Enyo’s Mod 10 Solo PVE / Master Infiltrator / Executioner Build

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by Enyo on December 17, 2016
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Enyo’s Mod 10 Solo PVE / Master Infiltrator / Executioner Build

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For Quick Starters, this guide was last updated 2017-03-15. Typically updated every 2-3 weeks, unless major changes are made.

Well, welcome everyone. I’m Enyo, I’ve played Neverwinter for close to 4 years now. I’m a member of the guild Chronic Legion, which is part of The Winterfell Alliance. I’m here to share everything about my TR. This guide includes my enchantments, my companions, mount bonuses, insignia bonuses, powers, feats, boons as well as anything and everything I’ve learned throughout the 3+ years I’ve played my TR. I’ve personally never created a guide for my build before this one, so this is an adventure for me! And… let’s get started!

So my build is basically Power/Recovery/Life steal build, lower crit, which is different for a TR. I prioritise Power above all other stats, especially since I have enough Armor Penetration (60% Resistance Ignored) as it stands. You may notice my Critical Strike is a little low; I haven’t invested too much into it, but recently I started working on it. The reason why, is even though I regenerate my stealth quickly which gives me 100% critical chance when and where I need it most – there’s still that percentage of battle-time where I don’t have that Critical Chance. Moving on – I’ve built up my life steal to help keep my HP up and help keep myself alive. Recovery is to reduce cool-downs on my Encounters, and build up my Action Points quickly. In the end my TR is hard to kill off in PvE, and still capable to deal top DPS in various raids. It’s a slightly different take on TR’s, but I have fun with it irregardless!

——– Gear

——– Stats (with Bonding Enchantments R12)

Choosing Your Race

To begin, my TR is a Sun Elf. If you really want to maximize yourself, I’d suggest choosing the Human race. Human race gives an additional 3 heroic feat points, which can be used to your advantage if you select wisely. Races do give extra bonuses, I personally haven’t been too particular about it, so I’ve just stayed as a sun elf, Sun Elves do give an extra 2% Action Point Gain, which can be useful for a TR. We’ll learn more about that as we go deeper into the build though.

Ability Rolls

I feel like for TR’s, the ability rolls are fairly straight forward. Mostly you want to invest in both STR and DEX, with CHA being your third most important. STR is your damage, DEX is your critical chance and deflection, and CHA is your combat advantage, along with even more deflection. I personally have invested more into DEX, as I get both critical chance and deflection. This way I can invest “less” into critical chance/deflect, and more into power elsewhere. I found this to be much more effective than what some other builds have suggested – not to say they’re wrong, there’s no such thing as “wrong”. It’s just what I personally found best.


As stated in the title, this is a Master Infiltrator/Executioner build. Between Saboteur, Scoundrel and Executioner, Executioner is the path most-based on dealing high damage. Below is what I’ve invested points in, and why I chose that feat in particular to level up.

  • Heroic Feat Points

Weapon Mastery 3/3 – This feat increases your Critical Chance. You cannot go wrong with extra Critical Chance, it’s such a huge necessity I believe for any TR build.

Toughness 2/3 – This feat increases your over all health points by 3/6/9%. The more health points, the more damage you can take technically. Since you need 5 points spent to get to the next column of feats, I invested 2/3 heroic points into this as basically a filler. Can’t hurt to have more HP, right?

Swift Footwork 2/5 – Just like Toughness, I honestly use this one as a filler as well. This feat increases your stamina by 2/4/6/8/10%. As a TR you dodge a lot, so extra stamina, just like the extra HP from Toughness, doesn’t hurt to have at all,

Cunning Ambusher 3/3 – I have this feat maxed because it works in coordination with Shadow of Demise (Final feat in the Executioner Paragon Path). We’ll learn about Shadow of Demise further down, but to sum it up, for 6 seconds while under the Shadow of Demise effect, you want to deal as much damage as possible, as 50% of the damage dealt in 6 seconds, is dealt again after 6 seconds is up as damage that cannot be deflected or ignored. Shadow of Demise is triggered by casting an encounter power while stealthed. The Cunning Ambusher feat grants 6% more damage after leaving stealth – in other words, whenever you’re using the Shadow of Demise effect. It adds up to massive damage.

Endless Assault 3/3 – This feat increases your Encounter Power’s damage by 2/4/6%. Obviously your Encounters deal a lot of damage, so I think this one speaks for itself. You want to deal more damage, so a damage bonus is perfect.

Twilight Adept 2/5 – I think in most TR builds, this feat is not invested into. This feat grants 2/4/6/8/10% of your stealth every time to dodge roll. The reason I put 2/5 points in this one is because first of all, I need stealth to activate Shadow of Demise, right? Sometimes if you’re consistently taking damage, its hard to get your stealth back up. Honestly, this feat has saved me so many times. While it is useful, there are more useful feats to invest into – hence why its only 2/5. 4% Stealth restored still does the trick, so!

Disciple of Straight 3/3 – Last but not least, this feat increases the bonus damage STR gives you by 2/4/6%. Again, more damage being dealt is never a bad thing. It’s a good Feat to invest into honestly.

Scoundrel Training 2/3 – Basically this increases your damage towards enemies who are not targeting you by 3/6/9%. Mostly useful in group raids where the tank is taking aggro, so its unlikely enemies are going to be targeting you – plus, TR’s have low aggro, so even without a tank, its very unlikely you’re going to be the one enemies are targeting. Solo play this doesn’t really help unless your companions carrying the aggro.

Also, any feats at 0/3 and not listed here, I wouldn’t bother with them. They won’t benefit you in any way, so just ignore them honestly.

  • Paragon Feat Points
  • Executioner

Arterial Cut 5/5 – This feat increases your Critical Severity by 3/6/9/12/15% while stealthed. Stealth gives you 100% Critical Chance, so its a guaranteed bonus 15% Critical Severity (Your critical hits deal more damage) when you attack while stealthed. This includes when activating Shadow of Demise.

Vicious Pursuit 5/5 – You’re going to start seeing this 6-second pattern going on in many of the feats. This is due to Shadow of Demise. Vicious Pursuit makes the target you’ve dealt damaged to take 2/4/6% more damage from you for 6 seconds. I don’t believe there’s a cool-down for this feat, but don’t take my word on it. It doesn’t stack, but still, a consistent 6% more damage is fairly beneficial.

Dying Breath 5/5 – So basically, when an enemy close to you dies, you gain 5/10/15/20/25% more Run Speed and Critical Severity. This buff lasts for 10 seconds, it doesn’t stack, but every time an enemy dies near you or by you, the timer resets back to 10 seconds. It’s a really great buff to have.

Deathknell 0/5 – Increases your damage to enemies/foes below 30% health. Doesn’t sound fantastic, I know. In reality its maybe not the best. I run a lot of Dragonflights with my Alliance, and almost always am solo finishing a Dragon – which is basically why I would consider choosing this. It’s not bad, but it’s not ideal for probably most players. It’s worth mentioning though!

Last Moments 5/5 – This is a really nice damage buff. When your enemy, your foe, is below 40% health, you deal 5/10/15/20/25% more damage to them. While stealthed, this buff takes effect when your enemy is below 70% health. This is especially helpful in raids where it takes a longer time to kill the boss, so there’s lots of time when the enemy is below 40% health. Like I said, it’s an excellent damage buff.

Shadowborn 5/5 – This is another Feat that works well for my build, because I’m entering Stealth usually 2 and sometimes 3 times in a row within Shadow of Demise’s 6 seconds. Whenever I enter stealth, this feat increases my power rating by 20/40/60/80/100% for my next attack. Very useful

Shadow of Demise 1/1 – This is the Shadow of Demise feat we’ve been reading about through all my feats. This feat, is the key to a good chunk of the damage you deal. Basically, when you use an Encounter Power on an enemy while stealthed, Shadow of Demise will proc. The total damage you deal within the following 6 seconds is added up, and when 6 seconds are up, the enemy who you targeted with Shadow of Demise, takes an additional massive hit for 50% of the total damage you dealt in those 6 seconds. This massive hit of damage cannot be deflected or ignored – it’s piercing damage. So basically, you deal an extra 50% raw damage. It’s a very powerful feat, and it’s where an unbelievable amount of your total damage is going to come from. This feat makes the Executioner Paragon Path what it is – a DPS path.

  • Scoundrel

Bloody Brawler 5/5 – I’ve really focused on my Life Steal for this build, so for me this feat is valuable. It increases my Life Steal over all, which always helps. I prefer Life Steal over Deflection because Life Steal restores Health Points, and a high amount of HP as well. Deflection doesn’t restore any HP at all. Life Steal keeps me alive longer!

  • Sabotuer

Shady Preparations 5/5 –  This is to bring my cooldowns down just a little more. I replaced Back Alley Tactics with this because my Action Point Gauge was filling up so quick I was hardly getting a bonus from Back Alley Tactics (25% dmg bonus when AP Gauge is Empty). So this brings down my cooldowns, aiding in rapid repeated damage from my Encounters.

Knife’s Edge 5/5 – This feat decreases your cooldowns by 3/6/9/12/15% whenever you cast/use a Daily Power. With my build, because of the high Recovery – I’m always casting Dailies. With Stealth, plus this – I can take an Encounter power still at 5 seconds, and make it available within 1 second (which is the time needed to cast your daily power and stealth up). Once you work it into your rotations, which is tricky at first – this is a really cool feat to use/consider.


There’s a lot to cover for which powers you should focus on using. Most of the time I use Whirlwind of BladesShocking Execution for my Daily Powers, Skillful Infiltrator, Invisible Infiltrator for Class Features,  Smoke Bomb, Dazing Strike, Lashing Strike for my Encounters, and Sly Flourish, Duelists Fury for my At-Will’s. Here’s a basic explanation of what Powers I’ve ranked up, and why I ranked them up. I’ll explain my rotation at the end of these;

Cloud of Steel (4) – I’ve ranked this up to 4 because it’s a good quick ranged At-Will attack. It’s actually the only ranged At-Will you’ll have following the Master Infiltrator path. It can be extremely useful when in a position where you can’t afford to play melee (close combat).

Sly Flourish (4) – Another really great At-Will attack, perfect for when you can’t take a whole few seconds to cast Duelist’s Fury, which takes several seconds to finish cast. Sly Flourish also gives whats called Broken Armor, which is if in the event you finish the powers combo, the target takes 5% more damage from all sources – great for group runs.

Dazing Strike (4) – Dazing Strike first and foremost dazes your opponents. Casting it while stealthed is well worth it – not only does it active Shadow of Demise, but it also damages and dazes multiple targets. This is really helpful in keeping yourself alive; if players are dazed, they cannot attack you. This gives you time to deal as much damage as you can while Shadow of Demise is active.

Lashing Blade (4) – Lashing Blade is going to be your main DPS Encounter, It deals the most damage of any other Encounter, but also has a longer cool-down than most of the Encounters. It’s a must-have encounter.

Whirlwind of Blades (4) – Another power that in my opinion, is a must-have. This Daily deals really decent damage to multiple enemies at once. When you’re in battle, and you have a crowd of enemies around you, this spell tallies up some really major damage. Plus, you gain power for every enemy you hit – so in this case, the more the merrier!

Impossible to Catch (4) – I don’t use this power very often, but sometimes if I can see I’m taking more damage than I can handle, I switch out Smoke Bomb for this. This spell cast while stealthed is very useful. Basically, you dodge your enemies attacks making you untouchable, and gain 50% Damage Resistance. At Rank 4, this buff lasts for 5 seconds. The cool-down for it is 10 seconds, sometimes 9 in combat with buffs – so over half the time, you can empower your defenses with this buff. It’s pretty great.

Duelist’s Fury (4) – Very powerful At-Will. It does take a few seconds to finish its combo (it casts in 3 stages). Using this has a chance to add a Bleed Effect which deals even more additional damage, and this can stack up to 10 times. Very useful, very powerful.

Skillful Infiltrator (4) – This class feature gives you everything you could want – additional run speed, deflection chance, and critical chance. At Rank 4, it gives 20% Run Speed, 4% Deflection Chance, and 4% Critical Chance. It adds up, and can be really useful.

Smoke Bomb (4) – Smoke Bomb dazes opponents just like Dazing Strike, but affects a larger area, and dazes for a longer period of time. On a critical hit, this Encounter can deal some really nice damage to multiple enemies over a period of time. When used Stealthed it does add a Slow effect, but find that part to be a bit useless. Note: Smoke Bomb doesn’t activate Shadow of Demise the same way other Encounters do. You have to activate Stealth AFTER casting Smoke Bomb, while Smoke Bomb is still actively dealing damage-over-time to trigger Shadow of Demise.

Lurker’s Assault (4) – Lurker’s Assault doesn’t deal damage but it still works with Invisible Infiltrator (Class Feat Below), meaning it will still restore your stealth meter on initial use. Lurker’s Assault then continues to restore your stealth meter at a very rapid speed, This Daily Power also grants you +25% damage, which is a big damage buff. The stealth meter restoration and damage buff both last 10 seconds, which is also a great length of time. It takes a while to get used to implementing this in your rotations, but it is worth the while trust me.

Invisible Infiltrator (4) – This Feat restores all your Stealth upon casting a Daily Power. This can really help you during your Shadow of Demise rotations, and other situations. I actually depend on it a lot for my rotations, as the extra Stealth Bar fill allows me to cast something with a guaranteed Critical Hit.

— Rotations

For my rotations, I usually cast Dazing Strike (Stealthed), Lurker’s Assault/Whirlwind of Blades, Lashing Blade (Stealthed) and Smoke Bomb last, followed by Duelists Fury x2. By the time the 2nd Duelists Fury is done casting, all cool-downs on my powers are done, and Shadow of Demise is reset. I usually by this point only have maybe 75% of my Action Points, but once I cast Dazing Strike (Stealthed) and cast Smoke Bomb, I’m at 100% Action Points, and can then cast either Lurker’s Assault  or Whirlwind of Blades depending on whether I’m battling a single target (Shocking Execution), or a mass of targets (Whirlwind of Blades). That then refills my Stealth Bar because of the Invisible Infiltrator class feat, allowing me to cast Lashing Blade (Stealthed) before Shadow of Demise resets.

In the event of Lurker’s Assault the rotations change a bit. If I can cast Lurker’s Assault, I’ll usually use Stealth on Dazing Strike, then Lurker’s Assault which gives me stealth bonus and damage bonus – then with my refilled stealth meter use Stealth on Smoke Bomb, use Duelist’s Fury x1. By then my stealth meter is restored again, so use Lashing Blade stealthed, This makes for a mass of damage during Shadow of Demise. I also typically use my Mount Combat Power before this particular rotation as well, giving me a huge damage buff, but we’ll learn more about that later!


For boons, I focused and prioritized Power, Critical Strike, Life Steal (And Severity), and Recovery where I could. As I mentioned at the beginning, these are the main stats I invest in. Below is a list and preview of all my selected boons:

Please note for the Stronghold Boons, they’re 100% dependent on the progress of whichever guild you’re a part of. Currently my guild Chronic Legion is at Guild Hall 11, so we still don’t have very powerful boons yet. I gain 3000 Power, 6400 HP, and 15% Experience Bonus right now. We’re working towards improving that!


Gear & Enchantments

Straight and to the point, I’m not a huge fan of the new Relic Gear. I’ll admit, it’s mostly laziness in not wanting to keep up with the voninblod empowerment on them. So, I’ve stuck with Elemental Dragonflight Raid gear, apart from the Armor Piece, in which case I use the Lifesilk Spinneret which comes from Temple of the Spider (Master). I still get the 3/3 set bonus from Dragonflight, and get better stats/more item level from the Armor Piece. Only “downfall” is you lose the +8 AC – but in all fairness it doesn’t grant you much, just some damage resistance. I haven’t even noticed the absence of the AC personally.

In my Defense and Utility slots I’ve placed Dark Enchantments (Movement and Life Steal). As I’ve said previously, Life Steal keeps me alive! Moving faster is cool as well, so the Dark Enchantments are just a nice bonus to that. For my Overload slots I use the Greater Green Dragon Glyphs mostly because of the poison aspect. Honestly though, majority of the time my Overload slots are empty. I honestly filled them up just for this. I also use a Negation Enchantment, which builds up Damage Resistance and a small amount of recovery at Transcendent level. Again, makes me a little more solid, much less squishy.

As for Reinforcement Kits, I invested in Critical Strike on 3/4 pieces, and in Power on 1/4 pieces as you can see below. This is just to help build up more Critical Strike – I prioritize Power, but I felt inclined to prioritize Critical Strike on this. Sets my Critical Chance at an exact 60% outside of combat; much higher in combat.

Next is my Artifact Weapons. I use Drowned Daggers at the moment, but I do have my Relic Artifact Weapons restored – I’ll be using them soon. I used Drowned though because of the set bonus (heals you 50% of your health points over 30 seconds). I debated a lot between Drowned and Burning, and which would benefit me more. I gain AP quickly enough as it is, so Burning set would’ve felt like overkill. At least drowned, you’re getting some heals, helps you keep alive. Either set is good though honestly.

For Enchantments I use Radiant’s in my offense slots, and a Vorpal Enchantment in my weapon enhancement slot. I prefer the Vorpal over Dread for a few different reasons. It’s just that its +50% Critical Severity across wall powers, not just encounters. I feel like I get way more out of it that way, then being confined to only Encounter powers (Dread).

Now we have my Neck Piece, Belt, and both Rings. For starters, I chose to go without an artifact set. I wanted the extra dexterity (for Critical Chance & Deflect), and didn’t want armor-penetration-overkill from the neck piece (I have more than enough as it is!). I’ve also heard the bonuses don’t add up to much either, so I don’t particularly feel I’m missing out on too much. As for the rings, I like having that solid stat there, not a cool-down stat. In place of Rosegold Rings, you can always use the Personalized Adamant Rings crafted through Level 25 Jewelcrafting – much more affordable option. Stats arent as good, but still double slotted, solid stats… good place to start off.

For enchantments, I finally fixed up most of all the randomness – goal is all Utility and Defense Slots have Dark Enchantments, and all Offense slots have Radiant’s, apart from potentially the 1 seen below (Neck Piece). Utility isn’t a huge deal though. My amount of Recovery is perfect, it’s where I want it to be.

Reinforcement kits, I went AP Gain all over. Of all the kits that go on Neck/Belt/Rings I felt like this benefited my character the most, though extra Stamina wouldn’t be a bad choice either. Action Points mean more Daily Powers cast though and more stealth bar refills. More stealth leads to a lot more critical hits, and thus, more damage! Win-win situation if you ask me.

So I use the Gemmed Exquisite shirt/pants. Best stats really for shirt/pants, though the Everfrost shirt/pants have a fairly beneficial set bonus depending on your build. I used to be a critical hit / deflection build (I’ve always enjoyed exploring builds) and I actually used the Everfrost shirt/pants for the deflection set bonus. The lifesteal bonus, I don’t find as useful and neither the stats on it, but I still carry the shirt and pants for group runs like Fangbreaker Island and Assault on Svardborg where Everfrost Resistance is really beneficial.

Enchantments, again, I use Radiants and Darks. Same as mentioned before, 2 really important stats that I personally invest as much as I can in.

Armor Reinforcements, technically there aren’t kits for shirt/pant equips, not any that give stats like power or stamina anyway. There are however Everfrost Resistance Kits that give Everfrost Damage Resistance. As I mentioned earlier, this resistance really helps you get by in Storm King Thunder’s campaign areas (Bryn Shander, Lonelywood, Cold Run, Sea of Moving Ice, Fangbreaker Island and Assault on Svardborg). As well, to enter the dungeon and skirmish, you need 28% Everfrost Resistance, so this is a great boost towards that as well. Note; this kit, unlike other greater reinforcements, only grants +1 or 2 points to your Total Item Level – it’s not a lot.

For my artifacts I use;

Eye of the Giant – I use this as my main Artifact. It adds a pretty sweet buff. Adds some power and damage resistance – and the more enemies, the merrier. It also increases your size and speed, which I’m not sure if the size increase actually benefits you or if its just for show (if you know, let me know in the comments!), but speed is always a fun buff. Mixing this with the Artificer’s Persuasion Insignia Bonus and the Tenser’s Transformation Mount Combat Power (both mentioned later in this guide under the Mounts section) – hand in hand, they all tie together to make a really sweet buff.

Sigil of the Hunter – This artifact grants Power, Recovery and Stamina – 3 stats which are fairly vital to this build. I never use it as my primary artifact in combat, but it does deal AoE damage – smoke bomb more or less covers that though.

Sigil of the Trickster – I never use as my primary artifact – it grants Critical Strike, which I’m working towards building, and some deflect. Not a huge fan of the deflection, but it doesn’t hurt to have. Planning to replace this in the future, probably next double refinement!

Shard of Valindra’s Crown – Okay you’re probably thinking “Why Enyo, why?” I wanted the power, and I wanted the lifesteal. That’s pretty much the only reason I got this Artifact. I wanted some extra lifesteal, while still having some power.


Now for anyone who has been following my build, and probably realises “Hey! Where did your Forgehammer of Gond and your Wheel of Elements go? Why would you get rid of those?” – I will clarify.

Forgehammer of Gond – At mythic level, the artifact grants a mythic tool. The mythic tool grants 55% Quality in any profession. I recently discovered you can delete (more or less) this artifact, but still keep the tool it gives for professions. So, considering the stats weren’t 100% to my liking and benefit, and I can keep the tool anyway – I replaced it. Yup. Pretty much it.

Wheel of Elements – This is a really really good artifact. The reason I got rid of it, is because I lag these days. I lag bad, and bad enough its really difficult for me to pick up the Fire bonus for the damage bonus. I’m lucky if I get any bonus to begin with. I saw I didn’t need the HP it gave, I only really needed the power, so I figured Hey, I can get another +1000 of another stat, and I rolled with the punches (it’s a pun, TR has a feat called Rolled with the Punches, but it’s also a quote… bad joke, I know). Personally though, this is a MUST-HAVE artifact as long as you can land that Fire bonus. I would replace the Shard of Valindra’s Crown with this without doubt.



I’ve really been playing a lot with my companions lately. Trying new ones out, switching old ones out, then back in…. I’ve found so far though for this set up to be working probably better than any of the past ones I’ve tried which trust me – has been a lot of companions. Hoarding about 70 different companions right now, seriously trying everything out there possible.

Please note: The equipment doesn’t grant you anything on your Active Companions – only on your Summoned Companion. Yes, my alts are filled with gear and runestones, but by no means do they benefit me. They’re not something you want to invest in, unless you have absolutely nothing better to do and want to show off. Only invest in your Main, Summoned Companion!

Also, you only need 1 companion at Legendary to get the Legendary bonus on any Summoned Companion – mine are upgraded just for show, don’t follow my example on that… it is not in any way whatsoever necessary.

The Air Archon

This is my main companion. I’ve upped it to Legendary quality, and equipped it with x3 Bonding Runestones, Rank 12. For the Companion gear, I’ve chosen x2 Loyal Commander because it gives Power and Recovery, and x1 Loyal Master for Power and Armor Penetration. I was using +4000 Armor Penetration for my Mount Equip Power, but with the Archon and Loyal Master – I can get the Armor Penetration I need, while sacrificing only about 600 Recovery. Then I can set my Mount Equip Power to +2000 Critical Strike – so in the end its a win-win situation.

For enchantments I’m using Brutals in the Offense slots, and actually Silvery’s in the Defense. While I do value Life Steal, I also like to have some deflection – so I get my fair share from my companion. Helps to even out my Life Steal and Deflection, get the best of both worlds, why not. The Archon also basically gives +5% damage to enemies not at full health, which is the entire combat really. Air gives x3 Offense slots, is ranged as well and gives power/crit/armor penetration as it’s base stats. Why Air over Fire? Really no difference between the two – I had reasons before to use Air over Fire, although now I don’t, but I’ve gotten used to Air…. Fire Archon does work too for this though – same base stats even. Just different appearance really.


Erinyes of Belial

This companion grants +10% Critical Severity, as said previously, an extremely good stat to invest in. Pretty much all to say about it!


The Siege Master

I decided to use The Siege Master companion. The active bonus gives +4% increased damage, and +8% increased damage when on the Stronghold map – so great for Dragonflight runs especially. Over all though, +4% increased damage is awesome, increases your over all damage, and it does make a difference. Great bonus for increasing your damage.


The Earth Archon

Of all 4 Archons, this one is probably one of the more useful ones. The other ones all depend on your enemies health; this one depends on your own HP, and whether its full or not. The good thing is, your health can increase back to full HP, while your enemies cannot and god forbid them if they ever do. So while at full HP, the Earth Archon gives +6% damage. I’ve placed Eldritch Runestones of a slightly higher rank than my other Companions but honestly – I don’t gain anything from it, even though I wish I did. Don’t worry about doing that kind of thing!


The Fire Archon

I’ve always been on and off with the Fire Archon but after testing 4-5 other companions in place of this… I have to admit it’s one of the better choices, especially if you’re using any of the other Archons. Grants +7% damage against foes with less than 50% HP. It’s not all bad, and it really does help, I can’t deny that. Hence why I am using it again.



Important Comment About Companions – READ

Over all, I haven’t put too much importance in what runestones, gear and enchantments my companions have apart from my Main companion. If you aren’t summoning them, you’re mostly only getting the Active Bonus from them anyway, so gear and stats don’t matter too much on them in the end. Honestly, unless you’re completely done your character and your main companion, don’t even bother investing into runestones and gear for your other companions – what you get is honestly, 100% – nothing.



I’m lucky enough to own a Tenser’s Floating Disk. As result, I use the Tenser’s Transformation combat power. You can read what it says below; it’s a huge buff to your character, I would consider one of, if not the best combat power available from a mount at the moment. For my equip power, I use Ruthless Efficiency from the Heavy Howler mount. +2000 Critical Strike – like I said, I’m trying to build some crit so anything from anywhere helps. In the future I’m aiming for +4000 Power from I believe it’s the Black Ice Horse or the Arcane Whirlwind Mount – but I need to save up a bit! As for Speed; that doesn’t add to your damage, it’s just fun (It is a Legendary bonus though).


Onto Insignia’s. So these are relatively new in the game, but they’ve been around long enough now. Basically they’re like attaching a runestone to your companion, but… they go on your mounts, and if you combine them correctly, you get an Insignia bonus (similar to a set bonus). I use 5 different bonuses, mostly because the bonuses don’t seem to stack very well. It’s not worth the while most of the time to stack them.

Cavalry’s Warning

I use this to counter with my Tenser’s Transformation combat power. As we already read, Tenser’s Transformation gives a major buff. This insignia bonus gives a 10% buff to all stats whenever you use a mount’s combat power. So whenever I use Tenser’s Transformation… I get an even bigger buff. It’s pretty sick actually.

Assassin’s Covenant

I actually have this bonus stacked twice or in other words, I use it on 2 different mounts. Basically it takes 12% of my Defense, Deflect and Life Steal, combines all 12% of each stat, and adds the total amount as a power stat. Basically, it’s a power buff and it doesn’t affect my Life steal/deflect much, and even less for my defense (since I haven’t invested into it).

Artificer’s Persuasion

Artificer’s Persuasion gives a really good buff to just about everything whenever I use an Artifact Power which is relatively often. 10% of your power added to Recovery, Movement, Action Point Gain, and Stamina Gain – not a bad deal really. Note**; you don’t lose any of your Power when activating this buff. This buff also drastically increases in combat in relation to the Bonding Runestones proc, since your stats are much higher with Bonding Runestones. Really good buff, well worth it, and if you use your Tenser’s Disk and Artifact at the same time – triple buff right there, it’s amazing.

Protector’s Camaraderie 

In order to proc your Bonding Runestones, your companion has to attack the foe/enemy. Basically with this Insignia Bonus, whenever your companion attacks you gain a 3% Power and Defense for 10 seconds, and this can stack up to 4 times, totally to 12%. Mostly investing in this for the Power, but the Defense is good to have too. Works really well, it’s effective, and it’s a bonus that in my opinion is worth having.

Gladiator’s Guile

I really only use this for extra run speed. It’s more of an accessory than a necessity. Not to say its not useful because it sure is, but its something that if you would take an extra DPS bonus over some run speed bonus; this would be the one you’d want to replace it with. I personally really enjoy it though.

For Insignias you can see I went with a lot of Power/Crit. Going to replace the Armor Penetration Insignia’s with power soon though. Insignia’s are a very under-estimated way of getting a huge amount of stats.


ACT (Advanced Combat Tracker Program)

Some people get fancy with this program. For those who are interested here’s what the damage stats are for my TR, I ran Lake Crisis Heroic Encounter (Might have been Hideaway Crisis, can’t remember!) in the Stronghold solo, on my own, no other players, with my current set up.

Note*** Smoke Bomb and Dazing Strike dealt the most damage in this case mostly because I use them a lot to Daze enemies/foes – makes the Heroic Encounter much easier to solo, while still dealing decent damage.

Extra Note*** This is from a few months ago. There’ll be an updated one soon. ACT has been giving me technical difficulties, but I’ll get that fixed, no worries!


That concludes my TR guide. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact me in-game. If you have any suggestions or constructive criticism, it’s also more than welcome. I’ve never created any kind of class guide before, so anything that might help improve this is well appreciated.

You can find me in-game at Enyo@yopuko. I’m online a lot, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find me. If you can’t find me online, just send a Mailbox Message. Thanks again, and… Ciao for now!

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  • Chris
    December 27, 2016 at 3:13 am

    Was wondering what the name of the mask is that you have on for the transmute

  • V1ruzian
    December 28, 2016 at 4:25 pm

    So weird, I just started playing like a week ago and my build is pretty close to this. I won’t even have to change my rotation, thanks for this build man!

  • Outlaw
    January 5, 2017 at 2:58 pm

    What armor chest piece is that?

    • January 11, 2017 at 7:22 pm

      The transmute is the Black Ice Armor – you can purchase it in Caer-Konig (Icewind Dale) for I think its 8000 black ice?? And then dyes are just straight up Bottles of Black/White dyes if I remember right!

  • xfail_
    January 13, 2017 at 6:00 pm

    is there any other rings that i can use instead of the rosegold?

    • Profile photo of Enyo
      January 15, 2017 at 6:31 pm

      Alright well, I left a comment a few days ago and it says “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” Whatever that might mean! So I’ll just copy/paste and try again!

      If you’re looking for single stat rings I’d recommend the Personalized Adamant Rings – Here’s the link to the neverwinter wiki pages on them. +4 Brutality/Power rings can be good too if you don’t mind the cooldown. I just personally don’t like them but they are still good, it honestly depends who you ask!

      http://neverwinter.gamepedia.com/Personalized_Adamant_Ring_of_Recovery (There’s also a Piercing one)

  • Sunshine on Xbox
    January 17, 2017 at 7:49 pm

    I like that you posted the Advanced Combat Tracker Program results, they should be required on here when posting a build! Good work and I wish we could use this program on XBox

    • Profile photo of Enyo
      January 19, 2017 at 7:16 pm

      Thank you! I noticed other guides didn’t have anything ACT-related, and a lot of people use it, especially more serious players. So figured I’d add it in, gives people a good idea of what to expect from this build too. Figured it couldn’t hurt. Glad to hear its useful! As for Xbox, they totally should

  • Serwen
    February 8, 2017 at 2:38 pm

    Hi Enyo! Im a new player and I have been following your build from lvl 1. Yesterday I hit 70 and I have a few questions 🙂

    Gear: Im 1800 iLvl, I got Twined rope of dexterity from Shores and bought imperial dragon cloak as its cheap. Bought all other equipment blue (Now Im with 8,4k power, 3,8k Cri, 2,5k Arp, 1,5k def and 1k Life steal and 60k HP). My artifacts for now are lantern, sigil of the trickster (These 2 Ill keep for a while) and bruenors helm and globle of the third eye that I want to change. Tomorrow its x2 RP so Ill be upgrading all my artifacts (I have been saving all for this).

    What should I do now? What dungeons should I do for better gear? Im a bit lost on what can I get from the drop of the differents dungeons.

    I’m doing campaigns for boons too.

    And other doubt, I do nothing in dungeons, in MC or kessels and shores I die too much, I get one-shooted too often, my rotation is: Stealth -> Dazing strike -> Lurkers assault -> Lashing blade -> Smoke bomb -> Duelist flurry, but I cant even finish it cause I die before cause AOEs or just 1 hit 🙁

    Sorry for the big text, and thanks for the great guide! (And sorry for my english)

    • Profile photo of Enyo
      February 11, 2017 at 6:29 am

      Hello! Sorry for the late reply, busy week at work. First things first, that’s awesome to hear, and thank you! Glad to be able to help 🙂

      1800 iLvl won’t be that strong yet – but it’ll pick up quick trust me. I’d suggest for starters running dungeons with Malabogs Castle, Valindras Tower and Epic Lair of Lostmauth to begin with. Can get some good enough equipment from the chest at the end of the dungeon to bring you to 2000 iLvl. Then at 2000 iLvl you can start running tougher dungeons like Epic Temple of the Spider – which is where you can actually obtain the Lifesilk Spinnete (Armor Piece) that I’m currently using on my TR. It’s a frequent enough drop that its fairly quick to earn to be honest. Also running ndemos (Normal Demogorgon), Throne of the Dwarven God and Prophecy of Madness – saving up the demonic ichor obtained from them can be used to purchase epic pieces of equipment. Drow set is a really good epic set to work with towards some of the better gear in the game like Dragonflight or Relic gear. Sorry if this all sounds complicated and confusing, kind of hard to explain on here!

      Campaigns – always do campaigns!! Boons are awesome and really add up after you obtain quite a few.

      At 1800 iLvl you won’t be doing a whole lot and you’ll be fairly squishy until at least 2200 or 2300 – but you guild up item level quick, no worries. My only suggestion is maybe switch rotation for now and try Stealth>Smoke Bomb>Dodge Roll Backwards>Lurker’s Assault>Stealth>Lashing Blade>Duelists Flurry x1>Stealth>Dazing Strike. The initial cast of smoke bomb will stun all enemies around you (apart from boss enemies of course!) which means they cant attack you. As soon as you cast though, dodge roll back – I find thats always your most vulnerable moment, it’s ALWAYS when I take that annoying hit that 1 shots me. So if you dodge right away you dont take the hit, and dodge backwards, so you can instantly cast Lurkers Assault without having to re-position your aim. As soon as you stealth right after that, Shadow of Demise will proc – its confusing I know but just go with it for now. So now, stealthed, lurkers assault bonus, you can cast Lashing Blade – massive quick damage. Duelists Flurry x1 after that, and for me anyway by the time its done casting, my stealth meter is full again. So stealth, and cast dazing strike to stun enemies again, since smoke bomb will be just about to fade off by that point. and pretty much continue that cycle if you can. This way you arent taking much damage from enemies and keeping yourself alive!

      This all probably sounds confusing and I seriously apologize! If you play Neverwinter on PC, PM me in game. it’ll be a lot easier to explain stuff in-game, and maybe we could even run some dungeons together! Can always find me by typing ” /who Yopuko ” and if i dont come up in search as Enyo@Yopuko, Tanukoui@Yopuko, Damasker@Yopuko, Almanax@Yopuko or Otomai@Yopuko, then I’m likely offline. Try again a little while later, and I should show up! I’m online a good 5-6 hours a daily usually with the exception of Fridays. Seriously though, PM me in game, would love to chat and run a dungeon or something!

  • Serwen
    February 14, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    Hi Enyo! Thank you for the complete answer!

    These days im running most Throne of the Dwarven God and Prophecy of Madness as it seems to be easier, Im trying the new rotation and finally I understand how works shadow of demise! But my PC its a little bit slow and its hard when a lot of mobs are grouped. (Now im 1980 iLvl)

    I just have finished the sharandar campaign (Not all boons just the advancement) and Im in the last one in elemental evil, and im doing the dailys of maze engine and tirany of dragons, for now enought 😛 what should I start next?

    I will PM you in game, but my english is not very good (I´ll try), I play with my boyfriend and he helps me to translate the guide and explains it to me otherwise it would be very difficult 😛

    Thanks again! See you ingame!

    • Profile photo of Enyo
      February 24, 2017 at 5:42 am

      Hello hello! Havent heard from you yet, wondering if maybe our timezones conflict. Whats your in-game name / @ tagname? Next week I’ll be on more during european time zones, so might be able to find you then. I’ll keep an eye out!

  • Kaden
    February 20, 2017 at 5:29 am

    Will this build be sufficient in high geared raids? Such as, MSVA or FBI?

    Because currently I’m a 3.8k Whisper Knife TR but as soon as I mention that I’m a Rogue, I instantly get declined -.- since everyone seems to want other DPS classes …

    • Profile photo of Enyo
      February 24, 2017 at 5:40 am

      Ahhh I replied to the comment and then the page crashed. Twice. But luckily 2nd time I copied and pasted!

      Personally, and from my experience with other TR’s as well – it’s hard to a TR to get into those types of runs. A lot of people have this notion, this idea, that TR’s suck. And they don’t. Personally with my build, I’ve made 2nd in dps in an msva run with all 4k+ players. Now, thats the only time I ran msva because a friend asked me to. Ran nsva a couple times, and FBI once. I can definitely hold my own and output the dps needed though.

      My main suggestion would be either to aim for running with either your friends, your guild, your alliance, OR hosting your own group. If you arent sure what to do, how to start a group and/or run the dungeon – YouTube it. YouTube offers a lot of videos, tutorials and insights into how the dungeons/raids work, and in my opinion anyway it’s a great resource for those things. Hopefully this helps, and best of luck in game!

  • Traktu
    February 24, 2017 at 7:15 am

    So First of thanks 4 that build..
    Is there another comp. U would use instead of the owlbear Cup or is it wise to use it when you are an Low crit TR build?

    • Traktu
      February 25, 2017 at 10:43 pm

      And what did you think about the Shadow Classic on a TR?I use a Trans Soulf. right now but idk..doesnt fit to me somehow yk?!

      • Profile photo of Enyo
        February 26, 2017 at 2:54 am

        Ah I guess I should’ve clarified about the owlbear cub… and to be honest I need to update my companions list because yet again I’ve made some changes! The owl bear cub I only ever use if I cant or shouldnt be using a regular companion and can only resort to an augment (which cannot die). Normally the owlbear cub is idle, not even slotted as an active companion. And to be honest, I thought it’d be useful for a low crit build but if you look at my ACT stats – my crit rate is still fairly high as it is, so the owlbear cub became somewhat ineffective… so I switched it out. I’ll update my companions list right now though – this is old stuff!

      • Profile photo of Enyo
        February 27, 2017 at 5:58 am

        About shadow classic… do you mean shadowclad? If so, I really dont recommend the Shadowclad for TR;s. TR’s naturally have a high deflect rate, rendering shadowclad useless. Shadowclad is best for low deflect classes/players usually

  • Skyler ryan
    March 6, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    When will you have time to update the build

    • Profile photo of Enyo
      March 11, 2017 at 8:40 am

      Usually I update this every 2-3 weeks, I know its not really mentioned anywhere but I do try to keep updated on here!

  • Rek'sai
    March 10, 2017 at 5:26 am

    Why do you choose Avalanche over Winters bounty for IWD boon? Doesnt it seem counterproductive to be hit in order for a boon to proc?

    • Profile photo of Enyo
      March 16, 2017 at 2:41 am

      Thank you for pointing that out! I used to use it a lot more for solo content (wasn’t finding the AP gain to proc that much), but I daze everything and kill ’em all before they leave their dazed state now, so for me – it’s definitely useless now. I seriously totally forgot about that – so thank you for pointing that out!

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