensorcelled and EE Artifact weapons is very small and Ensorcelled provide over 1,100 Life Steal.

    Belial’s Portal Stone is another very good artifact for players to take a look at. At Mythic level it Provides 1,000 Power, 1,000 Life Steal, and 600 Control Bonus, for anyone interested in PVP you would likely want to have Belial’s on. I have heard from PC players a well equipped Templock is an absolute nightmare in PVP only struggling against GWF’s and Control Bonus actually become important for Warlocks in a PVP environment.

    The new Greater Everfrost Shirt and Pant set from Storm King campaign are absolutely stupid for Temp’s “Whenever you perform a Life Steal you will gain double Life Steal Severity for 10 seconds. This effect may only occur once every 30 seconds.” Running CN with a lot of buffs going on I have seen heals over 1million. 0_o

    Now a question for you Shabok I have been running Engine Inspiration and for the life of me I cannot tell if it actually works off of Lifesteal or not. Baphomet’s Might actually pop’s up with a message when it activates and I have never actually seen this take place for Engine Inspiration so I have been leaning more towards it not actually working for us.

    • Profile photo of Shabok
      January 12, 2017 at 4:20 pm

      Good to see another Templock! Sorry I beat you to it, but I’d been trying to make this guid for a while but life got in the way. All good points indeed. Thanks for the additions. I honestly don’t know if our heals trigger Engine’s Inspiration or not… It raises a few questions thanks to Neverwinter’s ever-ambiguous tooltip descriptions. Do Templock heals count as healing spells? If so, does it work with all the boons? My gut tells me that it works with some things and not with others, which is usually the answer with Neverwinter. I have no idea for sure, however, and would have to test/ask around about that. I’ll keep you posted if I learn anything and likewise please let me know if you do

    • Profile photo of Shabok
      January 13, 2017 at 2:47 pm

      So I asked someone to test whether or not Temptation’s powers were counted as healing spells, and they are not. This makes anything revolving around “healing spells” totally worthless for us. I’ll be changing some things and also add a disclaimer noting this in the guide.

  • Jonathan Norrish
    January 17, 2017 at 7:32 am

    Well that’s crap. There goes my Tiamat set. I really hope this gets fixed if our cap stone say heals your allies then it should be counted as healer spells with boon support. Now I just feel like a second class citizen lol

  • Jonathan Norrish
    January 19, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    So I switch out all my mods to azures r11s offense and darks r12 in defense went with black ice artifact set and your list of companions pure negation and greater dread. Don’t have + 4 offensive rings so went with +3 brut and sudden prec. WOW I’m now tank everything except orcus out healing and run 2nd on dps lol love this build currently was 3473 il dropped to 3264 but well worth it. Ty again

    • Profile photo of Shabok
      January 25, 2017 at 3:37 pm

      Nice! Anytime man, glad it’s working out for you. Templock is highly underrated in my opinion, so go rep it well.

      • Jonathan Norrish
        February 5, 2017 at 4:06 am

        I represent so well that I switched 2 of my guildies over today lol

        • Profile photo of Shabok
          February 24, 2017 at 3:00 pm

          Haha that’s awesome. FYI I’ve got my eye on the Fey weapons for the new mod. Xbox prolly won’t get it for a while so if you get the chance to test them out Id be curious to know how they work for you. My concern is that the Outgoing Healing would not work for us since our healing is technically just a multiplier off lifesteal. So Aboleth may actually be better…

  • MissTaken ID
    March 2, 2017 at 11:51 am

    Just got my SW to level 70 and respeced to this build and I gotta say, for not having any boons whatsoever, and still only a 2.3K, I’m already out DPSing people with higher gear scores, and I just did triple the heals of a 3.5 cleric. I’m running the same mounts, except that I have vampires thirst instead of craving (which I intend to remedy as soon as I can), and I have all the companions, owlbear cub is ridiculously OP, and my artifacts are the black ice set (which I may switch out at some point), sigil of controller, lantern, and heart of the red dragon as my main, since I bought the dragonborn pack and it comes as epic, it’s better than my other artifacts until 2x refinement hits. This build allows for high dps at low item levels, heals that rival much higher gear scores, and i can solo just about anything the game can throw at me for where I’m at in the game. I really don’t know why all the scourges aren’t running this build because it’s so much fun, and extremely viable for any item level. Thank you for a wonderful guide!

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