Another Guardian Fighter, Buff-Tank. Meet Mika

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by Zack on June 29, 2016
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Another Guardian Fighter, Buff-Tank. Meet Mika

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This is my very first guide here and I hope it gets published/posted correctly. I have learned a lot from other builds here before. My guardian is somewhat of a mix between a protectors build but is a full tactician, also, I play on xbox, so maybe pc has access to different/ more things? Where to start… with fray maxed 4/4 you will become a valuable asset to any group no matter what build or guide you use so whether you use this guide or not, remember that fray is a must have for groups and it buffs YOU as well. I wanted to be there to buff people, so tactician seemed the best choice to do that, with the fear of the paladin “nerf” coming I was looking into protectors, but couldn’t bring myself to respec to a full protector. Mika can take a beating and survive just about anything. T1 dungeon bosses barely scratch her and T2 bosses are very tankable.



New: With upcoming changes our base damage is going to be increased. Our fray will be less by alot, but never the less will still be a huge buff over nothing at all. Many powers are being changed so you will want to play around with stuff. Even though this is a guide, I want you to get to understand some aspects of the class and it’s powers. Just read the tooltips on powers and feats. You will enjoy the class more if you experience it for yourself rather than using only what I say. Some people might find that using different powers than what I have will be more useful to them.

The game is always changing. With class changes and new things like content, armor, companions, and artifacts I hope that anyone reading this will get a good idea of where to start and can make adjustments to what they need in their situation. I sincerely hope that by 3k item level you know your way around the class enough that you can make any adjustments yourself. If youre stuck on something, I get bored and check my emails, so comment and I’ll see it within a couple days.

Screenshots at the bottom


Race: depends, are you well setup already and want to debuff more? Maybe try a drow race reroll.

I prefer being simple and chose human because 3% DR, + 3 heroic points are nice.

Race comes down to preference.Anything can be made good.

I suggest you get as high as you can in CON and DEX, try for a little in the INT department but you will likely lose on CON if you get more than 12 there. See what you can make. When leveling, get Con every time.

New: I have changed my stats to be mixed evenly with strength and dex, con will always be chosen each time. This will get you a *little* bit more damage and get a small amount of extra deflect and arm pen. I recommend choosing 2-3 points in dex during the leveling process and the rest in str.


3/3 toughness, HP, obvious

3/3 Strength focus.

2/5 Action surge, AP from guarding, dailies will help keep you alive, but tacticians main feat will give alot of

3/3 Armor specialization, boosts effectiveness of AC and defense, mandatory

0/3 (2/3) Potent challange, +Threat, try* to keep everythings aggro away from the very squishy, about to be decimated, scourge warlock (or other classes.

4/5 (5/5) Powerful attack, boost your damage (helps solo mostly)

5/5 Ubiquitous Shield, lessen combat advantage against you, mandatory

Human feat points are (x/x)

New: Once you get a little bit into the character and how to use it properly, you would likely enjoy having 3 points into strength focus instead of potent challenge. Using the class feature/active enhanced mark will make up for the threat loss greatly.


Paragons: Mandatory – SWORDMASTER
Ok, so maybe it isnt mandatory, but I prefer it over iron vanguard.

Tactician path:

5/5 Fight on, obvious, skills recharge 10% faster

5/5 daunting challange, your groupmates are squishy, you are not. Help them with the marks, they reduce enemies damage against allies but normal damage to you.

5/5 Rousing speech, AP gain boost is more desirable over a minute bonus to damage reduction.

5/5 Inspiring Leader, boost Fray, even by a little bit. — this will become a big part of the build in mod 10 as even 5% more will feel huge.

5/5 Surging tide, I did a respec at one point to get this just for Castle Never… Debuff Orcus as much as you can… He hurts.

1/1 Martial Mastery, Because Tactician. You taking damage will generate AP for everyone else nearby and yourself.


Protector Path:

5/5 Plate Agility, 5% deflection, I prefer this constant bonus versus having to be low on stamina… because when youre low on stamina, thats when you will likely die.

5/5 Shield defense, +5 AC adds 2.5% DR

5/5 Devoted protector, shield attacks, gain deflection, I can’t quite pass this up. BUT if you need stamina badly enough that your powers or any boons you have access to arent enough, then choose unshakable line.

New: I ended up choosing pin cushion in tactician, mostly only choose if you play alot of group events that dont NEED you running with knghts valor active like tiamat, demo, or guild dragonflight.



You will be using mostly these powers: tide of iron, villains menace, enforced threat, fighters recovery, enhanced mark, guarded assault, anvil of doom, weapon master strike, Fray, knights valor,steel defence (situational), commanders strike (situational). Honorable mentions include: crushing surge, combat superiority, iron warrior. Some other powers will be very specific to what you are doing, like demonic escapes/guard the wizard will probably want bullcharge. Well of dragons super farm group? you may want lunging strike to get there in time.

Something I missed before… Steel defense will make you immune to ANY damage after you use a daily, for up to 6 seconds, until October 18th when mod 10 hits the rest of us. By then its about 3.5 seconds at 4/4. Sometimes this effect gets glitchy as a few guildies tell me it doesnt seem to always work. Unfortunately I havent used this active for a long time now. If you use it, I recommend using fighters recovery each time to proc steel defense since its a very short casting time. Why dont I use it anymore? With enhanced mark (paired with your artifact offhand power slotted to enhanced mark aswell) you will gain loads of extra threat and provide an additional debuff for any marked targets. My 2nd active of choice? Guarded assault. When youre blocking attacks you are dealing damage back to your attackers. Now pair this with fighters recovery and you will in a sense achieve the same affect as running steel defense. Oh, by the way, when steel defense is in effect/procced (you just used your daily), you do not gain ANY action points from taking damage until its finished so a daily spam will take longer whereas using guarded assault instead will allow you to keep fighters recovery cast at almost all times when the fights get big. However, early on, steel defense WILL help many of you so try it all.

Get 4/4 in  Fray, Fighters recovery, and knights valor. Then get 4 in your other commonly equipped powers,

They are buffing cleave yet again and removing the small defense debuff from tide of iron… try out what you would rather use for atwill if you wish. I probably wont change atwills. Found out that WMS is getting a buff too so I’m definitely staying with that.


Solo play: powers will change, but I generally use anvil of doom, fray, and enforced threat. Guarded assault and either enhanced mark or combat superiority.

Group play: T1/T2s? knights valor, fray, enforced threat or commanders strike. Enhanced mark with guarded assault, or steel defense. Sometimes slot in shield talent if needed (try not to get in the habit of always having this active as theres better options).

Large scale events youre generally better off if you do not run with knights valor on. Swap it with another power of your choice.

Any other situations you will want to play around. At wills, tide of iron and WMS will usually stay slotted. sometimes crushing surge will replace WMS. I usually always keep fighters recovery and villains menace active, sometimes I’ll play with supremecy of steel or terrifying impact now.

You need to play with powers to find what you like most when it comes to solo play.



Many options, I use:

Dread warrior, threat gain on hit – Awesome one to have.


rust monster, 5% damage reduction, stacks 3 times – good to have

blacksmith, reflect damage to attacker – good to have

portal hound, I use with bonding stones as the summoned pet – changing to the harper bard for groups… expensive.

as a 5th I use the sylph companion from the feywild pack. If you dont have it, I suggest getting it if you have the wallet… otherwise yeti, because BIG tank is FUN tank, or maybe a phase spider, reduce that combat advantage against you.

Maybe during guild dragons pick up a goat or something… Blue dragon will cause an area wide wipe if a companion is targetted. You could also just unsummon a companion there.

For a summoned companion: Find something you like, but try to avoid ones that use an offhand weapon (swordknots, icons, etc). I feel the best summoned companions to use with bonding stones have atleast one ring slot, belt, or neck. Placing a “sudden” ring on your companion will multiply its effects on you with higher level bonding stones (higher than all rank 8s) and is the reason behind ideally using companions with rings. Necks and belt items can be made from jewelcrafting and be personalized to become double slotted (one offense, one defense slot). This is one reason why I like the portal hound.






Build that defense. Find everything you can to add to it or add to AC.

I stacked recovery 2nd, and everything else kind of falls into place. Anytime you have to choose between regeneration or other stats I prefer to stack those others since regen isn’t a significant stat, but choose which you feel fits your character better. Try to build a little armor pen since getting the damage to the enemy is how you build threat up on them. Stones, or boulders, which would you find more threatening?

New: You will need a decent amount of defense to survive dungeon bosses well. But remember that anything over 80% damage reduction will not benefit you. When you get somewhere around 50-60% start working on a happy median of deflect and defense (cruel enchantments will work well for this).

DrAconic enchantments will actually give you good stats offense slots. Arm pen power and recovery. This can be a good option to make up for a possible lack of Arm pen as you want to shoot for atleast 50% with 60% being ideal.

I HIGHLY recommend using the drowned weapon set, as the twisted set is nice, but wont provide you with any sort of heals. Maybe you will still want the twisted set in the end. NEW: With fray changes, twisted set does not sound desirable to me at all.

For armor enchantments, I recommend a soulforge, lesser is fine, although a shadowclad, or negation are good also.

For weapon enchantments, I recommend something like a plaguefire or terror, you want to debuff the enemies and when paired with WMS, these will hit most all enemies.


Artifacts: Cheap/free items

Theres so many choices for artifacts and artifact equipment that it will make your head spin. Find ones that are cheap that will assist you in your situation. Generally try to find a balance of defensive and offensive artifacts without sacrificing alot


Waters of alahzad- recovery, defense, regen – not a bad artifact for right at the start

or lantern of revelation – crit, arm pen, combat advantage – Some extra offense with a nice Use power

Devoted sigil – power, defense, incoming heal – I think every build of every character could use this if they wanted

Scourge sigil – power, deflect, stamina – decent, but wouldnt be my “go-to” artifact for longterm

Bruenors helm – defense, lifesteal, incoming heal – you may end up using this as a stability artifact feeder eventually

Guardian sigil – defense, deflect, aoe resist – good to keep I’d say

Hunters sigil – power, recovery, stamina – well now, those stats are pretty good if youre looking to build the offensive side a little.

Eye of Lathandar – defense, lifesteal, incoming heal – Worth it if you would like the set bonus         (complete the set bonus with greater Lathandar belt and cloak)

For artifacts choose a combination of what you want and feel will work. I refined my current artifacts before the fray nerf was announced so its hard to choose what to replace.

I Have the guardian sigil, eye of lathander, heart of the black and red dragons for now.

I am in the process of switching the eye of lathander for the Hunter sigil. I will be holding onto the artifact still.

You could use a different

belt if you dont want to bother with the lathander set. Greater belt of constitution, you cant go wrong with that. But again use a belt that buffs desirable stats for your situation.

Seldarines belt is also a decent option, con, dex, power, deflect, lifesteal (meh stat)

Demogorgons belt actually does have decent stats (strength and con) with power, crit, deflect

Lathanders belt is power, recovery, and defense… It is cheap but has wisdom and charisma (we dont use those 2 stats).

Lathanders set bonus will bring you back to near full health when you get back up after getting knocked down (soulforged or revived) so it is a nice set.

I made a demogorgans belt and am currently testing out how I like it.


Active boost: Giant crab, or leopard of chult Is what I would use, defense or recovery, unless you have access to a 4k mount power…

The recovery is a nice bonus.


Leopard of Chult – Shephards devotion – Barbed, illuminated, and regal insignias, boost youre groups defense, deflect, and movement when you use a daily

Reanimated Destrier – champions return – illuminated, enlightened, enlightened insignias —Cheap, nearly a musthave for ALL classes, you heal 20% of you hp and stamina

Dawn  Pony (Unicorn), Feywild pack – Wanderers fortune (for solo) – regal, illuminated, crescent… Better than any dragon hoard enchantments you can make. Gladiators Guile – swap crescent for an enlightened insignia, move faster when youre stamina is full/near full and regen faster when its low.

Guard drake – Protectors comraderie – Your companion attacking will buff your defense and power – regal, regal, barbed

5th – I don’t have another good one to use but maybe a heavy howler with survivors blessing – crescent, crescent, barbed, heals you on a deflect

If you have a giant spider you could leave the dawn unicorn as wanderers fortune and use this for gladiators guile.

Also the lesser mounts do have combinations that are similar to these mounts but weaker.



General use:

In groups you will want to run straight into the enemies after marking the largest one (hopefully) and use enforced threat so they huddle around or towards you. Depending on what youre fighting you may want to rush in after popping fighters recovery or villains menace. All the healing effects you have at your disposal should keep you alive as long as youre not playing beyond your limits. Once you get familiar with the class it will become easier and easier.


For knights valor to not seriously injure or kill you, try to keep aggro on you. Boss fights tell groupmates to get around the other sides of them. Defender companions make it hard to keep aggro the entire time so pay attention to them.

If you go by the screenshots, I am sorry but some boons are now different. Some boon names are shortened.

Sharandar: fey warder, fey elusiveness, elven haste (fortitude could be used instead), tranquility, elven resolve (or if your stamina is well boosted, you could use elvish fury and play a little more dps-like)

Dread ring: I went with the boons in the top rows, augmented thayan bastion included (I am trying to decide if I want to keep this or just go all out and choose rampaging madness…lol) —- I decided to use rampaging madness in the end

Icewind: Tactics, chill, thaw, cold shoulder, avalanche

Underdark: Vitality, focus, ambush tactics (I still dont feel like regeneration is worth it), stamina, tenacity.

Tyranny: all boons I used are in the top rows

Maze engine: abyssal regen, influence, endurance, and baphomets might if your defense is high, or displace fate if you need some real help on survivability.

Elemental evil: tide, renewal, aggression or resiliance (use aggression if you feel youre recovery is good enough), Gale of wind or gale of retribution (either crit or recovery, use what you want more).

Mika 1_zps8kyeaxq4

Mika 2

Mika 3

Mika 4

Mika 5

Mika 6

Mika 7

Mika 8

Mika 9

Mika 10

Mika 11

Mika 12

Mika 13

Mika 14

Mika 15

I know I missed many things but I hope this helps people. Start small and build your character up, a fresh guardian won’t have the best of stats but by about 2500-2600 gear score you should start to notice that you can take some good hits for the group, survive, and buff well. With experience you will get used to what you should do.

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  • Arttu
    July 3, 2016 at 12:49 pm

    asiallinen guide
    – MORTUS

  • Godstealth
    July 13, 2016 at 10:04 pm

    Why not negation enchant for the extra surviability?

    • Profile photo of Zack
      July 26, 2016 at 1:26 am

      I based this off what I use. If you need a negation for survivability then use it. I use the soulforge with Lathander set because if something goes wrong, like bad timing, I get back up on my own with near full hitpoints. I am going to try to make some changes to the guide because the changes to fray are going to make it so you don’t want to stack above 80% resistance.

  • Ben
    August 15, 2016 at 2:26 am

    Any suggestions for a new player leveling? I just started yesterday and was looking to start a Guardian Fighter. I enjoy tanking and felt like it was a perfect fit. Any help to a noob would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • zack
    August 15, 2016 at 5:04 pm

    Guardians are a big part of the good dungeon runs. Probably the best thing to do is just get experience with the class. Get used to using the shield mechanic and the maarking. If you get with a guild that will help you in-game that would be more effective than just me (or anyone) telling you what to do. Just remember that with any class there is a lot of work involved before you truly enjoy it.

  • Ben
    August 15, 2016 at 5:38 pm

    Okay. Cool. Thanks.

  • zack
    August 15, 2016 at 11:39 pm

    I’m pretty sure I mentioned it earlier while I talked about the artifacts but what I use you do not HAVE to use. There’s some good sigils you can use that are free. Sigil of the devoted and sigil of the guardian with water’s of alezahd as the choice for the level 21 artifacts quest and you can use the bruenors helm until you get something you like more. All those are obtainable at the cost of having 2 characters get to level 60 and they give stats that are mostly all desirable for a guardian.

  • b3dd
    August 18, 2016 at 2:52 pm

    With the current AH prices on XBox, do you think Dread is a suitable, more cost effective weapon enchantment alternative for this build?

    • zack
      August 18, 2016 at 3:26 pm

      I have tried a pure dread I had made for a short while but I am not sure if it’s better or not. The debuff part of the enchantment doesn’t say it has to be a crit hit for it to proc but when I was playing around with it, it didn’t seem to proc the debuff unless you had an encounter crit. Now maybe the game was having issues at the time but I ended up selling that enchantment and going back to my plaguefire. Now that a reg dread is less than 100k it would be a good time to try it because even if you don’t like it, you will be able to easily sell the dread or transfer it to an encounter heavy dps class like the HR or CW. Sorry I can’t give a definite yes or no answer

      • b3dd
        August 19, 2016 at 4:51 pm

        Thanks for the reply, I will give it a try. Like you said, worst case scenario, it won’t work out, and I have a 60+ HR alt “daily dungeoning” and invoking his way to 70 that would definitely benefit from it.

  • SJH
    September 6, 2016 at 4:40 pm

    Question for author, would you still use this build if you’re stats (DEF in particular) were lower?

    Reason I ask is that my GF is my alt on PS4 & not geared up yet so survivability is still a legitimate concern. I really like what you have spec’d out, but at near half the DEF, is it viable or is protectors really the only path for now?

    Thanks for taking the time to post a great guide!

    • zack
      September 7, 2016 at 9:53 pm

      I believe you should still be able to do a good job surviving with a lower defense rating. I wish I could give you a definite answer but our guild has about 5k defense boon so even our newest gf’s have a good bunch of defense.

      I feel that ifyou have the ability to reach at least 10k and use the lathandar cloak to further boost your armor class you should do alright. A decent cleric helps alot.

      • zack
        September 8, 2016 at 12:12 am

        The defense helps make tanking easier but using the powers available to you will be more important than numbers.

  • chan
    September 17, 2016 at 1:36 am

    I’m following this guide tight now and I’m having lots of fun! I’m usually top 1 or 2 in Skirmishes or Dungeons and I’m at level 45 right now. Where I noticed I’ve had some tough times in PvP, but I’ll keep at it!

    Thanks for a great guide man! Look forward to any updates.

    • Profile photo of Zack
      September 17, 2016 at 1:47 am

      This build is pve oriented. Conqueror path will dominate in PvP compared to a tactician path. Have you tried pairing anvil of doom or flourish with fray and knights challenge? Try using the actives combat superiority and a friend of mine says steel blitz works well for damage.

  • Bombur
    September 19, 2016 at 10:39 am

    Why swordmaster?

    • Profile photo of Zack
      September 19, 2016 at 12:19 pm

      Sword master gives you the steel defense class feature which really helps a newer GF get used to the class and when you play solo, because lets face it… This game is mostly played alone When it comes to dailies and the weaponmaster strike will help you level groups of enemies in the daily zones.

      I originally specced iron vanguard when I first started but had a much tougher time early on. It was harder to tank. Honestly I don’t use steel defense anymore but it’s still there as an option.

  • Bombur
    September 19, 2016 at 10:17 pm

    Thank you for your kind reply. Any news for the build?

  • Bombur
    September 19, 2016 at 10:58 pm

    And moreover what is a proper boss rotation?

    • zack
      September 20, 2016 at 6:57 pm

      The boss rotation is essentially what I have in the listed group powers. There’s not much of a rotation because fray will be used whenever you can. For a little longer on Xbox use it when the cleric has the astral shield down. Otherwise try to keep using it when you can drop your shield. Use knights valor ( this will stay active until you go down or get stunned). And generally use either of the following: enforced threat, commanders strike, or iron warrior works ok. Enforced threat will help get all the adds around you instead of the dps, commanders strike is a debuff, and iron warrior adds DR threat gain and stamina regen but has a long cast time.

      There are a few things I’m debating on changing in the guide but I’ll make an edited section near the appropriate topic when I get to it

  • Ancalagon
    October 11, 2016 at 6:37 am

    Hey Zack, any news for the mod 10? this guide really made me understand (still in process) the class, it is amazing…

    • Profile photo of Zack
      October 11, 2016 at 4:01 pm

      Mod 10 drops nnext week for us on Xbox so I don’t have any experience yet with changes. I don’t think I’ll be changing the powers I use in groups but solo I may start using steel grace (it’s supposed to be getting a complete redesign). When it comes to the fang breaker dungeon I think the guardians sigil will be a big part in survivability though.

  • Sam
    October 17, 2016 at 1:26 am

    Amazing guide! What are ur exact rolls on char creation?

    • Sam
      October 17, 2016 at 2:22 am

      And what is with halfing for the 3% deflect?

      • Profile photo of Zack
        October 18, 2016 at 3:35 am

        I hate typing on a phone so much sometimes…. I had a nice breakdown for you but I guess short and sweet will work too.

        Strength was 16
        Constitution was 17 and had the +2 from human in it
        Dexterity was 13
        Intelligence was 10
        Wisdom was 10
        Charisma was 10

        Adding points:
        Always get CONstitution
        Then either half and half mix dexterity and strength or get a high Strength, or high dexterity. There isn’t a huge impact either way but strength gets damage and stamina regen while dexterity gets Arm pen and deflect bonus.

        Halfling gets a 3% deflect instead of the 3% damage resistance human does. Race isn’t going to make or break the class it Just changes some minor aspects.

  • Ancalagon
    October 24, 2016 at 11:30 am

    Hey Man, any news for mod 10? We all wait for your advices. I still use this build and it’s still working fine.. But you know… the better you read the better you play.
    Thanks again for all the precious adveices.

  • Profile photo of Zack
    October 25, 2016 at 10:40 pm

    I’ve been slacking a little when it comes to doing the dailies for the storm king campaign so I wont have any info for fang breaker for quite a while yet.

    As far as using the class, the only negative I notice is that fray is now weak… Weaker than I thought. Now it doesn’t mean that it isn’t useful, because to put it into perspective, 400 power is 1% damage output, so as the power level on your groupmembers gets higher, lets say 40000 after buffs, fray will be worth 14000 power at that time for those at 40k. Obviously it’s worth more the higher they are and less when they’re lower. But that’s still damage they didn’t have before. If you are in a group with bad dps and you can help eduacate then a little, try to help with some general tips or whatever way you can. The more capable guys out there the less miserable the game will become.

    Weaponmaster strike is a total steamroller now when it comes to any daily content and depending on your group in dungeons, may actually have you putting out decent dps. If you play a great weapon fighter, our WMS is like what theirs is while in determination…. Except all. The. Time. (without their stacked AF damage).

    I play around with combat superiority and steel grace (movement gain, crit, and deflect now) a little more but often still fall back on enhanced Mark and guarded assault in dungeons.

    The first day mod 10 came out I took my TR into Bryn shander and thought it was a total PITA and took another 3 days before I dropped Mika in there. The gf just rolled right through everything. Surprising that in this case my dps was weaker than my tank, and my TR is higher than Mika.

    I know I need to actually add to the guide itself but I think I’m going to wait until I actually have successful runs in FBI before I do. Until then just post any questions on here and I’ll try to help if it’s something that hasn’t been answered.

  • October 27, 2016 at 6:03 pm

    Do you typically run dailies solo or with a group?

    On day 1 of Mod 10 I respecced to a DPS build because I typically solo daily content & found it massively painful with my protector/tactician build.

    I know from talking to others it was taking me at least 2-3x as long to complete dailies as a DPS class.

    Post respec, my damage is solid & I can tank ‘OK’ for T1/T2 content, but I would struggle on say an Orcus fight.

    Point of the question is that someone pointed out to me that I never gave the prior build a chance to see what the DPS was like before respecing so I am curious how you’re finding your build for running dailies in Mod 10.

    At some point I’ll need to respec back to a support build, but I’ll delay it as long as possible if it means going back to slogging dailies.

    • Profile photo of Zack
      October 29, 2016 at 5:52 pm

      I do almost everything solo. I would rather just do my own thing than have to keep waiting for someone to keep up. Now if someone needs help that’s different.

      I spent a couple days with a few points in conqueror after mod 10 released and I came to the conclusion that it didn’t make a difference for me (i kept with the tactican path though so it wasnt a full dps build). A gf isn’t going to be the fastest daily smasher out there but I do just fine as a tactician… Though thanks to a few double refinements my IL is quite high now. 3.4k with rank 11 bonding stones… So obviously lower geared gfs will take longer to kill stuff but that’s going to be true of any support class early on.

      Most daily zones should go just fine, rank 8 bondings on a good companion with reasonable gear/enchants is a fairly potent start. Just keep an eye on how you’re setting up enchantments. Chances are if you’re not killing stuff very well or quickly you don’t have enough armor pen built in yet. You NEED to have at minimum 40% for normal content and try for 60% in dungeons to start doing full damage. Draconic enchantments can help with this while still giving power and recovery to keep into the fray up as much as possible.

      I made my gf early on for dungeon support since I could never get into anything with my dps… Which is still true even Now. If you want to play in dungeons you need to have a tank or cleric.

      • Profile photo of Zack
        October 29, 2016 at 6:04 pm

        I forgot to mention that you could do dailies with steel grace and combat superiority as actives to make damage a little better and move really fast. Steel grace and fray will let you run faster than a TR. Lol

        • October 31, 2016 at 5:02 pm

          Thanks for taking the time to reply, much appreciated.

          My IL is still much, much lower, it’s hard to get a sense for how much difference it makes. On my full DPS gear (lostmauth set) I can compete with any other class. It’s not unusual for me to take top slot especially on fights like demo where I can use Knights Challenge on Goristo & Demo.

          I’ll be honest, it’s a lot of fun punching out DPS on a GF, but tanking Orcus last night was a wake up call on how much I’ve eroded my GF defensively.

          He was running aroun 50% DR instead of the full 80% cap, it hasn’t mattered for elol, ToS, etc.

          On Orcus, it made the difference, I needed perfect timing to stay up & I just didn’t have it. It’s worth noting my AC went from 37 to 32 as well which I think made a substantial difference.

          On the flip-side I came into a horn last night so will have 700K AD or so to improve the toon. Any suggestions on order of operations for improvements?

          I am guessing priority #1 is get DR to 80%…

          As silly as it sounds, I do worry about overcapping on DEF & foregoing other stats, but at the same time if bonding stones aren’t up I don’t want to be caught short either.

          Complete aside, any tips for tackling Orcus in terms of stats or strategy? Only boss still giving me grief…

          • Profile photo of Zack
            October 31, 2016 at 9:58 pm

            I’ll be honest, even with 80% defense orcus will still whoop your ass if you’re not careful with the timing. Don’t be afraid of failure until you get the hang of it as I wasn’t able to tank him I until around 2.7k I think. For this I strongly recommend using guarded assault and steel defense only until you get used to the fight. You may still be able to make it work as a conqueror but there’s a few things you’ll be missing that make this fight a little bit easier… And one thing that may actually make a huge difference (or not). As a tactician you have 2 feats that will affect enemies damage. The most important one affects tide of iron, where it reduces their power/damage by 10%. The other is based around the marks you apply, though these have no direct affect on the damage against you, it will help your teammates take a little less damage.

            The one feat you won’t have unless you’re full tact is the finale. Any damage you take will significantly increase the AP you generate and is based on your damage resistance, though in how much I am not certain. So when orcus is about to smash your face in, try to pop fighters recovery daily and immediately go back for the guard. Paired with guarded assault you will be FULLY healed all on your own. In most cases his hit will be hard enough to fully refill your daily in one shot. For actual timing, do not use more than one encounter OR at will OR daily for each time you drop the shield. The exact moment he is done with each swing is when you can drop the shield. No sooner, very little time later.

            Now for damage, from the very beginning I wasn’t interested in trying for high dps numbers, I just wanted enough to do dailies easily, so even though my IL is high, my power at maximum is about 20k with bondings active. My arm pen reaches about 55% but my recovery can reach up to about 10k. Crit is less than 20% chance. With mod 10 I have noticed my dps is higher than before in dungeon scoreboard with a random que but it Just means that the buffs the group used to enjoy are much, much less.

          • November 1, 2016 at 1:21 pm

            Thanks again for the info.

            Great to know that I am not the only one feeling the Orcus pain. I’ve been doing (trying) most of what you’ve suggested. One key pieces is that (rather embarrassed to admit) I had ignored Guarded Assault as an active until I read your guide.

            One of the issues I seem to have on the Orcus fight is that we have a Pally healing constantly, but not providing damage reduction or a DC providing damage reduction, but they can’t heal as well. I try to use fighters recovery to heal, but often find myself scrambling get hits in & generate HP.

            If I were using guarded assault it would at lest be one less thing to worry about.

            In terms of damage, I agree entirely. If you’re looking at damage in magnitude, it’s misleading because the multiplier from frey is so much lower now. Proportionate to other players & based on feel (time to kill same mobs) I know my damage is way up from before. What I am struggling with is whether it needs to be & how much tank’i’ness I am losing.

            You’re making great use of a tactician build & effectively doing dailies (most important piece), but I don’t have the same item level. I’ll do some fiddling & see, I sold a horn of blasting yesterday and cleared 735K so with PS4 zen price still in the 350 range, I’ll have funds to respec.

  • Profile photo of Zack
    November 1, 2016 at 2:44 pm

    IL isn’t as big a part of the game as understanding some tricks and mechanics of your class and it’s powers. Ithelps but by figuring out good combinations and knowing how to take advantage of that will make you better than the 4k that bought his way there.

    I feel bad for paladins because their protection path was just about destroyed in mod 8 and there’s talk yet again about more nerfs to an already bleeding class. Most people respec tohealadins and hated it to the point of quitting the class here on Xbox.

    For your respec you may just need to do the feats respec for 120k AD instead of the retraining token. You can also “buy” power points by running sharandar a few days if your missing a few.

  • November 1, 2016 at 3:18 pm

    I think they removed the power point chance from the Sharanadar campaign as of Mod 10 (war effort or whatever). At our current conversion, it’s only 105K AD for a full respect (300 zen x 350AD) so it’s not actually that bad in the scheme of things.

    On PS4, we started at Mod 9 so nobody really knows the difference for Paladins. It comes up periodically when someone has accidentally used an old Pally build pre-Mod 8 without realizing it. Pally tanks are seeing a resurgence on PS4 because people are using them for Castle Never.

    I don’t think we’re at a point yet where a lot of GFs can tank CN (specifically Orcus) so it’s either ranged only groups or Pally tanks if you’re not in a high level guild. I suspect other GFs have the same problems discussed above, no matter what you do you can take even a single unguarded hit so it’s a matter of timing.

    Completely agree on knowledge vs. IL. Especially once you start to cap out on certain stats, the difference in knowledge is a bigger factor.

    Next time I get on, I’ll probably try equipping guarded assault despite only have 1 point in the skill just to see how it plays. I have something like 82 points total to use, but trying to play both DPS & tank has them spread thin so I can’t cover all my bases. The critical skills came first (frey, knight’s valour, etc.); however, I hadn’t used guarded assault in the past so it was ignored except for the obligatory 1 point.

    • November 1, 2016 at 3:27 pm

      I went back & checked the Patch notes & I think I misread it. It now gives a power point each time instead of a chance? That would be great if it’s the case.

      • Profile photo of Zack
        November 1, 2016 at 4:22 pm

        If a retraining token is 300 Zen on ps4 you’re lucky. Xbox is 500 Zen. Not much more but makes me wonder why they don’t have the prices the same across all platform’s. Assist war effort gives power points now. It has changed a couple times.

        On Xbox Paladins aren’t usually the first choice for a tank. Everyone wants a gf in the group. But clerics are usually all buff clerics so the demands put on you are generally lower

  • November 1, 2016 at 5:02 pm

    I think our tokens are 300zen, but it’s been a while. I may have had one on sale last time I purchased.

    On gamepedia, it says 300zen, but it wouldn’t be the first time there was a pricing difference across platforms.

    I think once the average GF gets their skills & gear up, they’ll return to being preferred tanks on CN, but right now it seems like Pally’s are preferred for survivability.

    Our typical DC on PS4 is a buffer, but they can’t keep damage resistance up consistently. Only the better geared DC’s are able to maintain the shield.

    I am going to run up some power points & get them into guarded assault ASAP. Thanks for the advice!

  • Ancalagon
    November 6, 2016 at 7:36 am

    Hi man, I was wondering about companions these days. I just got lvl 11 bonding stones and I guess right now the best companion is the one with more rings. What do u think about the shield maiden instead of the portal hound?

    • Profile photo of Zack
      November 6, 2016 at 7:05 pm

      Its hard to say how much you would gain from a shieldmaiden over a portal hound. The only good rings for a companion are expensive to buy or hard to have drop. Some rings that are suposed to drop in fang breaker look good as a fixed stat bonus or You could go for Some of the sudden rings, but there’s not much out there that I really want to use yet (also haven’t unlocked fangbreker yet). You pretty much can’t use a rising ring on companions. You need either fixed stats or sudden boosts to get the maximum benefits.

      I’m so undecided on what companion I want to use as my active that it’s hard to change. I’m still in love with my portal hound but that’s because I’ve spent so much time with it and named it after a character in an anime movie I liked alot. I sometimes use a lillend that I’ve had for a while but that’s really only when the groups dps is kinda low or if heals suck/aren’t there, I can put some decent offense rings on her and I can do *decent* dps in t2s… Although the portal hound with my personalized gear and a ring of brutality or sudden precision can be almost as potent.

      A shieldmaiden would be in a similar situation where you could put 2 good rings in to either greatly boost your defenses or offense. With rank 11 bondings it would probably give you good enough defense with just those and potentially get a good offense with the items you use on her and the enchantments. A personalized belt of recovery or armor pen would go great with a ring of brutality, sudden precision, sudden defense, or sudden deflect depending on where you’re going with it.

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