Lucky Pathologist DC-dps-DO

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by Pytre on July 4, 2016
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Lucky Pathologist DC-dps-DO

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dps debuff f2p

play style : RIGHTEOUS feats with DPS because campaigns won’t complete self without intervention.

Solo dps kills stuff. Neither solo tanking nor solo healing kills.

game design options

  • dps decisions
    • lowest weapon damage of all classes
    • horrible dps delivery times
    • weapon mode normal casting animations are slow
    • weapon mode (blue) divinity casting is quick
    • TAB mechanic damage appears to be horrible. Pimp it up.
      Index 1
    • DPS feat clusters

      Pick at least 4 DPS options out of 6 but preferably lock on divinity. The AP makes huge difference with party but when soloing campaign it’s nearly useless.

      • heroic at least 1 AP from heal
      • heroic divinity dps
      • paragon dps from AP through daily powers
      • paragon AP boost selfish
      • paragon AP boost everyone is deep mutually reachable
      • paragon divinity dps option two is deep mutually reachable
  • survival decisions
    • average armor class of all classes
    • feats provide little to no solo campaign bonus
  • survival + tanking
    • tanking does not kill

Any strengths?

  • DC attributes pack a lot of charisma which comes with combat advantage. Use it to max since it’s better then solo AP dps.
    • 3 companions (part 1/3)
      • intellect devourer (event: call to arms – gate crashers) 3*def, upgrade to blue for 4 second stun every 10 seconds
      • staldorf (event: day of the dungeon master)
      • blink dog (sharandar tower of celadaine)
    • artifacts
      • lantern of revelation
      • kessell’s spheres of annihilation
      • sigil of the trickster
      • black ice beholder
      • horn of valhalla
  • lucky feats with 1/3 or 1/5 or 2/5 points spent. Balance of chance at frequency is much like the over time with cooldown. Only those that chance a “fixed massive pool”. Since you are f2p and do not have armor penetration maxed by wallet options nobody will give you better substitute. Yes the Templar’s Domain with the massive ICD is really what you NEED despite the ignorant comments and down voting of it. Nobody will give you free 1200 armor penetration to progress IWD like that 5 minute cooldown heroic feat point.
  • automated mechanics from feats
    • AoE on any encounter (no, too deep)
    • AoE heal on crit dps (me)
    • DoT on crit (it’s lowest weapon damage stretched at 15s chunks delivery and the brand of the sun at-will power will proc the DoT related debuff)
    • DoT on crit with debuff (worth points during early campaigns and low guild boon structure levels)
    • automatic HoT AP (no, too deep)
    • automatic Heal AP (a bit, useful at party)
    • automatic DoT AP (a bit)

What else can we build around this frame

Index 3

  • ignore aggro
  • be picky with the weapon damage mechanic
  • be picky about near death mechanic
  • get healing when needed from other sources then fixed build decisions
    • white glyph
    • healer companions
    • seal artifact power
  • charisma attribute required by combat advantage provides AP with and extra cooldown benefits
  • solo campaign and AP feats don’t mix together. Party needed for full AP advantages.


  • tiefling – the below 50% target health damage bonus offsets for Avatar cooldown
    • synergies
      • fire archon companion (winter event starlight parcel drop)
      • @campaign – feat Avatar of the Divine cooldown gap on mobs
      • @boss – expect aggro change and death because of desequencing powers at 50% health.
      • @PvP + tab ranged dps + movement available mechanic for catching near death chickens running into safety. The build is not PvP and it is proven to not work against PvP specific builds. Do not expect to survive long enough to use it.
    • maximize the combat advantage with first line of 18 charisma roll (25 max level) and know your weakness: that’s minimal crit you will have to work it up a bit more.


Class mechanics

  • Divinity encounter powers for fast delivery of survival methods and with enough armor penetration including the dps stream.
    • divine synergy of feats and powers
      • brand of the sun (at-will)
      • astral seal (at-will)
      • heroic divinity feat
      • paragon divinity feat


  • TAB light – make it useful and learn to use it during emergencies
    • it’s continuous – make it crit near continuously
    • it has dual function – dps and heals (primary focus dps)
    • self loop mechanic – not a heal build so ignore this
    • survival method with dps on the move, synergy with control powers
    • survival method doubled with dual ened function – dps heals you
    • survival method AoE epic the pimped dps heals melee party, near aimless heal delivery to melee that can behave almost like HoT ultimately combining functionality of Virtuous and Faithful. Autodelivery minus the 20 stack storing that’s traded for tmpHP chance with HoT like continuation
    • at solo campaigns it just does not deliver because of armor penetration, use boon


Depends on gear preference and availability and changes as you progresses. Yes it does change as the stat you are chasing in the endgame campaigns.

Recovery before you reach the endgame.

Control duration with the remaining recovery in the early endgame.

Switching to dps debuff with a tiny bit of heals respec for crit and armor penetration.

Once you have armor penetration over 5k after buffs you are aiming for crit and power.

Heroic feats allocation is mostly useless when soloing campaign.

dc feat chances


  • combat advantage
    • intellect devourer
      • summoned and upgraded to at least blue
      • loyal master items
    • staldorf
    • blink dog (tiamat summon upgraded blue or better)
  • race synergy
    • fire archon
  • “filler” companion / build synergy
    • damaran shepherd from gateway minigame
  • alt “filler” when survival @boss needed: lizardfolk shaman or battlefield medic.

Grind gear

recovery penetration -> power penetration with a bit of crit -> power crit with maxed penetration

The sorted order is for purple artifacts cadv+crit+pen


Focusing the cadv+power+crit with decent armor penetration source does not make much difference. Unless you have maxed out armor penetration.



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  • Profile photo of Andrew
    July 9, 2016 at 11:55 pm

    I tend to read over all the posted guides for classes that I play which are posted on MMOminds, although admittedly, it doesn’t happen that often anymore. This one looks like it really has promise and that it may be good, however, I find the formatting makes it really hard to follow and difficult for me to understand what you discussing and If I am struggling to read it, you can sure bet most other people are as well, which is a darn pity, since it looks like it is worth reading.

    Some suggestions:
    1) Add more explanations to each section, flesh them out. This guide is aimed, to quote you, at the point where most DCs quit. Any experienced player who understands the terminology in this guide, is rolling a DC as an alt and is unlikely to quit at the point they hit 70. They can likely deck out the DC in fancy gear and steam roll through stuff. However, new players, those players who are likely to quit, who are struggling and do need help, are not going to understand a guide with such brief explanations. You need to assume the person you talking to is a complete idiot and then try to make them understand from there (trust me, I have experience in writing guides for MMOs).

    2) I suggest using some color, as well as using bold and italics in various sections to make different sections stand out. By changing little things like that, it becomes a lot easier to read. It does mean you will spend a lot of time nitpicking your own formatting, but formatting helps, a lot. It makes the difference between a good guide and a memorable one.

    3) Add annotations to the pictures you have provided. It took me a while to figure out what they were pictures of and if you cannot either see at a glance what a picture is demonstrating, or if it does not have an annotation explaining it, people will gloss over it without giving it proper consideration. It is a human thing to do.

    Other than that, it looks like it has potential to be a great guide, nice work 🙂

  • Solberg
    September 23, 2016 at 3:22 pm

    Templars domain is a bad feat because it has 5 min cooldown and power of the sun is for pvp only

    I do agree with andrew, you’re guide its confusive and should be reorganized

    • Profile photo of Pytre
      September 25, 2016 at 10:53 am

      when you are used to reading maxed out builds this sure gets messy because you have to figure out where is your position in the grind upgrade path in the guide.
      That’s why I have cut the content down to the original important skeletal information.

  • Luna
    December 2, 2016 at 6:50 am

    What does deep mean? I’m level one and this doesn’t make any sense to me. A lot of your terminology is very confusing.

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