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by akaya on April 21, 2016
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Hello, I am known as akaya, some know my ingame-name as “High Prophet BiS”, which changed to “Ilya” some days ago. Lately more people started asking me about my build, feats, why I am using an Armored Axe Beak and some other questions so I decided to create a Guide to explain my build and where i want to get with it.
After having a short break after Mod5 where a Rogue used to be my main, I decided to go with my Devoted Cleric as I (luckily) still had my High Prophet Set and I felt like a buffing Cleric would be more fun to me, which was totally right! With the time I wanted to buff even more and got to a point where I can call my build almost perfect for MY use. It is not completly perfect as I will have to check some things regarding the stable but I will try to keep this guide up-to-date as i progress with my build.

Choosing the Race

Even if some people feel like it doesn’t add much to the gameplay, it does and if it comes to endgame you don’t want to miss out on a couple of % on for example ap gain, damage output or other stats!
Races I would recommend:

  • Dragonborn: 3% more Power & Crit-Chance, Pro: +2 on any Attribute-Stat | Con: for my build i don’t want to have much crit, see the Companions tab
  • Sun Elf: 2% AP-Gain, 10% Controlresistance, Pro: +2 on Cha (APgain+Recharge Speed) Con: +2 Int give us more Recharge Speed, whereas other points would help more

The Main-Attributes are:

  • WIS: Damage Bonus, Healing Bonus, Control Resist, Control Bonus
  • CHA: Recharge Speed Increase, Action Point Gain, Companion Stat Bonus, Combat Advantage Bonus
  • STR: Stamina Regeneration, Crit Chance, DoT Damage Resistance

Most of the people would say to max out 2 stats and ignore others, I mixed that up a bit. I went with the sunelf, because I get more use of the 2% actionpoint gain than of the crit-chance. The starting stats were: STR: 12 – CON: 8 – DEX: 10 – INT: 12 – WIS: 18 – CHA:15. That looks random but even without race poionts onto WIS I wanted to start off with 18 as we need the damage healing bonus even if we are going for buffs later.
I maxed out WIS and CHA so i end up with 25 WIS and 22 CHA. The point in here is that by using “Holy Fervor” our damage will affect the AP-Gain more so we need a balance here while we still need some STR because Stamina Regeneration can be a lifesaver.

Paragon Paths

Most of the opinions split at this point. Whoever you ask, a lot of people will tell you to pick Divine Oracle as a Buffer/Debuffer, the same amount of people will tell you to go as Anointed Champion.
I ran both paragon paths a decent time now and my decision went towards the Anointed Champion because of a couple reasons:


  • Through Anointed Army and Blessing of Battle you will be able to share a HUGE amount of power.
  • Anointed Armor increases your survivability significiantly
  • If you PUG often or like to do stuff with only one mate or something like that – Annointed Army can help you a lot
  • No matter what we don’t miss out on the other main abilities


  • We miss out on Prophecy of Doom
  • Divine Oracle offers more damage output (where i prefer sharing more power)


Tier 1:

  • Toughness 5/5 – More Hitpoints are always good.
  • Healing Action 5/5 – even if we don’t use heals too much, even Divine Glow gets use of this.

Tier 2:

  • Holy Resolve 3/3 – Those temporary Hit Points are an ideal Backup in case something goes wrong.
  • Domain Synergy 1/5 – I used one point just in order to unlock Tier 3

Tier 3:

  • Battlewise 3/3 – Threat is the last thing we would need.

Tier 4:

  • Bountiful Fortune 5/5 – More Divinity Power to use fully empowered Encounters more often.


  • Astral Fury 5/5 – Works towards our way to gain AP
  • Furious Intervention 5/5 – AP never disappoint as we know
  • Weapons of Light 5/5 – We finally start sharing 10% of our Power to nearby Allies
  • Piercing Light 5/5 (only if you didn’t reach 60%RI otherwise go with Living Fire 5/5) – Damage for solocontent + AP Gain
  • Bear your Sins 5/5 – 10% more Damage from all sources
  • Condemning Gaze 5/5 – 15% more Damage from all sources
  • Avatar of the Divine 1/1 – 40% personal damage increase + 40% cooldown speed, now that’s great for us


  • Have Faith 5/5 – picked in order to get Battle Fervor, seemed more usefull than Lasting Wishes to me.
  • Battle Fervor 5/5 – 15% more Power shared with our At-Will that deals decent damage



  • Blessing of Battle – Most used because of the Power buff and decent Damage
  • Lance of Faith – No buff but faster animation (Fills less Divinity than BoB)


  • Break the Spirit – First to max, high solo-target debuff/damage buff for allies
  • Divine Glow – Buffs + Survivability for the group
  • Forgemaster’s Flame / Prophecy of Doom – solotarget buff + some damage
  • (Situational)Bastion of Health – Good for decent heals and even clutch heals if the group lacks survivability
  • (Situational)Chains of Blazing Light – Nice clear for solo content, helps outdamaging others in dungeons lol
  • (Situational)Exaltation – Decent buff, recommended beside BtS and DG if you are with one main DD
  • (Situational)Astral Shield – if you are running with a Into the Fray Tank


  • Hallowed Ground – Best Choice towards group damage and some resistance
  • Anointed Army – Solid option, shares 50% of your power + lets each hit ally survive some hits/seconds if they struggle


  • Holy Fervor – My main AP-Gain way
  • Anointed Armor – Increases Survivability
  • Divine Fortune – Faster Divinity Gain, not my favorite but worth using if you feel like


I will make this somewhat short, go for power if you can, get armorpen till you reach 60%RI, rest is optional/depends if you want to go more offense or survivability, some don’t affect us regarding buffs.
Dark Fey Hunter, Fey Precision, Elven Haste, Elven Tranquility, Elven Resolve
Dread Ring
Reliquary Keeper’s Strength, Evoker’s Thirst, Forbidden Piercing, Enraged Regrowth, Augmented Thayan Bastion
Icewind Dale
Weathering the Strom, Refreshing Chill, Rapid Thaw, Cold Shoulder, Winter’s Bounty
Primordial Might, Primordial Focus, Drow Ambush Tactics, Dwarven Stamina
Tyranny of Dragons
Dragons’ Claws, Dragon’s Gaze, Draconic Armorbreaker, Dragon’s Greed, Dragon’s Fury 2/3, Dragon’s Thirst 1/3
Power, Defense OR Hitpoints, XP OR Mountspeed


What i currently use:

  • Lantern of Revelations: 1000Crit, 1000 ARPen, 600 Combat Advantage Bonus
  • Lostmauth’s Horn of Blasting: 1000 Power, ARPen, 600 Control Bonus
  • Symbol of Fire: 1000 Power, 1000 Defense, 600 Recovery
  • Symbol of Air: 1000 Power, 1000 Recovery, 600 Movement

before i had my Armored Axe Beak i used Kessel’s Spheres of Annihilation instead of Symbol of Air in order to get some more Armor Pen as i didn’t reach the cap. This is important because of Holy Fervor and as well it makes your day easier if it comes to quests and solo content.
Main Goal is obvious -> most Power possible.


For your first Gear which will most likely be the Blue Alliance Gear from the Seal-Vendor / the lower dungeons. If you care about solo content, you can pick up the pieces that go with ARPen till you reach 60% resistance ignored.
Pretty much the same, the only difference is that you have more of a choice what to pick as you can pick up the Elven Gear from the vendor or the Elemental Alliance Gear from T2 Dungeons.
Overall you gain a great amount of Power and all those pieces provide Crit aswell, really helpful for solo content as for buffing

  • Dragonflight Restoration Coat
  • Elven Assault Surcoat
  • Dragonflight Restoration Braces
  • Dragonflight Raid Cuisses

High Prophet

This Set gets his special part. For a buffing/debuffing cleric this is Best in Slot! I know it is expensive as hell / not payable but some still have it since mod5 and others probably made a cheap deal. However, with this Set we are going to stay with “get power to share power”
means we are not going to change too much. From my experience (every situation i talk about is meant without a bubble or a tank unless i call it) the content we have at the moment, you can run EVERYTHING without stacking hitpoints easily! Sure it is different and you have to get used to it but it really is not that big of a deal once you realize that a lot of the damage you recieve either scales with your max hit points or it is avoidable (there is always that one stupid situation where stamina is empty and you fail to dodge or whatever but another set wouldn’t let you survive that as well).
In my case i am stacking Azure’s in my defense slots as they work great with the higher Armor class and defense you gain through “Anointed Armor”. You can even survive a scorpion hit unless you got a bad day.
If you feel like there is no way this is going to work out for you, you can slot Radiants in your defense slots and reinforce your armor without missing out on anything regarding buffs. You could even change some Artifacts, the Wheel of Elements would be an Option where you could keep power but gain some hit points, same goes for the Sigil of the Greater Weapon.


Offensive Slots:

  • Radiant | Power is the main target
  • Cruel | Another option as some recovery is really helpful and we still get a decent amount of Power

Defensive Slots:

  • Azure | Defense works great with “Anointed Armor” and increases Survivability
  • Brutal | Defense + Hit Points, nice combination of stats and a good option for High Prophet’s as well
  • Radiant | Hitpoints if you feel really weak, most likely usefull for High Prophet in first spot

Weapon Enchantment:

  • Plague Fire | Easy to keep the stacks up as a cleric, following the pc charts it increases the group damage by roughly 9%
  • Terror | Many people play it, not useless but less usefull than plague in PvE, roughly 4% damage increase

Armor Enchantment:

  • Soulforged | Never bad in PvE, in case something stupid happens, this will carry you somehow
  • Negation | Nice option, works great but as a high prophet i would only recommend a negation if you are used to it, this won’t get you up if you fail
  • Elven Battle | Haven’t had a look into it on high ranks, sadly i can’t tell how far the control resistance affects PvE




  • Mercenary (The best option in my opinion, procs really fast, 2x Rings + 1x Waist are easy to equip decent, BiS gear is still expensive, 3 Offense Slots = Huge amount of Power)
  • Zhentarim Warlock (Procs really good, with Talisman-Slots not easy to find good equip and 1 Def Slot for Bondings)
  • Yeti (More the aggro keeper, procs good)

Summoned Augment(If you don’t have bondings or just prefer it):

  • Ioun Stone of Radiance (3 Offense Slots, same equip slots as the Mercenary so easy to go till you can afford a Mercenary/Bondings)
  • Owlbear Cub (3 Offense Slots, Nice active bonus, looks cute af – is expensive…)


  • Owl – is really nice as you gain -25% threat
  • Fire Archon – more damage = more ap gain and makes solo content easy as well
  • Air Archon – same as above
  • Earth Archon – makes sense if you don’t pull any aggro
  • Any Sprite – Ap Gain is always nice
  • Owlbear Cub – more on this one below.

Currently i am running a Mercenary (Legendary – Bonding Runestones 10,11,12), Owl (Epic), Fire Archon (Epic), Air Archon (Epic), Owlbear Cub (Legendary). The Owlbear is the newest active companion i am using as i wanted to try a theory which actually worked. As Holy Fervor grants you AP for damage you deal, i was wondering if those additional hit of the Owlbear Cub (50% of your Power if you fail to crit) counts towards that and it does! Even if you just used Hallowed Ground, where you can’t gain AP on your own as long as it is up, the Owlbear works as a slight passby and grants you AP, even then!

Mounts *This will changed/confirmed as we get mod9*

Insignia Bonuses we aim for | Mounts i will use to reach those

  • Protector’s Camaraderie | White Tiger(Accountwide), 2000 ARPen
  • Artificer’s Persuasion | Rage Drake, 2000 Crit
  • Wanderer’s Fortune | Heavy Inferno Nightmare, 2000 Lifesteal
  • Cavalary’s Warning | Armored Axe Beak, 4000 ARPen (Bonusstat i am going to Pick)
  • open so far

Click here for all Bonuses. Credit: two30

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  • chaossdragon
    May 3, 2016 at 6:34 am

    Not super important but…

    Tier 1:

    Toughness 5/5 – More Hitpoints are always good. (This is a 3 point feat not 5)

  • Chapstick
    May 14, 2016 at 8:19 pm

    I have been playing your build from 40-70 love the build, I what is your combat rotation?

    • Profile photo of akaya
      May 16, 2016 at 9:49 pm

      For solo content i would just run Chains of Blasing Light, Break the Spirit and Divine Glow, that will clear the daily content with ease and in a dungeon i would use
      Divine Glow -> divinity Divine Glow -> divinity (Break the Spirit or FF’s) x2 -> fully empowered Break the Spirit -> repeat (the daily should come with the break the spirit or at another point of time if needed) If you run with a buffing tank (you will see a movement speed buff by a tank which as well buffs the damageoutput) you should use Astral Shield as his buff depends on his Damage Resistance, basically you will use Astral Shield whenever you can to buff the Tank’s buff and stick with your rotation.

  • ElementalAtom
    May 15, 2016 at 12:07 am

    Just needing to know but did you mean to put Dragonflight Raid Cuisses not Dragonflight Restoration Cuisses?

  • Matt
    June 25, 2016 at 1:02 am

    Do you ever find you struggle with lack of healing in groups? Thanks!

  • tinmanxx24
    September 10, 2016 at 1:11 am

    Ur active or did i miss those lol

  • tinmanxx24
    September 10, 2016 at 1:14 am

    Lol disregard last post. duh its right there..

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