Finn’s AA Buff Cleric(AC) MOD10

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by finnNW on November 23, 2016
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Finn’s AA Buff Cleric(AC) MOD10

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WARNING*******This build is aimed at Clerics who are up and around 2.5k-3k+ iL. Also, this build can be fully maximized by playing with a core group of friends or guildies who understand the build as well. I will explain more about this further on down the page.******WARNING






At this point, pure healing has now become a thing of the past. This build focuses both on Power(PWR) and Action Point Gain(APG), as you strive for 100% uptime on AA(Annointed Army). From here on out, I will be going into detail about this build and how it can be tweaked to fit your current gear and path. There is no singular way to play this build and the only constants are your most efficient Feats and Powers, along with the few ways of accumulating APG.

The reason this build is aimed primarily at a higher iL Cleric, is due to how drastically the game changes during that time. You go from almost requiring a Tank and a Healer, to being fine with either of the two if any of the two, honestly. Pure healers, imo, become extinct at a certain point. Its better your efforts are dumped into DPS, rather than the healing. Another great thing about this build is that it allows certain classes with unreasonably long Cooldowns on certain skills to be looked at again under a different microscope. Certain builds that took a rather large amount of Recovery, can now be re-routed to be more effective in other ways.

Here are some tips that will help you and your party be more efficient and effective than ever before.

  1. Stick to a tight formation. The tighter the group, the stronger your APG. Even Ranged DPS need to be right next to you and the tank. The more enemies and the more party members you hit with your Chains/DG, the better.
  2. AA Grants 4 Hits of Immunity, so standing in Lava or standing in the way of a spinning Drake can end up bad due to how fast the damage stacks from those sources.
  3. Use Divine Glow outside of combat to refill your AP Gauge as well as your groups.
  • Action Point Gain Cap is around 2k for me. At that point I start to see diminishing returns. I have heard from other sources stating it was lower, around 1.2k but my APG% was only around 6% at 1.2. So just keep an eye on yours and make sure you are not seeing those diminishing returns.
  • Buffing Pets is at times, just as important as buffing the player. Always be aware of pet positions and try to catch them in your AA at all times. AA does wonderous things to your PWR as well as your companions PWR.


I don’t believe there is a specific race to pick that is going to grant you some big jump above the rest. I went with Human, and the 3 extra feat points were nice, but it does not make or break this build. Dragonborn is fine, but so are Sun Elfs for the CHA and INT. Go with what you will want to be looking at for the next few months, haha.


  • Wisdom: Damage and Healing
  • Strength: Crit Chance (DoTs and HoTs can crit)
  • Charisma: Recharge, APG, Companion Stat Bonus
  • Intelligence: Recharge Speed

Roll High WIS and CHA. INT can help with recharge speed and STR can get you more Crit. Crit will come in handy more times than you can count. I have seen some pretty nasty Crit HoTs that saved many, many pug lives.



Annointed Champion is the Only Way.


Heroic Feats

  • Healing Action 5/5 – Great APG on Healing Skills like Divine Glow. Works great with other Healing Skills, too.
  • Greater Fortune 3/3 – More WIS is never a bad thing.
  • Toughness 3/3 – Toss in some Extra HP.
  • Weapon Mastery 3/3 – Crit is essential to making your heals even more viable than before. DoTs and HoTs CAN CRIT.
  • Repurpose Soul 3/3 – Good Synergy between Crit and Heals here. Every Crit tosses a small heal on nearby groupies.
  • Cleanse 1/3 – 10% Chance to remove Debuff from you or party member with each heal. Great with HoTs
  • Bountiful Fortune 5/5 – More Divinity is ALWAYS a great. This will allow you to stack more than 1 Stack of Divinity on occasion.



  • Have Faith 5/5 – Added in DMG Resistance. Works great with Divine Glow.
  • Battle Fervor 5/5  – Synergizes great with Weapons Of Light. 25% PWR distribution in Total.
  • Gift Of Haste 5/5 – Real Butter. Like Have Faith, works amazing with Divine Glow. Can gain Action Points outside of combat, which allows you to have your AA up for the start of each new fight.


  • Furious Intervention 5/5 – More Butter. More APG for doing damage. Works great with Chains.
  • Ancient Warding 5/5 – Buffs your already BA daily, Annointed Army. Nuff said.
  • Weapons Of Light 5/5 – Shares your PWR. 25% PWR Distro in total.
  • Bear Your Sins 5/5Debuffs enemies to take extra damage while under the effect of your DoTs. Works great with Fire of The Gods feat.***BUGGED***Grants ArmorPen instead of +DMG
  • Condemning Gaze 4/5 – Allows you to stack another debuff to an enemy to allow more damage to be dealt. Easily stacked with Divine Glow and Chains.
  • Fire Of The Gods 1/5 – Lets your Critical hits to apply a DoT. Easy to apply to large groups with Chains and Divine Glow.
  • Avatar Of The Divine – DMG Buff and Cooldown Reduction buff. What more would you want?


  • Astral Fury – If BYS is indeed bugged, then Fury is the way to go imo. More flat out damage.



  • Chains of Blazing Light: To be used in and out of Divinity. Does great AoE damage and has a short stun for minimal Crowd Control. Your main APG encounter.

  • Divine Glow: AoE Damage/Debuff/Buff/Heal. BiS. Will heal, increase damage resistance and will get an extra damage boost in Divinity mode. If empowered, it will increase radius of buff and duration.

  • Break The Spirit: Single Target. Applies DoT(will proc Bear Your Sins) and will debuff enemy targets damage by 20%. Can stun in Divinity, and will boost nearby allies damage by 30% if fully empowered.

  • Blessings of Battle: The At-Will which will share a chunk of your PWR. Be sure to use right after AA to big the boost of PWR Sharing.
  • Astral Seal: Debuff that allows players to get partial heals from damage done
  • Annointed Army: The skill this build is built around. Huge PWR buff along with immunity to damage. Hastening Light makes this even better. Ever seen an entire party just sit in red AoE Dots and continue to deal damage without being Controlled, Stunned or Knocked-back? Well, get used to it.


  • Sun Burst: Should be used primarily as in Divinity mode due to its knockback ability.(Can be beneficial in Tiamat runs) Applies a DoT and HoT effect that can stack up to three times. (*NOTE: Great for stacking Bear your Sins on groups of enemies, as well as keeping your nearby allies topped off. Also, can be affected by the feat, Invigorated Healing) Medium APG

  • Searing Light: Practically useless at lower levels, but once you get enough damage output, it can actually keep your melee buddies topped off quite easily on top of doing some decent damage. To be used primarily in Divinity mode. Medium APG

  • Daunting Light: Big Damage Dealer. Best when used after a skill like Chains so you have a second where the enemy is stunned and cannot move. The AoE of this skill is small and can be hard to get used to it. It has a larger AoE in Divinity mode and can boost DMG  to +99% if used when empowered. (*NOTE: Great Skill to pick when solo’ing maps like Shanandar or Dread)

  • Bastion of Health: Bread and Butter AoE Heal. Applies a large heal and HoT. Has a cast time so is best used in Divinity mode where its now Instant. If Empowered, heal allies 30% of missing HP.  (*NOTE: For those lower iL pug groups)

  • Astral Shield: Large AoE Buff. Grants a large damage reduction buff and Temp HP. If cast when empowered, allies will have 9% HP damage absorption from attacks. Again, great skill to use on those low iL pug groups or when taking a low iL tank through some harder content. Dont underestimate this skill. 



  • Divine Fortune: More Divinity is always good. If you feel your APG is doing good, then go with this.
  • Holy Fervor: 20% APG. Most likely your best bet.
  • Hastening Light: Reduces party Cooldowns by 4 seconds with every Daily used. BiS.



  • At Wills: Astral Seal & Blessing of Battle
  • Encounters: Divine Glow + Break the Spirit + Chains(Used for APG. (Quickest Divinityy Skill Used)
  • Daily: Annointed Army + ———–(You can pick any other daily. I would suggest something besides HG. If you mistakenly use HG you will be required to wait until you can gain AP again. Thats a bad thing, hahaha.


You should be full on Divinity for each small skirmish you come across. Now, you typically never want to go fully empowered until you come across a Boss or the larger HP Pool Mobs.

Small Mob Skirmish

  1. DG+BtS(First Initial Buffs) or Chains+BtS if you want to Control a group of enemies
  2. AA+Blessing(Resets All Cooldowns Almost Fully and Dispenses PWR)
  3. Divinity Chain x1 + BtW for DMG Boost
  4. BtS+Blessings to full charge Divinity for next Battle
  5. Use DG if your AP Gauge is still not full


  • DG+BtS for the first Buffs
  • AA+Blessing
  • Divinity Chains x3 + Fully Empowered BtS

After this, its a game of Divinity. Use Blessings and Astral Seal to get your Divinity up, but be sure to use DG+Chains to fill your AP Gauge. By the time your AA is up, you should have a new one coming in. At times, you can almost stack the beggining and end of some buffs.


No big “make it or break” deal with Boons. Get Power and Crit where you can and of course Action Point Gain at all costs.

  • Sharandar: Elvish Fury
  • Dread Ring: Burning Guidance or Rampaging Madness(I went with BG)
  • IWD: Rousing Warmth or Winter’s Bounty(I went with RW)
  • Underdark: Abyssal Tenacity
  • ToD: Dragons Fury
  • Maze Engine: Engine Inspiration
  • EE: Wall of Wind or Gale of Retribution(Still testing..)


This comes down to personal preference. Do you want to deal a bit more damage, debuff enemies or heal? Essentially, as long as you have a fast attacking companion, you’re doing good. The quicker your companion can stack your INSIGNIA BUFFS, the better.

*Also, Dancing Blade and others can increase Crit Sev. and can therefore increase Crit Heals

There really are tons of note-worthy Companions. Any companion with PWR is also a good pick. I personally use the Merc as my main Companion, and use others with PWR. Nothing special going on for me here, yet. Just remember, the higher your PWR, the better your AA.

EDIT: I will be updating this section soon by catagorizing Companions under their rightful niche. I will also try and update with locations and links to other useful information on them. Keep an eye out!


As this build focuses on PWR and the sharing of said PWR, I would suggest going Drake for 2k PWR boost.

*WANRNING: Protector’s Friendship and Camaraderie might not PWR Share with WoL. It’s said that Assassins Covenant still does. Im not 100% sure, so im keeping things the way they are until I can further test this.


As for actual Insignia, you will want Action Points. Insignia of Aggression or Dominance if you can manage those. But you really want APG in all the places you can manage it. Its easier to maintain PWR with other sources.


As for Actual Mounts, for Drake for PWR. If you have the means and the cash, Gorgon grants APG on each Daily use, so its BiS. As is the Flail Snail, but im not sure its on PS4 just yet.


Personally, I still run mostly Dusk for the 1k+ PWR while in a party. Warborn Chest can roll with PWR as well. Dragonflight has higher stat rolls and is higher iL than the rest. It also has a flat 500 PWR Boost.

  • [Burning Holy Symbol]: Obtained by doing the Weapons of Fire quest. Heroic Encounters in the Feiry Pit
  • [Twisted Omoioma]: Obtained by doing eDEMO, from Twisted Ichor. Can be bought in Mantol.


  • Main Hand Artifact Power should be Astral Seal Buff% – Increases the effeciency of Astral Seal’s Heal
  • Off-Hand Artifact Power should be Hastening Light Buff% – Grants 10% AP to Allies with each Daily used.





You want more PWR at ALL times, but there are a few other rings that can take the place of one until you can manage a Brutality or RP.



Artifact Set doesnt really matter. If you want more healing, you can go Tiamat, or you can simply go with whatever stats you need. Recovery or Crit. Also, if you cant find yourself either of the rings, use any old ring you can find that gives the highest PWR. Drowcraft, Guild Hall, Elven.


As for your Artifact Power, [Thayan Book of the Dead] and [Tiamat’s Orb of Majesty] can grant APG, so besides those BiS Artifacts, just go with ones that have PWR as one of the main stats. Here are a few that will grant PWR as one of the main stats;

Also, the Vault of Nine Class Sigils



  • [Lantern of Revelation] – The 16% DMG Buff is AMAZING. The Devoted Sigil is nice if you cant manage the APG, but after about 1.5k APG, the sigil becomes fairly backseat.


You will mostly want Radiant Enchantments for the PWR/DEF. You can also go with Brutal for a mix of both PWR and CRIT.

You can use enchantments to even out your stats. If you need a certain stat, then go for that. Besides that, much like your Armor Kits, you want more PWR.

Noteworthy Weapon Enchantments

Noteworthy Armor Enchantments


EDIT: I will be updating this post with my personal stats and gear so you can reference and relate, along with links to my youtube with video’s showing off the build. Keep an eye out.

Cleric Knowledge

Here is the place where I drop a bit of know-how on a few of the dungeons Neverwinter offers. I will try and update with “write-ins” where I try and describe with words how to go about a situation like the Twin Scorpions, or Malabogs, ect…

I will also update with my youtube page once I collect a few more videos. Please be patient.


  • Blacklake District and Neverdeath Graveng yard give small bags(Inventory Space) for completing the area’s.
  • Always check the Wonderous Bazzar before buying in the Auction House(AH), some items can be found cheaper in there.
  • Save all Wards you find for when you are lv70+
  • Info about Guilds/Strongholds
  • At lv26 you can start the Tyranny of Dragons Campaign and other campaigns start at 60 or higher.
  • Try and do Vault of the Nine asap. It grants a really nice Sigil that is basically an Artifact that cant be feed into another(Artifact Feeding will be gone over in another FAQ)
  • In each Campaign area, please look at quest rewards first. Every single day, do your reputation. But most places like Sharandar can be picked up every day and completeled twice a week to cut down on time spent.
  • You can buy the first two Sharandar Boons with Formarian Concoction(trade them for currancy)
  • Every week you will have quests in each area that grant Rough Astral Diamons and a chunk of Campaign Currency. DO THESE NO MATTER WHAT! I will be updating this section with a list of all quests in each area once I get a few other FAQS done first. Keep a look out!


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  • MasterOGA
    November 23, 2016 at 6:55 pm

    Bear your Sins is broken, only increases armor penetration

  • Galzar
    November 29, 2016 at 6:25 pm

    What does BiS stand for

  • Nocticula Di'Vir
    November 30, 2016 at 7:05 pm

    Nice build. I have a question is cg still bugged and if so how many points in it and astral fury do you recommend?

    • Profile photo of finnNW
      December 1, 2016 at 10:59 pm

      As CG is bugged, its not the kind of bug I was intending to mention. CG was a typo, I seriously apologize. It has been fixed, but it should have said BYS, for Bear Your Sins. Which is bugged to give ArmorPen isntead of the DMG Buff.

      Edit; so to update, CG is still useful even with its bug. And Bear Your Sins can still be useful in terms of where you character stands. If you run lots of pug groups, your entire team getting an ArmorPen buff is more important than you just getting a DMG Buff. But if you are purely end game and run with mostly pre made groups who have ArmorPen maxed, well then it becomes less useful. Good luck

  • kjouda
    December 9, 2016 at 7:38 am

    How could u tell young yeti is bugged ?! What does it give then ?

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